Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to talk to you today about stage backdrops and creating a perfect stage backdrop for your church. So we have lots of different

Churches that reach out to us, uh, looking

For options for stage backdrops, um, and our product was created exactly to do that, uh, to serve churches with an easy use

Stage backdrops. It’s, uh, uh, simple to put up quick, to put up a relatively cost-effective, um, recyclable, um, and, uh, reusable and easy to store. So we think it’s a pretty good system. Um, so, uh, let’s talk about a few different ways that, um, that our system kind of helps churches. So, uh, a lot of churches, they don’t really know where to start. So our, uh, our system makes it easy because you can use user panels in different designs. So different layouts will create different designs. So, uh, for example, we have a church that we’re working with out of Indiana. Um, we just talked to them, uh, they have a worship pastor, a church of a couple hundred. Um, their worship pastor is in charge of their technical needs. Um, but he doesn’t really know anything about stage design, uh, and because, uh, because of the, the size of their church and the, uh, different things on his plate, uh, food design is pretty low on his, uh, priority

List. It’s a, it’s a high priority, but it’s low

On his action list, I should say. Um, so, uh, we had a brief conversation with him about, uh, what his needs are, what he wants the room to look like. Uh, and from that, we gave him a couple of suggestions. Uh, one of the suggestions we gave him was to do a segmented backdrop of Crescent moon panels. So those are our, um, our panels that can either be set up as they look like circles, or like a seashell type shape. Uh, they’re one of our more popular panels, uh, and it’s a really soft look, especially going from a more contemporary, uh, more, a traditional to a more contemporary field in your church. It’s a really good one to, uh, uh, to kind of soften that transition. A lot of it feels a little bit more natural than going to something that’s, uh, has sharper edges like the samurai or, um, the winter branches.

Uh, so we, uh, we pitched that. So by segment and backdrop, I mean, um, instead of a solid wall of these, so panel the panel all the way edge to edge I’m on the backdrop. So their back wall, uh, we actually talked about doing segments, so doing two to three panels wide, uh, we actually talked about three panels wide in this case. So three panels wide with a one panel gap, three panels wide with a one panel gap. And what that does is in a room that’s kind of short, uh, like this one was, uh, it helps the room look a little taller. Uh, another thing it does is it lowers the overall cost of the stage design, uh, so helpful if you’re trying to hit a specific budget, um, and it gives a little bit of breathing room. And in addition to that, um, it minimizes the needing the need, uh, how many lights you need.

So, uh, all of those things played into a factor, uh, because we’re trying to stretch their budget because they didn’t have a whole lot of budget plan for the stage design. Um, so I think total, we’re looking at about a thousand dollars for their stage design, uh, which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t, isn’t a ton. So, um, so yeah, um, one of the other challenge we just, we had is they don’t have any existing, uh, they don’t have any existing trusts or were lighting types to hang from. So they needed to have a way to hang from the wall directly from the wall. Um, and one of the great things about our monsoons line of products or a lighter weight fire rated Coroplast products is when you’re creating a stage backdrop with them, uh, in a space that doesn’t have, you know, traditional hanging hardware for a stage backdrops, like a trust or a pipe, uh, you can actually even use, uh, clear pushpins.

Uh, there, they don’t really reflect much light, um, and they work really well to kind of, uh, to hold the panels onto the wall cause they’re relatively light. Um, so yeah, that’s a great option if you’re looking to try and, uh, um, you know, try and hang your panels, but you don’t really have an existing hanging system. Uh, we’ve also had a few clients who’ve used, um, hangers that they clip onto their, um, what do you call them, uh, that they clip onto their, uh, their drop ceiling. Uh, so that’s another option. Um, so yeah,

So I hope this has been a helpful little podcast

About stage backdrops and, uh, specifically about how, um, about how, uh, how we help the search in Indiana. Um,

I would love to be able to help you and your church, uh, with your next stage backdrops. Uh, so feel free to reach out to us. Uh, you can

Reach us via email. Uh, you can email us@salesmodscenes.com, uh, or you can, uh, you can send some information through our website. Yeah. modscenes.com

Or by phone at (530) 723-6421. Uh, thanks for, thanks for listening to the podcast and we’re thrilled to be able to serve you sooner.