Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is Steven, and I’m thrilled today to talk to you about stage backdrops and specifically about a custom element that we’re creating for one of our clients. So one of our favorite clients is our friends at sound force, uh, down in Chattanooga, Tennessee, they create incredible, um, incredible events, uh, specifically for, uh, whether it be a fundraiser or a corporate meeting style event, uh, civic events, uh, weddings. They do tons of weddings and they do an incredible job with stage backdrops it. Uh, gala’s events like that really, really great stuff. Um, so, uh, our friends down there, um, are working on a project where they’re doing the giant greenery wall. Uh, so they’ve already got, oh, they’ve already owned a large greenery wall. Um, but they’re wanting to hang champagne, flutes all over the green gray wall. So, uh, they asked us to help with this project.

And so we’ve been prototyping, uh, and, uh, in our factory this week, working on a couple of options for them with come up with a really cool option. So although this isn’t a stage backdrops, um, it’s a really cool new way to use our capabilities, uh, to create a good visual, uh, and really to create something that it’ll work really well for them. So, uh, the, the back of their greenery walls use a grid wall pattern. So like, uh, similar to like you would see in a, uh, a store grid wall is a metal grid wall. It’s a metal grid wall. It’s a metal grid that’s, uh, made of welded pieces of metal, every four inches or so. Um, and it’s a standard, you can buy hardware for it, a lot of places. Uh, so we we’ve made some custom hardware, uh, which has a Pinnell, uh, has a, has a brace and a pen.

So you’ll clip that into the grid wall and a couple of places then, um, that pin is threaded so that you can put, um, our champagne holder pieces on. So we took a clear, uh, acrylic and cut, uh, cut these champagne holder and pieces in. So the design of the champagne holder pieces are cut in a way that you can’t just slide the champagne holder out. Uh, the, the champagne flute, you have to pick the champagne flute up slightly and then pull it out. If you just try to pull it out, it won’t come out that way. They don’t get knocked off stage backdrops. Uh, but if you just slightly pick up and pull off, um, then they’re super easy to get out. Um, and that we made it out of a Corolla, clear acrylic, uh, and it bolts to the hardware really easily, as we mentioned, uh, which is great because what it does is it gives us the opportunity to, um, it gives us this whole process because it’s the opportunity to have the piece there and be a functional piece, but it kind of disappears since everything everything’s made of clear acrylic with the exception of the small braces, which are black and really spending up into the greenery pretty well.

Um, so we can easily make a really nice, uh, you know, functional piece, uh, without having to, uh, um, without having to, uh, do a whole lot of craziness. So, um, yeah, so that’s a piece we’re working on. We’re super excited for it. Um,


Uh, yeah, so, uh, that piece, um, that piece is also modular as most of our products and stage backdrops. Um, the piece will be spread across, uh, in two-foot sections, uh, but it will be buildable up to, you know, 60 feet wide, uh, so that we can create really long runs of, um, of this. So that say you’re walking in a red carpet type event. You can just walk down the whole wall, grab a, um, grab a champagne flute on your way, and, uh, continuing, right. So, uh, obviously this isn’t a state backdrop, but it is another cool element that we do to serve our clients. Uh, if there’s something we can do custom to serve, you let us know. We would love to serve you and help you create, um, the stage backdrops, the champagne flute holder, the, uh, giant, uh, custom CNC cut pizza, whatever it is you want to create, we’d love to help you create it, uh, reach out to us@monsignor.com. And I am thrilled to, uh, thrilled to hear from you soon. Thanks again, turning into the Mod scenes podcast.

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