Welcome to episode 1 95 of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host Steven, and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today. Today. I would love to share a little bit about, um, how we create a church stage design for a church for church, and specifically for the culture of the church. So obviously church stage design needs to match the feel and the culture of the church, uh, creating a stage design, uh, that does not match up with the, um, with the beliefs and with the, uh, specific feel and vibe of a church just doesn’t work. Uh, it, it, it feels disingenuine. Uh, it feels disjointed. It does not feel like, uh, something that furthers the message of the church furthers the, uh, the intent of the church. So, um, part of our process, whenever we start creating a church stage design, uh, for our, our clients, uh, is we go through and we talk about the feel of the service.

Um, we learn a little bit about the size of the church, the, uh, the atmosphere they’re looking to create, um, what they do for their church stage design. And don’t like, so some churches really don’t like, like it to feel like a, uh, like over the top production, they just want something nice and simple while others are just want something that can really bring a bunch of energy and really help them, um, help them excite their congregation as they’re, as they’re appreciating work. So we go through, we ask questions, uh, questions about that. So specifically, I’ll ask, uh, you know, how many members are in your church, how, uh, how energetic are your church services, uh, are you more traditional or contemporary? Um, we also ask questions, like what would a perfect stage design feel like for you? Uh, we’re really trying to key in, on the feelings and what, um, what would feel like a great feel for their ideal church service.

Um, our team will also go through and we’ll listen to and watch some of the videos if they, if they exist of the church services and, uh, get a good idea of where they’ve been so we can help them and where they’re going. Um, and we can give a specific direction to, Hey, this might be a good stage backdrop option. Um, here’s a material or a design that would work well for their needs, um, and kind of go through, go through it that way and give them, uh, give them a lot of really good options, um, based on what will fit them best because the stage backdrop that doesn’t fit the needs is not a good stage backdrops. We want to have the best stage backdrops for our clients, and we want to make sure that what we’re doing is providing an incredible service, a service that really furthers the mission of the church and helps the church to create a, a great atmosphere for connecting with people.

Um, so once we kind of talk through some, the details, um, of the field, uh, that, that church is trying to create, uh, we go through and we create a proposal. So in that proposal, we’ll, um, we’ll kind of highlight the specific products that we think would be the best fit. So let’s say for example, uh, we’ll suggest, let’s say a Crescent moon for turn tool. We’ll suggest that a Crescent, moon backdrop, um, with dimensional connectors, uh, and then we’ll talk through some of the, some of the things that we’ll, uh, we’ll go along with that. So we put in a new backdrop a lot of times, uh, there’s also a need for additional lighting. So we’ll talk through the need for additional lighting, give them different options on how they can stay within their budget. Um, we’ll talk through, um, the bill time, make sure if the client feels happy, uh, feels happy and has the right amount of time to put together the stage design once it arrives, um, or we’ll talk through options for, for our team going to set up the stage design.

Uh, we do that on occasion, uh, as an additional services go out to, uh, go out to the location of client and set up their stage design or their stage backdrops. Um, so we’ll talk through those details and make sure that we’ve got, uh, you know, we’ve got kind of a decision on, you know, uh, the church we’ll set it up or we’ll come out and set it up for the church. Um, we’ll make sure there’s enough time planned in we’ll answer any questions and make sure that we have a good, um, make sure that the, that the, we have a good, uh, understanding of how things will go together and make sure that the church has all their questions answered. Uh, before we complete the order, um, once the order’s completed, um, once payments receipt, we pack the order, we’ll go through and get it packed with him.

Um, within one business day, it’ll get packed up, it’ll get shipped the quickest method possible to them, uh, within their, um, within their shipping, uh, parameters. So if they needed, if it needs to go ground, we’ll go ups or FedEx, depending on whatever’s faster. Um, we will, um, once that’s there, once it’s, once it’s shipping, we’ll send over a tracking information. Um, and we follow up a few days after the client receives their package, um, just to make sure that everything is what, um, is what they need that there’s ever everything’s. Uh, they have everything, they feel comfortable. They’ve set everything up, they’re happy with it. Uh, that’s one of our highest goals just to make sure that our clients are thrilled with the work that we’re doing here. Uh, so yeah, so that’s, uh, that’s, uh, uh, a little bit about how we, how we go through and kind of talk through the specific cultural needs of a church and find it the best cultural fit for the students.

Backdrop. Obviously the stage backdrops suggest for a contemporary church are going to be a lot different than the stage backdrops. We suggest very, um, very traditional church. Um, the ones that are more contemporary are going to be brighter, or they’re going to be loud, or they’re going to be bigger. Um, they’re going to be sharper edges. Like they’re going to look, the designs are going to look cool or, um, um, more cutting edge, I guess is probably probably a good way to say that more, uh, more drastic. So there’ll be a lot more contrast, whereas something for a more traditional church, we’re going to suggest something that has softer lines, um, that looks a little bit more organic as opposed to geometric. Um, it we’ll have, um, we’ll also suggest a little bit different lighting and we may even suggest different hardware, uh, with a more traditional church, uh, hardware like the dimensional, um, backdrop connectors, um, add another element, which makes it visually more interesting, but we also don’t want to kind of overwhelm the senses, especially in a, in a space like that.

So that’s a little bit of how we would, uh, how, how we do talk through, um, talk through finding the best fit for your church stage backdrops. If you have a church stage backdrop that you’re looking at, putting in, we would love to assist you. Um, again, my name is Steven. You can, you can call me directly at our office, which is 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. You can also see a bunch of different designs that we’ve created for churches all over the country and actually all over the world, um, at our website, which is Mazzi and stock com slash creations. You can see all those different designs there. Um, and if you’re an introvert like me, you don’t really want to talk to anybody on the phone. You’re more than welcome to email us. You can email sales@mazzianz.com and we’d love to help you, uh, create the perfect stage backdrop for your church. If there’s any way we can help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Again, our number is 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. And I’m looking forward to chatting with you about the best fit for your stage backdrop for your church.

Hey, it’s Stephen back with episode 1 95 0.5, Hey, one of the things I wanted to really touch base on, well, um, as kind of an extension of the field is also the expenses. So with a stage backdrops, we want to make sure that we find something that’s affordable for the church. It needs to fit within their budget, and it needs to go within their budget easily, so it can allow for lighting as well. So whenever we talk through the church, talk through a church stage design, along with the design portion, we also talk through, uh, the budget portion because we want to make sure we’re providing a solution that’s economical for the church, uh, to create a stage backdrop that fits within their budget, um, and really serve their church well, um, in the short term and through the long-term. So, um, if you have questions about hitting a specific budget, or if you’re a smaller church and you’re really looking to, um, just get started with stage design, I’d love to be able to chat through with you, um, a couple of different options about how we can help you get started with stage design.

Um, I just mentioned our, our S our contact information before this, but again, our number is 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. Um, and I’d love to talk through, um, talk through finding a perfect stage design within your perfect budget, uh, for your next season at your church. Um, thank you again for allowing us to serve you. Thank you for allowing our team to have a part in serving not only you, but your congregation and serving the kingdom of God through the work that you’re doing. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for serving the church. Thank you for being the hope of the world. We are so excited to serve you.