Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m thrilled to be talking with you today about stage backdrops, church stage designs, corporate event design, um, and pretty much anything that pertains to a stage design and scene. So let’s jump right in. So, uh, I actually want to start off,

Uh, corporate product design, uh, specifically on, uh, product launches and stage backdrops for protocol interests. So,

Uh, we do a lot of, we’ve done a lot of, uh, product launch phase backdrops. We just did

One recently for a pharmaceutical company, um, aware we did a overlaid, uh, overlaid diminish overlaid in lake hut. So essentially what that means is we took, and we, uh, put a nice piece of frosted plexi across the back of this, the back of the center of the backdrop, uh, from that piece of frosted plexi, we attached a logo. So it was a cutout logo that showed the clients, uh, insignia right across. It looked absolutely incredible. Um, and then from the exterior edges of that logo, we built the backdrop down. Um, so, uh, that backdrop, uh, uh, built out sideways and then down from there, and then down below the screen, uh, so total that backdrop was, uh, 24 feet wide by 12 feet tall, uh, and it fit into the Reed 24 inch by 24 inch by eight inch boxes, which was mind blowing like a full stage backdrops, customs custom sign that was 12 foot by four foot, um, with a bat, a frosted plexiglass, backer, uh, everything was fire, all the hardware, everything, all, all bales fit into 3 24 inch by 24 inch by eight inch boxes.

And the, uh, the hardware fit into a 12 inch by 12 inch by 12 inch box. Uh, so we’re able to easily ship it to the client’s location, uh, and it was next to nothing to ship it. And same thing to ship the return as the, uh, the actual panels themselves, the, uh, the pattern panels, which were the Crescent moon pails, uh, were rental panels are shipped back to us, but they were able to create a stage backdrops that looked incredible was branded to match their branding. Um, shipped really easily set up in less than an hour and a half. Uh, it was easy to, um, to knock it out. The parking lot is incredible, uh, for a relatively low price and, uh, with very little, uh, very little effort on the project. So, um, I would love to help you with your next, uh, product launch.

Um, we, we can do lots of different things. So that’s a, that’s a, a relatively basic one. Uh, we also just did a, uh, a large sales meeting for a corporation, uh, called planet fitness, uh, specifically we’re doing for the planet fitness partner. So these are, uh, these are franchisees and the franchise suppliers. Uh, they all coming together to meet, to discuss best practices, uh, to learn from each other and to be able to, um, you know, improve their processes so that they can serve more and more people. Uh, so with, uh, with this conference, uh, we built a really great themes, uh, a really great themes backdrop. Uh, so essentially the theme, the feel for it was the missing puzzle piece. Uh, and so we did a puzzle piece theme, uh, backdrop, where, um, there were a bunch of giant color, uh, puzzle pieces.

We did, uh, some yellows, um, and they all like laid, you know, somewhere on their side, some were sitting up, uh, they were, it was three-dimensional. So there was a giant white backdrop with a few like puzzle piece shapes missing out of that stage backdrops. So there’s a textured backdrop using canvas diamond panels and, uh, uh, and missing, missing puzzle pieces. Um, and then, uh, on, in front of that, we had a giant planet fitness logo. It was a printed PVC logo, uh, and then below that was, uh, our information for the planet planet, uh, in Sydney for the planet that this partner, and then, uh, blow that on the ground and further downstage was our, uh, was our, um, uh, was our custom puzzle pieces. So those are the colored PVC,

Uh, pieces. So with those, uh,

You know, we were able to create a really great stage environment for their product launch. Call today for your stage backdrops!

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