Welcome back to the mountains, podcast podcast about backdrops, creating a wonderful stage, backdrop for your space and visuals in the church, corporate events and special events overall I’m, really the owner of the company and one of the primary we are a company that serves to exist, exist to serve you I’m, also dyslexic today, for some reason, so my stage backdrops apologies:how do you how to best take care of your stage backdrop? So we have lots of clients. Who’ve had a really great success with their stage. Backdrops and I want to help. You want to elongate the life of your to make sure that they’re going to be lasting for years and years to come for youa large portion of our clients.

So it’s it’s really resilient. Since it’s plastic, you never have to worry about it rotting or or about anything changing color are plastic is made of a very, very cheap heat resistant to heat resistant plastic. So, unless you’re, putting hino a flame you’re at you’re not going to have to have much in the way of bending or anything like that about, the plastic is its stain-proof. So if you get like, if you get you say, mud or dirt or or something like that, gets on to it it’s easily, you can wipe it off with warm water andif. You have something darker color, that’s been spilled on it that really shouldn’t be around the stage at first place. There’s always dawn dish. Soap with some hot water will help clean it off another another way is a magic, eraser, magic eraser, make sure not to over press it, because you can, you can scratch a material that exist between the eraser handle materialalthough. Our products are designed to be indoors use the stage backdrops. Outdoors. One thing to keep in mind is sensor.

Products are made of plastic that got a long life span, even if it takes approximately two years of direct sunlight to assertively to color out of our coroplast products are pvc stage backdrops products in particular, don’t either the blue traded with 5 years, and it really doesn’t actually pull my collar out. It just changes it a little bit more towards an ivory color addition to that also care with oil, since all of our best to not not pour detergent sore or harsh chemicals abrasive chemicals, chemicals that you would look, remove, pains front, light paint, so I can paint thinnercar or acetone be used on the product, see what else so proteins was jumping in the protein product. It’s best if you can use those indoors as well cleaning off the dirt from your stage backdrop is really simple with those as well use:hot water, typically a hot water and rag, or even even lots of times we’ll just use a clean rag and wipe it off and that’s efficient. You can also use a magic eraser, as we mentioned, with the coroplast products at most most scuffs and marks off, or you have a mark that is made from like a rubber pushing up against the plastic a little bit more difficult to get off. That is almost a primarily. The best way to get off is to use your magic eraser as far as hardware, so many of our mini bar customers use the nylon nylon. Bolts and nuts, if they’re kept under a hundred and five degrees fahrenheit, once you reach above 105 degrees, fahrenheit for an extended period of time, those can yellow slightly. If you ever happen to see yes, your senior bowl starting to get a little bit.

That’s the that’s the reason, and if you do have that happen, I’ll give you a call and I’d be happy to to help you get some replacement. In addition, we also have a captive hardware, that’s very easy to take. Take care of it doesn’t get dirty. It just gets, crashed. Typically, the scratches on either show up any use of a behind anyways not going to be dirty to a point where it’s going to mess mess, something up with the exception of you. If you were to put some if you were to get some sort of indoor solvent on it, that would get onto the panels. That would be the biggest concern is not so much the connectors, but what it is so and just like our panels, the the stage backdrops connectors and fire rated so another another huge, huge deal, fear stage backdrop the biggest thing on keeping these stage backdrops products clean is keeping your stage backdrop. In a box we send heavy duty heavy duty, but shipping boxes with all of our orders. We also sell martins road cases that protect the panel’s really well with the box, or boxes are specifically designed to protect the corners which are the most most prone to be beat up if you’re going to be using them. How use environment? In addition to that, and it’s not whatever you keep your product in the box your stage, backdrop in the box in manages to keep dust off of there off of your panels, which typically isn’t going to be a major panels. But if it’s during setup you can see, you can see these finger fingerprints or hand prints for people that put their hand while handling the product hope. This is helpful on a simple ways to care for your maltese product. I would love to hear your questions i. Should my email is steven at mods.Com I check out our creations page see some of new stuff, we’re doing it. Mod teens.Com creations and I do want it back for another podcast soon, thanks for allowing us to speak with, you were looking forward to serving you