Welcome to another exciting, thrilling, amazing episode of the Mod scenes podcast. This is your host, Steven, and I’m really thrilled to chat with you today about stage backdrops and diligence. So diligence is something

That we’re super proud of, um, at Martine’s we are very diligent and creating great state of backdrops for our clients. Uh, making sure that they’re there in a record time and, uh, really setting the bar for these, uh, stage design industry on how to be diligent and how to serve people. Well, uh, so today I’m going to talk about diligence, uh, because it’s something that’s been on my, uh, on my mind is something specifically, we’ve been talking a lot, uh, in our company about continuing to be diligent, uh, because our clients deserve that with their stage backdrops. Um, so, um, most of our team, uh, most of our team understands this, they running with this, um, but we have a couple of new people and we’re really, uh, making sure that they, they hone into this and make sure that they know that this is a huge deal. Uh, diligence is one of our core values.

Uh, we always want to over-deliver and make sure that we’re going, uh, following through with what we say, and even more than that falling through past what we say. So if we’re gonna, if we plan on having it there Tuesday, we diligently work to have it there on Monday, if we can. Um, and typically even if we can’t, we figure out a way to do it. Uh, so, um, diligence, so, uh, diligence is something that has to be cultivated. A lot of people don’t realize that, um, that small actions add up to a big hole. So, uh, in particular, um, we, uh, uh, I hate, I hate this because I don’t, I don’t have a specific person to actually attribute it to, but, um, uh, but one of my favorite sayings that I’ve heard is that, um, a 1% change has a drastic difference. You don’t have to change everything overnight, but a 1% change every day has a drastic difference. Call us today for your stage backdrops.

So always striving for that next 1%. Like how can we, how can we improve this process 1%, 1%, 1%, uh, that being done diligently as a lot better than somebody, uh, try and change the world overnight and getting discouraged and not doing it. So, um, something that we really, um, we really work to do so diligence, um, diligence, as, you know, constant application of, um, of effort working towards a specific goal with stage backdrops. Uh, so our, one of our key goals in our company is to have a 90% of our 90% of our sales of our orders ship out the same business day. Uh, so to do that, we have to be diligent. We have to make sure that all of our hardware inventory is at the levels that we set for our essentially our base level. Uh, we have, uh, multiple, you know, multiple months worth of inventory in SOC to us to ensure that even if we have a large order, we can quickly fulfill it.

Um, part of that is we have a really quick system for packing. Um, we have stage backdrops, uh, we have all of our, all of our panels prepacked into the boxes so that we can, uh, ship the majority of panels directly out of those boxes. We just grabbed the boxes, relabeled, uh, put labels on them and send them out to you. Um, and we also, and then we have the other parts that we need, uh, hardware and whatnot, easily accessible, so we can quickly pack them to ship to you. What, like, um, it’s part of our diligence and what we do. Uh, another thing is we, we work hard, so we diligently work towards what we’re doing. So, uh, my typical day will start at 4:00 AM. 5:00 AM. I’ll get up somewhere around then. Um, do my Bible study, do a little bit of, um, kind of reflection on the day before and looking ahead to the day ahead of me.

Um, so I’ll go through, I’ll write down 10 things I’m thankful for. And then I will just jump into the day at that point. Um, and a lot of times that those big, the big things that were the things we’re working to SAR big goals, when I’ll start on those, I’ll start on those, you know, 5:00 AM or so work on those till seven or eight, maybe nine, depending on, depending on, uh, uh, the need and depending on what else we have going on. Uh, and then I’ll, I’ll jump into normally around seven or eight, I’ll jump into, uh, our client needs, making sure that I have everything ready for our, for our clients, uh, whether it be a quote or a drawing, making sure it’s too quickly and, uh, without fail so that they can, um, you know, they can make their decision based on what they need and how we can serve them best.

Um, in addition to that, we’ll do, uh, um, you know, if there’s ever an option, if there’s ever a need for us to stay late, to get things done, we’ll obviously do that and make sure that, you know, we get the products built, uh, and made ready to ship out, uh, so that we meet our client’s deadlines. So, um, I know it’s a kind of short podcast and we haven’t talked a ton about stage backdrops. Um, but I hope this kind of gives you an insight into why, uh, over specifically what we do, how we’re diligent with serving, uh, you and or other clients. Um, I’d love to chat with you. I’d love to learn more about you and your, uh, you and your church, your special event that you, that you’re serving with. I’d love to know how we can serve you best and I’d love. Um, I’d really love to help you. So, um, let me know how I can serve you best. You can email me and steven@mazzianz.com. You can also, uh, go to our website.modscenes.com, where there’s tons of info info about our company. Uh, I’d love to help you. So don’t hesitate to let me know how I can serve you. Uh, and I look forward to serving you soon.