Welcome to episode 180 9 of the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m your host, Stephen, to real, to chat with you today about stage backdrops and creating the best stage backdrops for your trip. Our team at Monsignor is real to be able to be the highest rated and most reviewed stage backdrop company and all of the country in all of the United States, all of north America are safe. Backdrops are so incredible. You can see them all over the country, but no country also in Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and even as far away as we received, um, our products are super simple to use, super easy to use, um, and they make your state, your backdrop book pro. So we, we have a process for how we serve. So when you call, we answered all delight. Um, typically you’ll be speaking with either myself or one of our other sales staff.

We’ll go through, we’ll chat through your space. Um, we’ll get ideas of how big your space is. Uh, we’ll get ideas more importantly than how big your spaces are. What, uh, we’ll also talk through what you want your feel for your service. So we specialize in stage backdrops for, for churches. So church stage designs, church stage backdrops, and we specialize in those. So we’ll go through and we’ll talk with you about what your ideal meal is. Uh, that’s very important for us. We want to make sure that our state’s backdrop products, uh, the lighting products we help you with, that they are assisting in creating the visual, the ones, uh, not distracting from your, uh, your goals. Our goal is to supporting you. So we don’t want to make something look like a rock show. We want something that it’s your style of services that fits the needs of your congregation.

So if you have a more traditional space, you’re looking for something a little bit more traditional. We want to help you create that more traditional book. If you’re looking for something a little bit more energetic, something that’s going to help you, uh, communicate energy and excitement. When you come into your church, we want to help you create that. So our team will talk through the specifics of, um, what your design, what you want your design to look like. So some of the questions we’ll ask are, um, what’s the feel that you want for your church services? How much energy would you like in your church services? Do you want to rely on your state backdrop as also seated or a video screen? Do you want to, uh, do you want to have this change off? How often do you want to change your backdrop? Uh, do you want something that is more permanent or less permanent?

Is this going to be in multiple different places? Are we trying to use this in multiple different locations? So for example, are we trying to, are we trying to create your backdrop to be used in multiple campuses? If so, how can we make them tie together and feel really great? Um, so that’s like kind of a variety of some of the questions we’ll ask, also ask questions that are a little bit more tied to your lights system. It says lighting has such a huge impact on a state track problem. So we’ll ask, do you have a lighting controller already? So that’ll look like a DMX console or a moving line console or something like that. So we’ll ask you, do you have a lighting console? Uh, we’ll ask you to have light infrastructure. So if you have the wires going from, uh, you have the wires going from your conflict to the stage, if you already have existing lighting and with that existing lighting, what type of lighting do you have?

That’ll give us a good idea of what’s there. What can we use for what, um, how we did, uh, make suggestions that could fall in line with that, um, and the usability and the, uh, flexibility of what you already have. So, uh, you know, what, what lighting products you already have, what light fixtures you already use? Um, how do you light your stage backdrops current? You’re not like your street backdrop currently. Um, once we know those, um, we’ll continue on with the conversation. So we’ll ask about, um, what your, what your budget is. So what ideal budget are you trying to hit? Um, we don’t want to give you a solution that’s way too expensive. Uh, but there are some IX, there are some solutions that make more sense for handling kind of a good example of this is let’s say you want to projection backdrop.

So projection backdrops are relatively inexpensive as far as the backdrop goes. So the backdrop, even for a 32 foot by 18, which is a very large backdrop, um, you’d be looking at, so at 32 foot by 18 foot backdrop, you’d be looking at about $3,500 or $3,500. Um, if you don’t have a projector to light it, then you’re looking at almost $20,000 on top of that. So a projection backdrop is going to fall probably maybe the $25,000 range. However, if you’re just, if you only have a bunch of clients house, it doesn’t make sense for us to make that suggestion. So that’s one of the reasons we asked that question to make sure that we’re giving you suggestions that, Hey, give me the most flexibility and the best options for your stages on me. Uh, but also that fall within your budget. So after we’ve asked, uh, you know, what’s your budget and we kind of get, we kind of aligned our ideas with that.

We’ll give you a proposal. So this proposal is going to look like this. It’ll be, we’ll make a, I’m sorry, we’ll ask. Before you used the proposed part, we’ll ask what designs, what books do you like? We’ll show you photos of some of our past designs. You get ideas of the field you like, cause we want to get a good feeling. What did you like, what you prefer? Um, because we want it to be something that’s really energizing to you too. Uh, as a leader within your church needs to be something that you enjoy as well. So once we’ve created that graded, that kind of checklist of, um, of attributes and then find the right, right, couple solutions we’ll go through and we’ll give you a proposal. Uh, that’ll be one to two, a one to three different options, um, within your budget, uh, with a little bit of flexibility where we can say, okay, well we can change.

Just handle something else at the same cost. Um, so these options will fall. No problem. We try to do a, a good, better, best, um, type of layout for our stage design folks. So if we’re doing a stage design estimate for like an affiliate of the St George teachers, I asked him, we’ll do a good, better, and best that way we can try. And like, you know, we can save you a little bit of money if we do it this way and don’t move it, we can make it a little bit, a little bit more flexible if we do it this way. Uh, if you really want to like go for it and have something that’s going to be, you know, it’s going to be like exactly what you need kind of over the top. Incredible. This is, this is the option. The best option includes your lighting inputs.

Your stage design includes your controller, your lighting controller, and includes, uh, a little bit of extra hardware. So you have flexibility to build new things in the future. Sure. Um, so it be a lot of different options with that. Uh, so that’s kind of our profit, not kind of, that is our process of how we go through and help you with your stages on it. I believe that one, we’ll have a couple of questions and obviously we want to help you with those questions. So as, uh, as you have those questions and send us to, uh, send those to us, we’ll go through and give you suggestions. Okay, great. Well, uh, he one, we want to do, let’s say, yeah, but you want to add some customization. Okay. We’d be happy to add the customization. Here’s what the cost of customization is. Here’s how we would say to, to manufacturer to be able to, uh, keep it within your budget.

Uh, what are your thoughts? So there’ll be a little bit of back and forth on that type of stuff to make sure we get exactly what you’re looking. Once we figure out everything. Once we have an agreement on this is exactly what you guys need, uh, within your budget, within your I’m, like, uh, then we’ll, we’ll make peanut super easy, so we can take multiple forms of payment. The easiest way is typically just to purchase directly from our website. We’ll set up a web lead all, if you have to do is click put in your credit card information and proceed, and then, um, and then you’re set, it’s paid for, and you can run it. You can keep going, uh, subscription where to do a check or a wire transfer. We can also easily set that up for you. Um, and we can ship before you’re checking.

It arrives to us, a simple photo of your check, um, and we can get things going for you. So, um, this is, uh, this is a process or for how we do a stage design. So how we do a con, like [inaudible] going to talk through the process of, uh, getting your stage design and figure out exactly what you need, um, and getting it, uh, getting it all set up and sent to you. Um, so yeah, I hope this has been helpful for your stage backdrops. A little bit of insight into how we do our process for, for serving you. Well. Um, I would love to set you up with a free trial of your magazines. Uh, we will give you your state backdrop to try 15 days for free. All you have to do is fill in a little bit of information on our website. That website is Nazi and stop call. You can also call us and we’d be happy to set it up for you. Our number is 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Thank you again for tuning into Monte’s podcasts, and I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.