Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled chat with you, uh, about our next stage backdrops, um, product, uh, specifically. Yeah. What I want to chat with you about is our agro cracked panels. So our agro cracked panels are a dimensional panel. They fold up, they ship flat, they’re super, uh, super cool looking panels. Uh, and they take projection mapping in lighting, both very well sensor dimensional panel. Uh, they really worked best if you can light them from multiple angles. Um, when they, when you, when they arrive to you, they’ll be folded up in a box. You open them up, they unfold kind of like war gunny. Uh, you need, you put a couple of bolts and a couple of zip ties into them, and then you’ll be ready to, uh, ready to start building them into your stage backdrops. Uh, in addition to building them as a flat, as a solid backdrop with, uh, no gaps, we also provide, uh, can provide gap connectors, which give you, um, like an odd even so in every other panel layout, um, which cuts down your cost significantly.

Um, and we do those connectors at no extra charge. So, um, so yeah, it’s a pretty great way to kind of stretch your budget, uh, and still get that really good visual look. Um, we’ve used this product for tons of different churches, uh, and lots of different corporate events. Uh, we’ve used it for, uh, electric has used it, uh, Manheim Bible churches used it. Um, uh, lots of churches all over the country have used stage backdrops. Uh, we used it at our home church during church, uh, at one point, um, we’ve used it for, uh, large corporate events. Uh, the assault conference 2017, I believe used, uh, over a hundred animals of it for a giant projection wall. Um, so yeah, it’s a really cool nifty product. Um, really fun to work with. Uh, it takes light credibly and, uh, might be a good fit for your next stage design. Um, I would love to chat with you about your next stage design about your next, um, uh, church stage design or corporate stage design, uh, and to see if the agro crack might be a good fit for you. Um, let us know how we can best serve you. Shoot me an email at Steven and Mazzi and stock, huh. Uh, or you can reach us by phone at (530) 723-6421.

Hey, you, during this Mod Scenes podcast, I really love to chat with you about another one of our products. Um, this particular product that I’d like to chat with you about is our V panel and stage backdrops. So the V panel was a really interesting, um, as it mentioned, as you could probably guess the, uh, does have the look of a V um, it’s, uh, pointed at your panel. So, um, the top two corners come down to come down to a wide point at the bottom of the panel, um, like a V with a cut. Like if you can cut off the tip of the V that’s essentially what we’re, uh, what we’re talking about. And, um, and then also there are two little, uh, two little outcroppings from the corner from the V that go to the corners. So it makes it modular. So you can rebuild it as a modular panel stage backdrops.

So the V panel works really great towers, uh, because, uh, as you rotate it, um, it really makes for a beautiful, uh, kind of, uh, how do you say it, a repeating pattern. So when you’re looking through one panel to see the other panel, it gives you a really cool, a really cool book. So, uh, so yeah, so the V panel is a great one, uh, for a bowl for especially towers, but can also be used very efficiently for, um, backdrops as well, um, by alternating and you can get a really great, um, you can get a really great look, um, that kind of direct it’s not direction is directional as a lot of the other panels. Um, but it does have some good, uh, it does have some good, uh, directional elements. Um, so yeah, so I hope this is helpful. Uh, if there’s any way I can serve you, don’t hesitate to let me know. Uh, you can email me@stevenandmotzkin.com and I’m looking forward to helping you with your next stage backdrops and your next stage design, basically. And for a long it’s a survey.