Welcome to episode 1 37 of the Mod Scenes podcast. My name is Steven, and I’m thrilled to chat with you about stage backdrops, uh, and specifically creating great stage backdrops for your next, uh, corporate event, your next, uh, church stage design, um, or your next, uh, party for your 82nd, your aunt for her 82nd birthday. Wow. I butchered that. So, uh, let’s, let’s just get into stage design. How about that? Um, so today I want to chat a little bit about, um, stage backdrops. So today I’m actually working on some custom connectors for a client, um, and I think they would be, um, really, really cool elements to add to our inventory, which I think we will be doing relatively soon. Um, so these are triangle three-way connectors, so they sit at the top of a triangle tower. Uh, if you haven’t seen our triangle towers are really awesome. Um, you can make a three-sided tower instead of a four-sided tower, so they’re really unique. Um, yeah, so, um, but I’m making a topper for the top of those. Um, and so you can put a solid panel on top, so it bounces more light down, which is always a good thing.

The more light you can get on something, the better, uh, me being an inner, my inner heart is to be a lighting geek in all ways. And so, um, this is right up my alley. So, uh, as I said, we’re bouncing some light down into these. Um, I’m actually preparing our CNC to run the files for the, um, for the plastic that will eventually become those connectors. So one of the great things about monsoons is when we’re creating a stage backdrops, we do, uh, almost everything in house. There’s a couple of small auxiliary pieces. Like we don’t make the bolts. That’d be a little bit crazy if our forging bolts, um, but, uh, anything that really requires a very specific, uh, way of making or isn’t like a bulk item, like say bolt, um, we handle in house, uh, and there’s a couple of reasons we do that. Uh, we do that to make sure that our fulfillment is top-notch. So we understand people are very used to Amazon, to a really large companies, uh, creating, um, systems where, excuse me, where they get products out in record time, just crazy amounts of time. Like, um, you know, Amazon has same day delivery in many cities now,

Which is incredible. So we want to be, um, we understand that it’s probably

Unrealistic to have same day delivery, uh, in most cities

For mud scenes. However, uh, we can have, um,

You know, two to three day delivery in many places in the country and some, sometimes even same day delivery. So, um, so we strive for that. That’s like our goal,

Our goal is to get everything down to,

Um, within the order being placed within two it’s out the door is our goal. Um, so which is quite different. And since we handle all of our, uh, since we handle all of our, um, all of our own manufacturing in house, you know, we don’t ever have to worry about, you know, oh, we, you know, this person can’t get to it or we can’t get the, uh, I would say we can’t get the materials. We keep us, uh, like a level of materials that essentially we could have, we could increase 300%, uh, our, our orders 300% for two months and still have enough material to keep working. So, um, just that way we have everything that we need to be able to serve you well and quickly. Um,

So yeah, so I’m going to jump into,

Uh, cutting this, uh, and getting it prepared to go into the next machine. That’ll happen, we’ll make it into a connector. Um, so, um, if you have any questions about stage backdrops about, um, creating a really great stage backdrops for your church or your next special event, I’d really love to serve you. I’d love to help you with that. Uh, you can reach out to us at [inaudible] dot com. There you’ll find tons of information about our different scenic products, uh, whether it be a lighter duty, your heavier duty products, products that are great for a budget, uh, or products that are going to last you for a good amount of time. Um, and you can also find a lot of information about our new DMX hoists, uh, on there, you’ll see the, a lot of people refer to them as kinetic lights, but they are particularly, uh, they’re a moving led fixture. That looks really great. And, uh, and it was a phenomenal fit for, uh, a high energy event where you need something that’s unique. Uh, I think you’ll really enjoy those, uh, check out some of the videos we have on the website for of those and let us know how we can serve you. Uh, we’re always happy to work with you too. Find your budget, hit your budget and, uh, serve you the best we can.

So again, thank you for checking out our podcast and I am thrilled to chat with you again soon. Keep tuning in and learn more about our products. Thanks so much.

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