Welcome to episode 1 0 6 of the Mod Scenes podcast. Today, I would love to talk to you about one of my favorite things, and that is trains. Why trains? Um, I’m going to tie the back stage backdrops because that’s what this podcast is about, but for you to be able to know, uh, where I’m coming from, I thought it’d be good for you to know a little bit about me. So my name’s Steven, I’m the owner of the company. I really love lighting. I love stage design. I love trains. Trains are really cool. I mean like seriously, like they pull like a hundred train cars with like multiple, multiple tons in them, not multiples. I was like 50, 80, 60 tons, whatever per train car. Um, and I’m also not that knowledgeable about them, but I know they’re cool. Um, I used to live in a town called Centralia, Illinois. Um, so I guess

You could say the birthplace of me was central Illinois. So different pleasant Montes was by de facto central Illinois. Uh, um, so the, that little town to try Illinois, uh, had three different railroads running through it, trains everywhere, um, and Mod Scenes Montse and stage backdrops, uh, are too lightweight to be shipped on trains. So I’ve looked into this and I know this sounds crazy, but, um, to ship on a ship on a train, a train shipment is typically best whenever it is a high volume product. So a product that has a lot of weight, it’s a heavy product typically, or a bulk product, a thousand of something or 15,000 of something. Typically it’s not as easy as just dropping off your local button, low, dropping off a box at the local train crossing and shipping shipping in that way. However, there are lots of great ways to ship your next stage backdrops, your next Mazzi and set.

Uh, it can be shipped via air freight. That’s the quickest way. So we utilize the Southwest airlines, cargo, um, air freight capabilities. So Southwest airlines is one of the, uh, one of the best com brand actually the best Rand airline in the country, because they systemized everything in a way to make sure that they’re a profitable company. They’re one of the few companies that hasn’t taken a bail out as far as airlines, um, and they have just incredible systems for, uh, for their airplanes, for their ticketing, for their, their entire, uh, their entire focus is on serving their clients, um,

While creating, okay, low-fare airline, uh, which is what they do. It’s a pretty cool little thing. So,

But no, yes, we ship a lot of our stage backdrops, especially a stage backdrop that needs to get to a place that you need on a quick deadline. We’ll ship that via our air cargo capabilities with Southwest. Uh, in addition, we also do express shipping through FedEx. FedEx has an automated, uh, shipping, uh, shipping network. So, uh, on average, your packages handled two to three times when shipping through the FedEx network, uh, by two to three different people like touched, uh, whereas the FedEx network, uh, it’s closer, it’s on average four to six times a, which is more times for a possible, uh, possible damage. So, uh, obviously we want to have our product show up to you in a great way. Uh, part of that is we shipped them in really, uh, heavy duty boxes. So, um, you know, if you’re getting a church staged design or a church stage backdrops, uh, we should, it in our heavy duty boxes or even a state, uh, you know, event, stage backdrop, we’re shipping it in our heavy boxes so that it gets to you in one piece, it gets you in good shape. Um, we also shipped through the FedEx ground network again, uh, not quite as quick, but it is the, uh, typically three days to anywhere in the country because of our location, which is incredible. Um, so, you know, within three days you can have your state backdrops and be setting it up, which is great. Uh, and if you’re in the S the center of the country, uh, it’s, it can be as quick as same or next business day, which is awesome too. Um,

We also handle, I know that’s crazy, but, uh,

When possible we’d love to meet you in person and get you the CNET, uh, senior product. So a lot of places in Oklahoma, or even in, uh, you know, if we’re in route to a trade show or somewhere that, uh, somewhere that we would need a, that we’d be taking product anyway, we’ll happily stop on our way and drop off, uh, drop off your products. Um, and then in addition, we also have pickup, which I know seems kind of crazy, like not crazy. It seems kind of like, duh, everyone does that. Uh, but, um, we have local pickup. You can pick up your products at our, uh, facility and at [inaudible], it’s a 2112 research park Boulevard, Norman, Oklahoma, uh, 7 3 0 6 9. So, uh, and if you’re here, we’ll show you the facility show you how cool it looks. Um, since I’m a lighting geek, uh, we have some lights hung in there and we light up our beautiful products, so you can see them all over the place. Uh, and we actually light up our failures too, because we’re constantly learning. And, uh, so we use that learning to create better products. Um, so yeah, so thank you for tuning in to the Mod Scenes podcast. Thank you for, uh, thank you for giving us a chance to serve you with your next stage design. If you have any questions about your next stage backdrops or your next church stage design, let me know. And I’d love to help you.