Welcome to another episode of the mod team podcast:this is steven I’m, the owner and operator of mazzi’s systems in 2 hours. To get you some to try. We have a really great deal on our website, it’s try-before-you-buy! So if your rental clientwhen, you have to get you a set for your first rental for free, the only thing you would have to pay for his return. Shipping, if you are a true client, get to try the set for free for a stage backdrops month after month. If you like it great, you can purchase it. If you don’t no big deal to me ship and the different locations where you would ship. So obviously we were very well-versed and shipping. We do a lot of shipping all over now in the country, but all of the worldturn to go into some of the detail on that. So most of our products are shipped via fedex, ground, namakkal and resilient. One of the reasons we do fedex ground as opposed to ups or usps, is there on time. Delivery is about 20%, better than all of which are pretty good, i. Believe it’s i, don’t have it in front of me, but it’s so that’s one reason. Also. We have a much better, much better reach with fedex ground shipping from the oklahoma city metro. We can ship to over half the country in 2 days, whereas with ups, it’s 3 to 4 days and a good portion of the us one of the big things that we pride ourselves on is getting product to you quickly. So if you order something on a monday, you’re, probably going tothat following wednesday, if not at latest thursday a lot of our clients in texas and tennessee, they get their product, actually move to texas much oklahoma nina portions of missouri will get their product the same day same business day, which is incredible. So we really love to make a tickets up to you. If you can tell already that we do international shipping as well, so we off the ship through fedex and ups ground for international, and we also do friction-is best when your shipping a lot of product. So, if you’re doing multiple campuses and you can ship to a singular location, friendship is one of the best cuz we can fit on a singular pallet. So, for example, if you’re strippingwhat’s a 300 panels, three to five hundred panels anywhere in that area, it’s going to be about 30 to 40%. Cheaper, should ground as opposed to ground.

We can also ship via air, express we work with southwest air cargo to be able to ship products within 24 hours of their order, and that’s pretty much within the country also extends out stage backdrops to puerto rico mexico city portions of canada couple other ones that we have not shipped via southwest too, but I do know that the capability is there. In addition to that, much about international shipping, quick overviewthe difference is whenever you ship, you also have to send with a simple invoice, perform an invoice. So it shows exactly what’s packed in the package. It shows the cost of good sold and the reason that after that is because most countries are require. After all, countries require the product to go through customs at which most in most countries it is taxed and then that taxes is levy to to to you as you purchased. So we put all of that into the shipping. We covered the import fees to make it likeso. Whenever you’re purchasing your state’s backdrop make sure everything is meticulous.

The catalog international we haven’t had this happen. If we could have a lot of people who have other ecommerce merchants that we’ve worked with sending products in and then miss you know they miss a deadline on the invoice, even if it’s not even if it’s not notedcauses huge issues being held 3 to 5 days, additional even further than that in depending on the country turn on the country. Obviously, the rate of the rate of tariffs would like the taxes coming into the cut into the country are different. Based on what country you’re going to so, for example, australia is about 25% mexico is about 35% canada is, is really close to zero, there’s a little bit of a little bit of stage backdrops fees for canada, but honestly that we don’t charge any import fees charged any of the cost for import fees to canada.

We should cover that for clients, and it’s it’s very minimal based on canada. What else can I call you so shipping free shipping, so typically palletized products or you can build them into crate door, aggro crag products, for example? We build that integrates a lot of times. It’s a pretty large product when unfolded it’s about close to 4 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot by 4 foot box, which, if it’s done enough i, can ship via fedex, ground and fedex guys absolutely hate it. When it’s a lot cheaper, 30 panels are the weeks actually not that high. However, the the size is pretty large, as you could tell 4 foot by 4 foot by 6 in typically so yeah. So that’s why it’s a little bit about our shipping about how are shipping works out? If you have any questions about shipping about quotes to international destination, I’d be happy to call on your stage backdrops on multiple stage backdrop:if you’re looking to do multiple campuses on you know, tower products, whatever I can do to help. You I’d be happy to help you if you’re looking for some new ideas check out her website, if mods.Com lots of really great stage designs and stage backdrops on specifically on our creations creations, get we’re looking forward to serving you with the great stage backdrop and serving you well, let me know if there’s any way, I can help