Welcome to another exciting, thrilling, amazing episode of the Mod Scenes podcast. So today I want to chat with you about, um, all kinds of stuff, Mod Scenes. So as you know, we are an incredible, uh, company, uh, based out of Norman, Oklahoma, we create stage backdrops. Uh, we do stage backdrops for churches, special events, weddings, Gallas, uh, you name it. Uh, so today I want to kind of talk with, uh, talk to you about culture. And I know that’s not, uh, specifically a stage backdrops thing, um, but it it’s part of what makes us stand out. So I want to, uh, just kind of talk about our culture and our company and the people in our company and why we’re different on so many levels from our competitors. Um, and so you just get to know us a little bit better and you can know if we’re a good fit and if you think we can serve you well.

Uh, so let’s start with, uh, our culture within our company. So, uh, I’ll kind of start with where I, so as you probably know, I’m the leader of the college, but he had own, I do most of the designs and I run, uh, I, uh, lead our company and the direction we’re going. So, uh, our goal is to our primary goal is to serve the church and serve specifically churches with stage design, uh, creating Sage backdrops and creating products that work really well and really easily for them. Uh, additionally, where we, uh, we strive to create really awesome things. And additionally, past that we, uh, strive to serve, uh, small to medium size, uh, corporate event vendors, uh, with great, uh, scenic designs that, uh, make their lives easier and, uh, give them the ability to purchase the product as opposed to renting. Um, so, uh, a little bit about, so I’ve been, I’ve worked in the lighting industry for, uh, almost 15 years now.

Uh, and about, of those 15, about 12 years, I’ve been doing set design as well. So, uh, I love making things I actually got into set design because, um, I really enjoyed, uh, making my life look better. So, um, I’m really more of a lighting guy who happens to know how to do sets. Um, but as such, I can actually, uh, uh, I have a lot of experience in baking sets look good. Um, and I can design sets that really take light well and really play into the, uh, the benefits of lighting on a safe set. Uh, so a little bit more about me, like on a, uh, on a level of, uh, kind of my values. Uh, so I’m a, I’m a person. My goal is to, uh, uh, we have like a family goal and me and my wife, uh, and that’s to, um, to love God and love others.

Like that’s like our mantra. So if, if we’re having a rough day or if we’re trying to make a decision, uh, everything goes through that filter, uh, are we loving God through the process and are we loving others? Uh, and if so, all those other questions are going to stem from that. So, uh, because of that, one of the things I’ve had a really high emphasis on is serving others. Uh, I really love to be, to sacrificially serve others. Uh, and I know that sounds kind of crazy. Um, but I feel like it’s what God’s called me to do is to, uh, to actually make what I do, uh, make what I do, uh, a part of giving to people. Uh, so, you know, obviously in any business transaction, there’s an exchange of money for product or money for service. Um, and that’s no different with us, but, uh, I always want to over-deliver.

So if you expect a certain level based on the amount you’re paying, and I want you to feel like, uh, what you’ve received has been infinitely more important than what you’ve given. Uh, I know, uh, I want it to be a win-win for both of us, but I really want you to walk away feeling, uh, feeling like our, our interest is your best interest, because it is so, uh, so yeah. Um, so I get the, the awesome privilege of serving, uh, with my wife. So she, she works for the company as well. So typically, uh, either, uh, me or her or Carl, or, uh, occasionally Jason, uh, one of the four of us will serve you in the sales department. Uh, I try to do as much of that as possible. So honestly, I love chatting with people about their designs and helping them out, uh, at, and because I have so much experience in an industry, I have a lot of, uh, really, uh, out of the box solutions.

Ha ha see. So funny, uh, we have modular panels or out of the box solutions, uh, uh, but I do have a lot of ways that we can simplify things so that, uh, so the stage designs work really well for you. Uh, they’re relatively easy to manufacture and they keep the cost down so that you can maximize your budget and your potential visuals within that budget. So, uh, so along those lines, uh, so we also have a dedicated crew that does our manufacturing. So, uh, we get some really great detail oriented people who are focused on making sure that everything that goes out the door is a next level. Good. Um, so, and that’s one of the things we really harp on. We always make sure, uh, that we’re doing our best, uh, in our process, every order is double-checked. So, uh, one person will actually pull the order and the second person will check to ensure that that order has been pulled correctly.

Um, that way it minimizes the potential for a mistake, uh, as with anything, we are human and we do occasionally make mistakes, uh, but we do our best to minimize them. So that it’s, uh, so that it’s obviously as easy as possible for you. Uh, another thing we do is with it and that over delivering and over delivering, uh, thought process is we always had spares for free. So a lot of companies will send spirits, but they charge for them, especially when you’re talking about like a purchase, uh, nobody ever gives you. Like, if you go to, like, if you go to, uh, let’s say, uh, so you go to a restaurant, uh, it’s going to be very, very seldom. And every single time you go in that restaurant, they’re going to give you something for free. And if they do, please let me know because I love tacos.

And if there are a taco restaurant, I will be going to hang out there. Uh, uh, so what else can I tell you about our culture? Uh, so, uh, service we’re service focused, as I mentioned, uh, probably about a million times. We are so detail focused on stage backdrops. Um, I’m really particular, uh, to the point where it probably drives people nuts. Uh, but that detailed focus is super important when you’re doing stage design, uh, because the details matter and the details, uh, they, uh, they have a compounding effect. So if you have a really great stage design, that’s Brit lit really well. You’re going to have a really good, uh, atmosphere, and it’s going to remove any barriers from creating a really good atmosphere for whether it be worship or for learning or selling. And, uh, that’s, that’s, our goal has really helped create those atmospheres. Um, so, uh, what else can I tell you?

So we’ve got a very detailed, focused, very, uh, uh, very focused on serving, uh, artistically focused is probably another one. Uh, I really love to create cool things and I will, if you call and talk, want to talk about design, I will talk your ear off. We’ll talk for like an hour about design. Uh, so feel free to call it near actually do call we’ll set up a podcast. It will be, it’ll be a blastic blast. Uh, so, um, so yeah, so, uh, if I had to like kind of nail it down to three points, I’d say that, you know, with every stage backdrops we create with every, uh, you know, DMX voice rental, we do, uh, with everything we do through the service of our company, uh, we do three things. We, we serve people well. Uh, we, uh, execute, uh, on a high level.

So we, uh, uh, do our best to do, to do a very detailed job in everything we do. So a high, a high detail, and then, uh, thirdly, uh, we, uh, create artistically and really explore artistic options to, uh, make the best possible products. So, uh, I hope this is a, uh, a fun look into our company. I know it’s not super detailed stage backdrops information, uh, but hopefully it does communicate our heart behind serving you and taking care of you. Uh, so, uh, thank you again for tuning into the bond scenes podcast, and I’m thrilled to chat with you about your next stage design as always, uh, you can get information by going to our website modscenes.com, or you can reach out directly to me at Stephen and modscenes.com Um, and I’d be happy to serve you, serve you with your next design. So thanks again for reaching out to us. And I’m looking forward to serving you.