Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast and episode 1 92 about stage backdrops and how mud scenes can make your stage backdrop dreams come true. Scenes provides high quality fire rated stage backdrops. Our stage design products are easy to use quick to assemble and the highest and best rated among the entire nation. If you’re looking for quality, if you’re looking for quantity in a short amount of time, our team can help you. We are quick to ship, quit to assemble and quick to assist you. Call us today or visit our website@logseats.com. We would love to show you why Monsignor is the highest rated and most reviewed stage design company in the entire country. Our clients have raving reviews about the ways that we’ve served them. We’ve gone above and beyond hundreds of times to make our client’s lives easier. We are constantly looking for new ways to create stage backdrop products that serve you incredibly well.

We take our time and listening and to hear what you have and what you need. We want to help you find a product that works well for you to find a product that fits within your budget and within your timeline, our team of experts will help you to create your perfect vision for your stage design. Whether we help you with an event, a wedding, a church stage design, or something else we’re happy to assist you. We’re happy to help. One of the big core values in our company is service. We love to serve others, and we would love to serve you. Monsoons has been known throughout its entire existence as a high quality company. We, from the beginning, we served very large churches all over the country, providing excellent service and excellent are around. Our products are easy to assemble, easy to use the environment.

No one else in the industry in Canada provide the same high quality high caliber care that we do. We love to help you with your stage. Backdrop needs. A few of the things we do at Mon scenes are stage backdrops, design, stage lighting, design church stage backdrops design, uh, bring to reach. So drawing of your upcoming stage design, obviously estimation of your design. So you know exactly what it will cost of idea creation, helping you think through your custom stage design to find the correct and most economical way to, uh, to build your state’s design. Uh, we do our services or manufacturing services that include assembly, uh, manufacturing in the, in the means of CNC, cutting, uh, design free imposed, uh, uh, post workflow. So making sure that your design comes out exactly as you plan with the exact hardware that you need. Um, we do customization.

So that includes, uh, custom hardware, custom panels, custom printing, uh, custom 3d forming. So we do vacuum forming. Uh, we also do, uh, woodworking and finishing. So we’ve done many, many different designs. They include a what elements. So we’ve done large archways crosses, uh, bars, um, finished art pieces. So, uh, like wood backdrops, uh, we’ve done, uh, white boxes. So it’s a box with light led lights on the inside with a, uh, an enclosure and a front facade it’s lit from the interior. We can do, we do customization as far as custom branding. So we’ll do custom branding, custom packaging to make sure that your stage design, uh, has the feel of your company or your church. It feels exactly like what you wanted to. Um, we also do, uh, we also do, uh, we do custom, uh, custom fulfillment. So let’s say you have multiple campuses and you need your stage design to be in multiple locations.

Our team will happily set up multiple different orders within a same discounted order, uh, so that we can make sure we get each of your campuses exactly what they need. Plus the spare hardware and panels. Um, all of it’s shipped with instructions that makes it super easy, uh, and saves you money. Um, we also, uh, do, uh, provide services such as projection and lighting design. So we’ll assist you if you’re, let’s say for example, you’re creating a hotseat screen. Let’s say you’re looking for a 32 foot by 18 foot long seated screen, specifically canvas diamond screen, but you’re not sure what projector would work best. Our team is happy to help you and guiding you to which projectors are good fits, and also what the cost for those projectors would be. We’ll even go as far as setting up and installing the projector for you, uh, and providing and selling the projector and the Franklins.

And, uh, our team is here to help. We are also happy to help with your, uh, lighting design needs as well. Uh, our team has expert designers on it. They can help you with creating your really great, beautiful stage backdrops that takes light incredibly. Uh, but also with providing the lights needed to light that set backdrop. Uh, we are clear for show bay ambulation, um, and we can pro and we can provide perfect, uh, perfect, perfectly fit lighting products to fit your stage backdrop. Um, we have, we have lights in stock and kinship as soon as today, uh, which is something that’s quite rare right now. We would love to help you with that. We would love to help you with your stage design and really love to have a conversation about how we can best serve you and your team. We would love to help create a church stage backdrops design for you that really fits your energy. That it’s your mission and your purpose. We want something that is going to come alongside and support what you’re doing.