Welcome to another thrilling episode of the Mod Scenes podcast. Today, I have the most incredible people in the world here to talk to me about stage backdrops. So we’re going to do this amazing 10 minute podcast talking about stage design and how awesome they are. So I’m going to start off. My name is Steven for the 1400 thousand people who have heard all the other podcasts. You’ll be able to hear this one about design. Okay. So first off  make your stage amazing. You don’t see it, but right now I have tons of hand actions. They’re incredible. I look like a ninja and everybody’s making fun of me for it. It’s awesome. No, but seriously, stage designs, um, can change the atmosphere of a room. So whenever you’re making a stage backdrops, you want to light it. Well, you want to set it up so it can be easily put together and easily taken apart.

You want it to be fire rated to keep your space safe and you want it to be a precision machine. And the reason you’d want it, precision machine is so it goes back together the same way every time. So we’re going to talk through a little bit about stage backdrops and our favorite things about stage backdrop in our group. Um, and I’m going to introduce all of these amazing people here. So first off I mentioned I’m Stephen next to me, the stage backdrop guru, Carl Everett, next to Carl, we have Jesse who is like the coolest person ever next to her. We have Paula and next to her, we have Heather. Heather is our new stage backdrop, inductee of awesomeness. So she is going to blow everybody’s minds with details about. Okay. So Carl, can you share with me your favorite thing about stage backdrops?

My favorite thing about stage back trucks is that it can take a piece of scenery and add layers to it. You can add dimensionality at texture, different shapes, give each and every individual room its own design, its own theme and make it feel like your client has something special. And they really do because it is something truly special for that space. It is important though, to light it 12th and make sure that it looks good on camera. So you want to have a nice even lighting. You want to be able to tell the story of what’s going on with it as well. Carl, thank you for your amazing take on stage backdrop. Jesse, what is your favorite stage backdrop design that we make here at Mod Scenes?

My favorite stage drop back design would be probably

Samurai woo

And ninjas. Okay. Paula, what is your favorite material that we work in here at the Mod Scenes shop of awesomeness aluminum? That’s it? Yes. PVC. Okay. What is our PVC products called


Okay. So our products are super durable, super to use really quick and easy to use hardware. Uh, and they, uh, are fire rated, which is awesome. So of the awesome proteins products, what is your favorite panel type pendant. Okay. What do you like? Do you like pendant in a backdrop or a tower tower? What kind of tower? I crossed tower. I across our boom boom, new thing. That’s not even on the website. She’s like blowing your mind right now. It’s awesome. Okay, Heather, I know you’re new, but I’m going to put you on the spot. Okay. What is your favorite Mod Scenes stage backdrops and design? Um,

Well, since I’ve been exposed to about three of

Them so far,

I really like the Crescent moon Crescent moon. Yeah. It’s really pretty

Crescent. Moon is an awesome stage backdrops. It has like two half circles to make an amazing looking, either circular bubble, like backdrop or a really cool seashell type structure. Uh, you can also overlay them and it makes a really cool kind of zigzag pattern and you can put solid pieces in and do production matter. So those are favorite stage designs. Uh, and we are at minute four of this amazing podcast. So we’re going to talk about one other project that we’re currently working on because it’s amazing. So we are working on a custom project right now. You could probably hear the CNC in the background is cutting some window shapes for a giant stained glass window piece. Uh, w earlier today we had the Coro cut. We cut the Coro on a, uh, CNC. So that’ll be the backing. And then on the front right now with our routers and UNC we’re cutting the panels for the front.

So these front panels are decorative panels that make the white Coro look like a church windows. So once it’s lit, which it’ll be lit from the back, it’s gonna look incredible. It’ll look like it glows and kind of floats on the back of this church’s stage. Uh, this particular project is going to Chicago, Illinois. Uh, it’ll ship out tomorrow, uh, on a six foot by four foot pallet because details are awesome. And I include them in the podcast. Uh, so the materials we’re using, we’re using, as I mentioned, the white fire rated Coroplast. So it’s a lightweight Coroplast, and we’re also using a thin black PDC type material to put on the front, uh, that way we keep the thickness of the product low. So it stays close to the wall, uh, and it bolts together pretty easily. So part of the reason I’m recording this podcast is to help our team learn how to record podcasts about stage backdrop, because stage backdrops are awesome and we need to be able to share them with you.

So, as you can see recording stage backdrops, we’ve been talking and talking, but you can slow down the pace. So if you have a thought that doesn’t quite transfer well, it’s okay to take a pause and think stage design and backdrops are awesome. Just let it sink. Okay. They are so awesome. It’s great. Um, but we’ll still get to 10,000 words, which is our 2000 words, which is our goal for creating, uh, creating the recording thing is the podcast. So, um, the reason we do this is to help share information with you and also to help our web ranking, uh, as we record podcasts to make, uh, make us easy to find for you. Uh, so another thing that we’ll talk about on, on this, um, podcast is linked. So typically our LinkedIn, our podcasts are like 10 minutes, but I talk like a crazy person. So I typically can get 2000 words in seven minutes.

So if you have zero pauses, you can stop at seven minutes. If you run out of things to say, you can stop at seven minutes or five minutes and just restart. Cause we can take multiple shorter podcasts and make them put them together to make a longer podcast. If we need to, uh, let’s see what else, hello. Let’s get back to our design. We were talking about, which is much more important than the specific podcasting, uh, jargon that I’m slinging. Uh, so this pro this project is going to be held together with our white nylon bolts. They are differentiated from all of our competitors because they look very clean. Most of our competitors have hardware that does not look clean when you place it together. It looks it’s bumped. It bumps out from the product, uh, or it’s silver. It doesn’t match in color. Whereas our bolts match almost perfectly in color.

Uh, we have multiple color styles. So Y black, silver clear that way you can match any type of material that you use, uh, with this project, we’ll be using our black nylon bolts. So the other thing about those is they’re super lightweight. Um, so they don’t add a bunch of weight to your project. Um, let’s see what else, uh, this design, we’ll also be utilizing our pipe and draping hers, which makes it super easy to put, hang these from trust pipes Unistrut or as probably you guess, from the name pipe and grade. Uh, in addition to this, we’ll also be sending some custom connectors. These connectors are made to hold the panels together. Uh, they’ll join the panels to make one fluid piece, uh, that way you can ship smaller pieces to, uh, to the site. So whether that be a church, a corporate events, um, a theater and install, you can ship it there and be able to, uh, be able to build it into a large set with a small

Amount, the product. So

We’ve got to the eight minute, 17, second mark of our podcast. So we’re going to start to wrap up. We’re going to have everybody else give one final thought about, um, why they like the way that we work here at Mod Scenes, how we provide excellent customer service whenever we’re providing stage backdrops for churches, corporate events and other clients. Uh, so my awesome friends here are going to share their thoughts on why it’s fun to work for a great company like mod scenes and what makes our service different. So I’m going to go backwards. Heather is going to go first. So three days in, what is it? My favorite thing about the service we provide

Is meticulous. It is, it is extremely detailed and printed. I’ve noticed that even the smallest imperfection is noticed, and it is set aside. So, you know, when something’s coming to you from here, it has been checked and rechecked and triple checked, and you’re going to get what you need. Yes. Awesome.

Okay, Paula, what great thing can you share with us? And we have fun. And I like to think

That that is apparent in our approach. Yes, it is.

But, um, which pot, which product has the most funding? I like bender because I like bender bending Rodriguez, but that’s a whole nother story. Uh, samurai, it’s like a ninja panel. Right. Okay. Jesse, what wonderful thing that you love about our customer service and how we get to serve our calls?

I love the camaraderie we have in the shop. I love that we have fun, like Paula said, and I love that we are able to create cool designs for our customers that they will enjoy, and that will be dimensional and have multi-use awesome. Carl,

Your thought, what is the greatest, awesome aspect thingy of, of our Mod Scenes and service and how we help churches and our other clients internally? We like to have fun with it, make sure that it’s a good product that the end client will enjoy, and to make sure that the client’s happy and we can make sure that the end user of the client is themselves happy as well, because everyone’s happy. It’s a good day in the production. Amen. Amen. So thank you so much for tuning into another absolutely incredible, amazing mind blowing, fun exuberantly, awesome episode of the Mod Scenes podcast. Seriously, we are so thankful to be able to serve you, and we are excited to serve you on your next stage design. And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. You can see all of our information@modscenes.com. You can email us@salesatmodscenes.com or you can call us by phone at (530) 723-6421. Again, thank you for allowing us to serve you. And we’re excited to get you some more podcasts this coming week.