Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m thrilled to talk to you today about a custom stage backdrops design. We just finished for one of our clients free to lay. This design was made for a corporate event space, specifically hate giant ballroom on the second floor of the Renaissance hotel in Dallas, Texas. Uh, so this product was custom made. It was a custom made stage backdrops, uh, that featured areas for a projection, backward projection, and also front lighting. And it also supported video screens for, uh, for the clients use. So, uh, we used a mixture of standard theatrical trusting, uh, custom aluminum frames, custom plastic, and, uh, acrylic pieces to create this backdrop facade. So the facade was a custom gray color. It, uh, it looked really great. It was a nice flat wall in the center with what looked like windows, uh, every, uh, in a five by five grid, essentially the top center window actually had the Frito-Lay logo printed directly on it.

Um, so we also had some other, uh, some other pieces. So there’s that center section there with the custom acrylic stage backdrops pieces. Uh, but we also did some custom aluminum work to frame in those backdrop pieces that custom aluminum that made it kind of like a picture frame around each of those frosted acrylic pieces, which gave it a really beautiful finished look that reflected light amazingly, uh, in between those frosted acrylic pieces. We had great that created a wall, essentially a back wall that back wall was lit up lit with, uh, with show bay color band, uh, LEDs. Um, and then from the back we lit the plexiglass with a 10 K projector, uh, five natural Vipers of Viper performances specifically and, uh, six, uh, Martin or XB wash fixtures. Uh, so we use all of those different kind of fill in that backdrop, uh, and make it look really beautiful.

Uh, in addition to that center section that we just spoke about, we had two framed screens on the outside, so again, they used a theatrical lighting trust or the support with a custom aluminum frame that was mounted onto the theatrical lighting trust. Uh, and then on the front of that was a gray, uh, PVC, uh, uh, face that w that created a balance above a valance above the stage, uh, two segments down the sides down each side, the left and the right side, and then a, uh, skirt essentially under the screen at the bottom, the, uh, the stage design that uses that same gray color that we just talked about. And it also had a, um, it also had a, uh, curved segments, which was, um, it also had a curve PVC segment, which was you built using a curved aluminum, or actually a solid aluminum frame, uh, with curved plastic to match it.

Um, again, those were lit with those show bay color band, L and D. Um, and then from the front, we also had some front light that had some gobos on the logo. Uh, it also had, uh, some words that we use for crowd lighting, for lighting pickup areas. So areas where people are coming on and off the stage. Um, so we built, we built all of this product in a week and a half, which is crazy, uh, considering the scale, uh, the stage backdrop was 17 feet tall by almost 80 feet wide, uh, with, um, about 500 custom aluminum pieces and another 300 custom plastic pieces, uh, along with lots of hardware as well. Um, our crew actually went and installed the project, uh, and assisted with the lighting design for the project. Um, what else can I tell you? Um, so the project went in day one.

We had rehearsals and then after rehearsals, we had two days to show. And then after that strike, uh, we had a fun, a fun experience on the out of the, of the project, uh, on the end at the end of the project, the, uh, the material, the lift. So this on the second story, the, uh, elevator died. So that was a fun getting all of the pieces down, um, down smaller elevators and stairs and whatnot. So, uh, it was a pretty fun adventure. Um, so yeah, so, uh, that’s just an example of one of the custom, uh, quick turnaround, uh, stage backdrops that we’ve created with created hundreds of others. And I’d love to talk with you about how we can provide your next stage backdrops with a quick turnaround, uh, with a, uh, with a custom, uh, custom element that has a quick turnaround. We’re happy to meet your, uh, quick deadline or fast deadline. So if there’s a way I can help you, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Um, my name is Steven. Uh, you can contact us@modscenes.com, uh, or a phone number is (530) 723-6421. We’re looking forward to serving you and helping you with your next stage backdrops and design.

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