Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This episode one 12. It is our episode focusing on the awesomeness of church stage backdrops and design ideas.com. Our buddy, Jonathan mom is the curator of this awesome website. Uh, as I mentioned, it’s church stage design ideas.com, uh, even see a lot of different stage designs for the church, uh, ranging from easy, do it, yourself stuff to, uh, crazy lighting layouts. Uh, and even a lot of our products are featured on there. Uh, it’s a really cool resource for churches and for, uh, the church world for people of varying skill sets and, um, experiences. There’s a lot of different ways, uh, different, whether it be a true more traditional church or a more contemporary church. There’s a lot of different stage designs on that website, uh, that are great, great references for churches and how, how you can create a really beautiful stage design.

So, as I mentioned, a bunch of our state’s backdrops have been featured on church stage design ideas. Uh, the biggest reason is because they’re simple and easy to use. Uh, you could see, um, I think there’s probably about 20 on there now. Um, so yeah, really, really great, um, options on there. Um, but what is also on there is a lot of, uh, a lot of really great do it yourself, uh, projects, uh, uh, entre stage design ideas.com. You can find a ton of projects that are really easy to build, or maybe not even so easy to build, but look really great. Um, with enough, uh, with enough time and materials and tools, you can make some really cool stuff using some, um, using some pretty, uh, pretty universally, uh, universally beautiful designs. Um, so many of the stage backdrops on there are not fire fire-rated.

It’s one thing to note, a lot of churches have used stage backdrops that, uh, don’t use fire rated material, uh, that fire rated material or non-fire rated material can be a hazard, obviously. Uh, especially if you’re in a setting where you use a lot of incandescent lights or candles or something like that. Uh, again, not, not something that’s probably ever going to happen. Uh, but as my buddy, uh, David says, uh, we want to help people get to, uh, we want to help people get to heaven, but not take them there. So we don’t want to burn our buildings down. Right. Um, so, um, also on stage design ideas, there’s a lot of really great, helpful tips on how to best light your stage backdrop, how to, um, build the stage backdrop within a certain amount of money. Say if you’re trying to build one for $300, uh, or there’s also resources on how you can, um, you know, start doing some projection mapping and other really great things like that. Um,

So, um, I hope that, uh, hope this podcast is a nice

Little insight into the church stage design ideas.com website. It’s a great resource, uh, ran by nominal a phenomenal friend of mine. Uh, and it’s, it’s great for the church helps to, uh, create a really, um, really useful, uh, real useful prod, uh, product really useful space that you can, um, learn about church dates, designs, share your church stage backdrops, arms, which is another thing that’s on there. Uh, you can easily share your church shapes designs with others so that they can benefit from what you’ve learned and what you’ve designed and done. Um, yeah, and then there’s also, they run, um, on a, a monthly basis. They run a best of, so essentially whatever stages I’ve got the most views, uh, top 10, and we’ve been featured on that a couple of times, which is pretty awesome. Um, so yeah, so, uh, we would love to serve you with your next stage backdrops with your next stage designed to your church. Um, like I said, you can see a lot of our examples on church stage design ideas, calm. Um, yeah, we would love to serve yet, uh, reach out to us. Uh, you can reach us via our website at [inaudible] dot com or via email. You can email Steven [inaudible] dot com or via phone at (530) 723-6421. Thanks again for tuning in to the Mod Scenes podcast. And I’m looking forward to serving you with your next stage backdrops.