Welcome to the Mod scenes podcast. I’m your host, Steven, and I’m so thrilled to be chatting with you today about great stage backdrops and beautiful looks using your new Mod Scenes stage backdrops.

So today, specifically,

We’re going to talk about a few of our newer products, um, how they can create a really dynamic stage backdrops for you. Uh, and in some further podcasts a little bit later this week, we’re going to talk about some custom products, so make sure to stay tuned for those. Um,

So here we go. Um, so as you can,

As you probably know, Matson’s are super easy to use modular stage backdrops. They built together very quickly, uh, about a minute per panel for our monsoons line and a half a minute per panel for our proteins line. Uh, there are made of fire rated plastic and they’re super, uh, super interesting, um, patterns that can be used to create great stage backdrop

Designs. So

I want to chat about, um,

Um, direction and how

With, um, a couple of our panels specifically starting with our lattice panel, our last panel, sorry. Um, you can create a stage backdrop with direction. So why does panel, uh, is, uh, 23 and a half inch by 23 and half inch by quarter inch panel it’s made of, uh, uh, well, we can either make it a fire-rated PVC or fire rated for clients. Um, so this panel is a directional panel, so it looks very much like its name says, it looks very much like a lattice layout. So, uh, I think, um, a little wood strips you have on the bottom of your, um, the bottom of your deck or something like that. Um, that’s a, uh, you know, the, obviously that’s an example of, uh, of a lattice look. Uh, the biggest difference though, is there is one band of our lattice that, uh, is a thicker, wider plastic.

Uh, so that gives you the ability to whenever you’re making a stage backdrop to really, um, to really, uh, really create a lot more direction with your, your backdrop. So, um, whereas most of the, most of the smaller lattice type, uh, lines are about an inch and a half wide, uh, this larger lines, about four and a half inches wide. So as you can tell, it gives a really, uh, big, uh, uh, big surface to be with it, to look that’s more, a bigger surface so that as you rotate it, you can kind of change your directional, uh, imaging. So, uh, for example, if you take all the panels with your four inch edge and, uh, start them from the center, moving out, it creates kind of the V shape, uh, which can draw your viewer’s eye toward the center stage. Uh, this is a very helpful if you’re doing a corporate, a corporate meeting and you’re trying to keep people focused on the CNC on the CNC ha uh, on the CEO down front, um, you can use this to help direct your direct the attention.

Uh, you can also use it, uh, in a less directional way by rotating, and you can make like kind of a crisscross pattern, which looks really interesting, or you can make an as exact patterns go back and forth, uh, which further creates further interest to your backdrop. Um, you can even make concentric, concentric, uh, diamonds, um, or you can have a really, uh, a large variation of different directional, uh, pieces. Um, that look really great. So in a G in addition, you can use the lattice, uh, whenever you created your stage backdrop with one of our new panels called the lateral. So the lateral stage panel is, uh, very, very similar to a lattice. It’s actually a lot of spam except for half of the panel on a diagonal is solid. Uh, this gives you creates a nice solid section that you can use for projection mapping for gobo mapping, um, really to, uh, to create a surface, to paint with color light, uh, or projection.

So it’s a really great, uh, a great way to start working in projection into a larger, uh, visual, um, while still having the, uh, interesting, um, interesting layout of, um, of the lattice panels with the, or directional part. So now you can really get a directional set with a projection mapping, uh, pulled into it as well. So that creates a really cool visual. Um, so yeah, so I hope, uh, I hope this is a helpful little podcast about, uh, directional, um, stage backdrop parts specifically about our, um, our mod scenes lab that’s panels, uh, and Matson’s lateral panels. Uh, you can check those out on our new, uh, our new catalog that’s coming out. Uh, it’ll actually come out before this podcast airs. Uh, so check it out and we’d be thrilled to chat with you about your next stage backdrops. Uh, we’d love to know how we can serve you best, uh, reach out to us@monsignor.com. There you’ll find tons of resources about our different products, uh, and that you’ll be able to start your, uh, free no obligation quote, uh, looking forward to serving you and excited to, uh, be your stage backdrops provider. Thanks.