Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m thrilled to talk to you about something very weird today. Um, because this is the podcast topic that I decided would be funny. So today I want to talk to you about stage backdrops design and Panda bears. So you’re going to say, what is, what is there that stage design and Panda bears have in common? And I’m going to tell you not very much, however, I’m going to find the three to four times things that are, that they do have in common. First off stage design and Panda bears are both black and white. Uh, granted you use color a lot of times on your stage design, but you always know if a stage design it looks good or bad. Same thing with pandas they’re black and white. You always know pandas are good eight plus for pandas, continuing on. Okay. What else does stage design and pandas have in common?

Uh, they look great when lit the natural white and black for on the Panda looks really good. Uh, reflecting white. It gives you a really nice texture, uh, and, uh, and it’s, uh, it’s pretty comical to light up Amanda, uh, obviously with a light, not with fire, that would be bad. Uh, so same thing works for your stage backdrop. If your stage backdrops is, uh, is a white Motsepe panel on a black backdrop, it’s going to look incredible. You’re going to have lots of contrast. You’re gonna be able to light it. You’re going to have flexibility in the colors that you choose and they’re going to be reflected incredibly, just like a Panda bear. Okay. Number three, how a Panda bear and Amy Mazzi and set are the same, uh, man, I’m in a really run out of these quickly. This is hard, uh, Panda bears and scenes.

Uh, they’re both awesome. There we go. Both Mod Scenes and they, the bears are awesome. Uh, specifically Panda bears are awesome because they’re cute and they eat, uh, oh man. Eucalyptus, right? Eucalyptus, Panda bears. I think they, you go up this bamboo. They bamboo. I know that. Uh, so somebody is probably going to have to tell me why else. They’re awesome. Uh, but they’re, they look cool. So they’re like the ninjas, the slothy ninjas of bears. That’s what a pain in the area. So I’m all for Panda bears. Uh, mod scenes are awesome because they’re simple to use easy stage backdrops products that are fire-rated, they’re lightweight. Uh, unlike a Panda, pandas are heavy monsoons. Um, but yet mom, teens are awesome because they’re easy to use stage backdrop product to make your stage look phenomenal, but let’s see how else are pandas and Martine’s, uh, unrelated, but I’m going to act like they’re related. Um, they can ship via air freight. So anytime you ship a Panda, you ship it via air freight on a plane. Anytime somebody needs Martines. And the last minute rush, I ship it on a plane. I

Mean, these are huge, huge

Tie-ins don’t you see this stage backdrop Panda stage backdrop, Panda mods scenes, Panda. They’re like the same thing. Uh, the pandas pandas have unique, uh, patterns and they’re for of black and white Mazzi has, has like hundreds of unique patterns available for your next stage design. Okay. Maybe, maybe not hundreds. We have lots. Uh, I’d be happy to make hundreds if you need hundreds though. Uh, uh, let’s see. Pan does, um, pandas require a good, uh, require somewhere to live like a forest or a tree or a zoo. Uh, Latinas do not require that. So that’s a, that’s a point against them being the exact same thing. Uh, we’ve already established that the weight is not the same. The, uh, the diet’s not the same. Mod Scenes do not typically eat a fire rating. Panda bears are not fire-rated whereas Mod Scenes are fire-rated, um, simple to use hardware.

Mod Scenes are super simple to use hardware. Panda bears are hard to train. Uh, I’ve not ever trained a Panda bear, but I am just working off assumptions that I’m right. If I’m incorrect and you are a Panda bear trainer, please reach out to me, can reach out to me@stephenatmazzianz.com. If you can prove the ease of training, a Panda bear to build a stage backdrop, I will be happy to send you a free stage backdrop along with 12, uh, shirts ranging from small to double XL. Uh, if you’re anybody else and you’re interested and confused as to why I’m talking about stage backdrop and pandas, you can email me there to Stephen and Mazzi ans.com either way. I think we could have a good discussion about pandas and stage backdrops and specifically creating a stage backdrop for your next church or your next event, um, back to our Panda versus Panda versus stage designs with mods scenes done, done, done.

Okay. So, uh, we’re actually not going to do, uh, pandas versus Panda bears versus, um, mods scenes. Uh, although mod scenes are pretty durable. Panda bears are vicious. Like they are like the ninja, the slot ninjas of the Bayer family. Actually, that’s probably not true. I don’t know nearly enough about pandas. We’ll be talking legitimately about this. So my apologies, but at least hopefully, you know, a little bit about how pandas and mods scenes are the same. Uh, if you would like to talk about pandas or monsoons or any combination of the two, I’d love to chat with you. Again, reach out to us. I’d love to help you create your next stage backdrops. You can reach us@mazzianzdotcomorspecificallyviaemailatstevenandmonsoons.com or via our phone number at (530) 723-6421. I would love to serve you and all of your backdrop slash Panda bear needs reach out to us today, and we send you a free Panda Bayer plush. If you mentioned this podcast of awesomeness, that is podcast number 1 0 5, uh, yes, 105. Uh, I will not send you a 105 date of birth because that would be weird. So stage five drops equal. Awesome. Does equal awesome pan. Does it equal stage backdrops question mark? No pandas equals smart scenes. Uh, yeah. Thanks for tuning in.