Welcome back to episode, 30 of the martins podcast about how we can create a great backdrop for you in a little bit about what we do here in muncie marketing and advertising materials. We use pretty much exclusively fire at a plastics. There’s a lot of really good benefits to him, obviously, that they don’t burn also further than that theythey’re easy to clean. They are easy to manufacture their recyclable, they are relatively low weight and-and they reflect like that great, which is obviously he would keep her up. So I would like to talk a little bit about some of what we were both experience. What time? What why we supposed to just a normal plastic, and, what’s going on in our in our a manufacturing lifetime, we decided to start usingstart using fire to plastics. So if you ever, look for plastics are pretty much impossible to find unless you buy in unless you buy in large stage backdrops quantities, so in particular I possibly buy. We buy 1100 piece at a time, so it’s it it’s $1,000 or none the less.

We decided to do that because it’s a huge it’s a huge deal to us at our customers. Product is safe to use in the past. Back there been times when backdrops I’ve been I’ve been responsible for fires that have killed hundreds of people. There was a nightclub in the new york area, where they used a flammable backdrop. That back in thebelieve, is the thirties and forties and obviously is a some time ago about the as a supper club, so I can’t but none-the-less at the building caught fire and killed over a hundred people. I, don’t remember the specifics of how many people were killed that has won the most deadly nightclub fires. That’s ever happened in the us, so obviously there are beautiful backdrop safe to use and can’t burn well, two different fire department for panoply, some other fire departments for connector in the morning. But. It’s a thin layer of plastic with a vertical layer of plastic, the ribs and then another perpendicular to the structure of how cardboard is made, but it’s a much a much more refined. The material is stronger. It has a better appearance on the outside, obviously reflects white. Well, and it’s fire rated. Tell you that we have a factory to put sand in a resin to put in a mineral to the resin for plastic. Resume makes it so it self extinguish. It brings up the burning point very low, most a typical, typical coroplast. You would buy from you no sign maker or home depot or wearing it. Where else is not fire rated, you have to special-order it and there’s only two factories in north america. That will do it for directly through the factory.

So if you find somebody who selling it make sure to verify their their stage backdrops employment testing certification, because you don’t want to be obviously don’t want to meet trying to use fire in plastics and our plastic whenever you bring a torch to it, so he needs so. For example, I have a blowtorch at the shop which is awesome, but it’s a propane blowtorch and we measure the heater can get upset about 1100 degrees, which is pretty darn hot. So we take that torch and we will put it right up against the plastic and it will. It will melt the plastic and when it does that and you remove the flame, remove the torque off of the the plastic surface, the plastic will self self extinguish, the fire will not spread, and the temperature of a possible. Will not be burning, got to have a having sustained flame on there too great, but nothing at all. So done you all testing company called intertek they’ve done all the laboratory testing score are different plastics for both are fire rated glass and are fiery pbcl2 certification, meaning they will they will. They will not burn after the after the sources been removed within 5.

Second I believe it’s 5, seconds, bill self extinguish and within 30 seconds they will not grip. Additional melted. Liquid I could look back at the specific all of that specific and put them in the notes. But so you know it’s a it’s pretty much. It’s one of the highest ratings, the only more fire retardant material is a plastic that is used in aircraft interiors and it is I think it’s about. $900, if she didn’t really crazy, we love to do a 1.4 fedora project in which is astronomical is an engine fire. Rated pvc is as well as you all to rated for fire resistance is a while and with both of these we’ve not only done the laboratory testing we’ve also done testing locally in our shop. To ensure each batch is correct. So when we get back to plastic, we do a test to ensure that needs the bus station, but we would set up and we got zero. The particular still has that really good rigid ability, but it doesn’t burn. So that is a requirement for most most stage backdrops locations. Are you ever going to use a set in like you’re ever going to a hotel, ballroom or into any place where a fire marshal’s jurisdiction, high, school hotels, a concert arenas, anything like that? It was going to be. You know there’s going to be going to be some sort of fire restriction on what you can hang and some things are going to be certified as I mentioned since our product meet you out to standards. They also need they also meet the state of california standards and use in a public space. Since we meet that standard, our products are safe to use. You know and convention center ballroom out of client. They were doing our clients in life. We did a custom set for them out of safari coroplast.

We get some custom cuts into that for class. Cuz I’m crowns out of me. This really awesome textural background background that they scored with it. They I did I made it doesn’t cities I believe I want to see if they did was the oklahoma city arena there and there actually hot before they before they finish. Setting up the fire marshal in oklahoma city, fire, marshal drop and they’re like lowe’s fire rated for the safe to use and I ended up taking the farmers was a very, very adamant about not using it, so they drug test it. So they took a piece outside out back and the fire marshal work on it for for an amount of time and and I found it, and he could not get it to burn so the showing on they had no problems and they knew for certain that their product was amazingly safe to use and there marshall was super super happy, they’re willing to show them and so happy to send stage backdrops samples with any of our thoughts as well. So you have a fire rating testing sample. If you ever need that so yeah, you know the reason we do. Those fire ratings is to make your stage backdrop safe to make your stage design safe. Whenever we build anything, whether it be a backdrop or a tower or even though it’s a custom sign, we wanted to be safe and we think taking the extra small extra cost any extra time. It’s definitely worth it to make it product. It is well or you can I show me direct email at stephen at martins., com I’m, looking forward to chatting with you thanks for tuning in