Welcome back to another martin podcast today, I want to share a little bit more about some of our reviews, specifically about cast on some of our views, but I want to share a few from our facebook. Those are the reviews on our state backdrop, products on our church stage, design, idea at church stage, design, products, sorry and how we serve as a corporate client through our stage designs are stage backdrops or singular stage backdrop. If, if we’re so annoyingsometimes I have these I don’t even know. If that’s a word, you can just imagine that last, like 15. Second, the podcast did not happen. Cuz, it made no sense, not even in my own mind, okay moving forward. We can talk about reviews of our stage backdrop products, so I hear let me get to our facebook one moment. So, if you haven’t checked out her facebook on our maltese facebook, we would love for you to leave at least daily post something cool on there really great resource. So, if you’re looking for new ideas, we’ve got like $37 people that, like us or follow us pretty much, because we’re awesome and honestly there’s a lot of really cool stuff on there, and we think it’s a really cool waiting. It’s really cool way to to be able to the sheriff people. Well, you know I actually may not be able to show you how to do this. At the same time, cuz I’m doing it from my phone and apparently facebook does not like stage backdrops. So let’s go over a few more so I wish aired inside the team. Some of our stage backdrops reviews it with each other just to be able to kind of kind of encouraged that the hard work in the dms effort we put into our products we want them.

We want that to be a b of prophet, not a lot of like financial profit necessarily but of good. We want to be good. We want to sell our clients. Well, so I want to view from our friend steve newman. He just purchased a projection screen from us. I want the keystone screen. I believe is here to keystone triangles. So great product, but steve has this-is my fourth purchase from odd scenes and steven. Has it been so great to help us get what we need? The designs are really great for the local church. Look for the local church in moore. I appreciate stevens desire to work with churches of all sizes to help them help them and to helping them getting just what they need to add a price they can afford. Sorry, I messed that up I appreciate it with churches of all sizes to help them get just what just what they need at a price they can afford, so obviously were thrilled to work with steve. Again, as he said, it’s a force that we’ve we’ve told for him and he had a specific budget dad and we helped him at that specific budget. That’s one of the stage backdrops things we do! A lot of people on people ask us a hey. I’ve got $1,000 work with for my church stage, design help us come up with a solution and a lot of times you can there’s i, don’t know that. There’s been a time that we have turn somebody down on it. Trying to create a good solution and if we don’t have the right solution, we’re happy to point you in the right direction, because above all, we want to serve you well, whether that be with by providing great products for you or giving you a resource to get what you need so another from our corporate clients. This is austin whitlock. You work for the productions, so he can visit 5-star review. He said absolutely wonderful customer service after recognizing recognizing the loss of necessary connectors right before a big event.

They took many phone calls on a sunday to get the situation figured out an express shipped to a fedex in the middle of the city. They were lifesavers, not even a hint of annoyance throughout the entire austin. Thanks again for the review, it was a really great opportunity for us to show to show our care and love through through serving austin and his team. They had a situation where one of their boxes got left it in you that all the hardware in it so we ended up. We ended up pulling from stock that sunday night and getting everything shipped shipped fedex overnight. To them so that they could set it up to the next the next morning, and we actually even though explore possibilities of doing air freight via via southwest southwest air cargo, which is one of our cargo providers to get it everything quicker. We had it there in about in about 6 hours, but luckily that wasn’t needed. It was easier to I’ll, be able to fedex it to the city. So here I have another review, I’d like to read it’s from jeremy breach. It says it’s five star reviews has not seen that allowed us to up our production and clients. Aging great product and thrilled up our game. Perfect were thrilled to help you up your game as well. Go over at review from adam denny. The five star review test, marketing products and services are off every year we do a new stage design and a child becomes harder each year to have. It looks sharp and unique. Well, not anymore, since finding out about the maltese products, we placed an order and receive communication right away from the company they shipped fast, and then, followed up to make sure all of our needs were taken care of that’s customer service. I love the product because it can be reused or taken apart and stored away for free future use. I will definitely be ordering from this company again, as it’s made our job much easier.

This year, I’m grateful for mod seeds, worship, pastor, adam, diddy, sunshine, worship, center, fort, myers, florida pastor down there. It was it was wonderful to work with adam and we’re looking forward to serving him. Well again, so the great sea backdrop we put together for him another another email from one of our clients who had a custom stage, backdrop drop created, it was a. It was a church stage, backdrop specifically for the salvation army. This is from timothy israel. He says great customer service. They save me a ton on shipping by calling me and letting me know if they said the ground. It would be good here in the same time that I wanted. So we saved timothy about $400 on his order by being able to communicate our quick shipping method and how the product would arrive exactly what he needed without 2 day shipping. So save him a ton. He had some a 4 foot by 4 foot panels which are very expensive to ship. Today was quite a bit more for oversized boxes when they travel within the express network ground. It’s not too bad that second to get tonight, express network gets much much more expensive, so I have another another stage backdrops review on a weed from a brian copperthite. He he ordered us out a little bit earlier this year. Brian has this to save the five star review.

He says:steven in the mod steam steamer amazing, high-quality product in fantastic customer service., even work directly with me on my stage, design ideas and together we came up with a design that were super happy with 10 out of 10 would definitely recommend would recommend I put definitely in there. My apologies I hope that you would definitely recommend us. We we work hard to help him create a really great solution and we would love to work hard to help. You create a really good solution stage backdrop that fits your needs or stage backdrops. If you do multiple campuses, some of the largest church in the country life church church of the highlands pre-great solutions for their their campuses and I’d love to just I love to chat with you and see how I can best best serve you with your next day to sign so I’m going to wrap up. Our wrap-up are podcast from here. If you do have some questions, if you want to connect your phone, if you have an idea that you think might be too crazy to accomplish I’d love to chat through it with you, you can. As always, you can contact me via email, steven at martins. Com. Are you going to call if you’d, like our phone numbers on our website, it’s news.Com contact us I check out martinez.Com, creations I’m, looking forward to helping you create a great stage backdrop for your church, your core prevent or concert whatever it is that I can help. You look visually amazing through use of the stage backdrop I’m thrilled to help, so thank you for allowing us to serve you. Thank you for checking out the stage backdrops podcast and I’m looking forward to chatting with you again soon

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