Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This episode is going to be incredible. So today I’m going to talk about our heart for serving the church, uh, through stage backdrops, um, DMX voice, all of our different products. Um, all of it comes down to our heart. The reason the company exists is our heart for the church. So let’s dive into it. Here we go. So, uh, the monsoons was created, uh, out of actually out of an overflow at our church. So we, uh, we wanted to be able to serve our church. Well, we had, uh, uh, limitations with what we could do because of some staffing changes. And we wanted to figure out a better way to serve our church and creating really beautiful stage designs that worked out really well. So, uh, here’s what we did. We, uh, we made a modular panels. Uh, the first diversion was not fire-rated, but it was just made out of regular Coroplast.

Uh, we made those, uh, modular panels. We bolted them. We actually screwed them together at the beginning. Uh, and, uh, from there we realized, you know, there’s, this is a pretty easy process and it would be a big help to churches that don’t have a creative staff, uh, or don’t have the resources to put into building a custom stage design or the time, uh, because we were running into, we didn’t have the time. We didn’t have the money and we didn’t have enough creative staff to actually do what we wanted to do with stage backdrops. So we made it into a process. That’s a pretty simple process, uh, that could be repeatable over and over again. So, uh, we, uh, uh, so the reason we did this though, is because we have a heart to serve the church. So I think that the local church is the hope of the world.

And, uh, and I think that through, uh, stage design, we can really help great, great atmospheres for the church to thrive in that area, of being the hope of the world and being a place where, uh, you come in and it’s not hard to focus, but it’s hard not to focus as an area where you’re like, oh man, this is, this is just what I needed. Uh, so, uh, and a part of that, uh, obviously it’s a small part, but it is a part is a stage design. Uh, another part of that is lighting and other parts, audio, and other parts of preaching in other parts, uh, you know, the actual atmosphere of the room. So say your, your carpets or your chairs, or, uh, the smells, the sights, the sounds, uh, we want to make sure that the site Burt person portion of that, uh, on your stage is exactly what you’re intending it to be a really welcoming, uh, energetic atmosphere. So, uh, so yeah, so that’s why we created a bond seats and, uh, with that, uh, we want to, uh,

Go, excuse me, [inaudible],

Uh, with, with the Matson, with, and so with our, uh, what we do, um, we pretty much never turned away a church. Um, since our goal is to serve the church, we had to create a solution for the churches stage backdrops. Uh, if we have a church that comes to us and they say, I have to have $300 and make a stove set, we’re going to figure out how to do it with that $300. Um, maybe use a used product. It, it may be something that we just, uh, discount, maybe something that we could give them. Uh, we’ve given away quite a few sets to churches as a, uh, as a, uh, a way to further the kingdom, because, uh, we understand that, uh, we understand that at a lot of times, there’s not, there’s not necessarily a way to, uh, you know, sometimes there’s just not the budget or the finances to make something happen, but there is an actual need and we want to serve the needs.

Uh, and we do our best to obviously be as a business, we have to cover our costs, but, uh, we, uh, that’s part of the reason we do corporate events is so that we can cover some of the additional costs of serving churches with stage backdrops and specifically giving away sets or giving away hugely discounted sets to churches that are in need of south. Uh, so yeah, so, uh, uh, and also I would, uh, encourage you to check out our previous podcast. We talked about a little bit about, uh, a little bit about our heart, that one too. Oh, I’m so sorry. I am, uh, uh, I am, uh, I need to sleep more, I

Guess. So, uh, what else can I tell you about our heart? Um, so

As I mentioned, we, we, uh, serve well. Um, we want to serve our clients well. So when we were creating your stage backdrops, when we are working for your church, we want to keep in mind, uh, your vision for the church, not ours. So, uh, we’re, we don’t ever try to, uh, push a product on you or try and get you to agree to something that’s not a good fit for your church. Uh, that’s not what we want. We want you to have something that’s going to be an incredible fit for your church. That’s going to make your congregation be excited and wants to come back. Um, really, uh, something that helps support the great work you’re already doing and creating visual, uh, great visuals, ingredient messages, and sermons, and, uh, worship, uh, to facilitate the teaching of God’s word. Um, we really want to help with that, and we really feel privileged to be able to help with that, uh, in the small way that we do.

So, um, so yeah, so I hope that kind of communicates, uh, our, our vision behind the company. Uh, you know, our vision is to serve you is to serve the church well, and to grow the doc, to, to spread the gospel and give glory to God through everything we do. So, uh, thank you again for tuning in the Mod Scenes podcast, you can check out more@montseanddotcomandalotofourstagebackdropcreationsatmazzi.com slash creations. Uh, or if you have a question about your next stage backdrops or your next, uh, church stage design, uh, let us know, shoot us an email at monsoons, Stephen and Mod Scenes dot com, uh, Oregon. Uh, just fill out the form on our website modscenes.com. So thanks again for tuning in, and I’m thrilled to chat with you soon.

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