Welcome to episode 180 1 of the Mod Scenes podcast. I am thrilled today. Chat with you about stage backdrops and safe design, uh, but also about how our company Montes intake stage backdrops, Sates design, and earn, uh, from a design to be able to help other people. So in particular, right now, the world is going through a crisis, uh, civically the COVID thing, uh, pirates is, um, thinking a lot of people pick in, uh, unfortunate things like that. Um, so it’s that there is a shortage that’s PPE, which PPE or personal protective equipment then personal protective equipment. So like math, math clubs, uh, she’ll down, uh, prevent falls around that. Um, so things would be PPE or another curb, uh, personal protective equipment. So, um, our, our teeth, it makes incredible state backdrop based design. It’s actually kind of changed what we’re doing in the last two months.

We’ve been, feverously working for it. Uh, helping first responders and hospital staff is nursing home staff. Uh, the VA tons of great people, uh, by providing the shield for them, maybe manufacturing these clear face shield. They are a D E G plastic and, uh, the clear plastic and, uh, very, very easily cleaned and, uh, graded glare. So it’s perfect for a additional level of barrier of the seed. Uh, like a Docker is somebody to sit with the COVID-19 virus, uh, rotavirus, uh, so this, uh, personal protective equipment we’re making as a shield, but instead they use this weird PDP. They also use, uh, a closed cell phones. Uh, and the reason they do that is a little bit of a harder phone. So it does get on your forehead a little bit more, however, um, that phone can be easily cleaned and the name cell, you don’t have to worry about elimination.

Uh, and then we use a, uh, combination of different color elastics, uh, when it’s by the last day to go around the security Giovanni, uh, and we’ve been manufacturing for about two months now, we’ve sold just a little over 25,000 of them were donated stage backdrops, I should say. Um, so yeah, actually our, our team has been really cranking them out. Uh, Paula has become, he, uh, has got the elastic feet. She has been attaching more elastic than I’ve ever talked to as humanly possible. Uh, Carl has been cutting on the feed to get these, uh, cut time. Uh, and, uh, I always have lots of other staff who’ve been filming, which is the process of actually taking the film off plastic so that it can be made it shield. Uh, we then bagging them individually to keep them uh [inaudible] uh, because they’re made to be used, advise people, individual, uh, and they can just be clean and reuse, uh, as long as [inaudible].

Uh, so yeah, so those are, those are, are, uh, protective shield are, uh, they shield the thinking, uh, and we actually partnered with another company to dispose over usable version. Um, but the disposable version we are partnering with somebody to make, uh, has, is a paper is, uh, has a paper praise ended up RSPA res film, great film, uh, food-grade film in, uh, April in front of them. Uh, the shield attaches with more closed cell phones. So that’s another one we help take them. We’re also selling stage backdrops out on our website as well. Um, but the bigger reason why we decided to, um, start manufacturing these things is not so much, um, not so much to, uh, make something it’s really, to help our community. So, uh, in Oklahoma, we have a great spread out populous, uh, particularly the rural areas. So, uh, like, uh, chick Shea, Oklahoma, the Oklahoma, uh, dine in Oklahoma con as a town or town inside town, or spread out, say, you know, an hour, a few hours from, uh, the larger metropolis Oklahoma city, uh, uh, the Oklahoma city as well.

They’re relatively large cities, um, Oklahoma city, I think it’s like 1.5 million people, uh, to now, uh, quite a few people. Um, but you can pull or see how much access to PPE and the other, uh, I know that are, you know, these are life-saving and I didn’t think he helped me, uh, doctors in position, uh, from becoming hill and being able to serving. So, uh, that was our whole making the products to be able to get those stage backdrops. Um, so yeah, he’s now we’ve gotten to a point where, uh, they played our country and much less of the personal protective equipment. Um, so we’re also offering them for sale for you to do all the individual safe from detection, uh, from environments. So you can find, uh, all that information on our website and just off, uh, go directly to the personal protective equipment page, which is, uh, modscenes.com.

So, um, yeah, you can find that there. So along with the face shield we’ve been making, we’ve also been, uh, distributed, uh, Anna Pfizer, uh, the 80% alcohol based hand sanitizing back to me by our friends over at groggy clog. Uh, it also has, uh, well, I call it white ball voiced driver so that it doesn’t help all the, uh, skin. Uh, I also have a couple other in the goal to ensure safety. So Frank, um, have been obviously, no, he has great ideas. Um, so we’re selling one gallon jugs of that as well. Uh, and then lastly, where me, uh, two different styles of things. So we’re making a first style, uses a, uh, cost preppy fabric, which, uh, stretches and Concourse around your face, uh, pink around the back of your ears. Um, and, uh, we’re, we’re making quite a few of those.

We’re making about 10,000 a day breaking out of those. Um, but still we have a ton of different options with that. We have, uh, 15 different colors. We have custom printing available for stage backdrops, uh, custom packaging. So all of them are individually packaged, but we can, can five or 10 or hundreds, depending on what the needs are. A lot of, uh, a lot of versus we’re packaging. Like why does it does for given your staff five of them, uh, they’re watching wall, so you can machine wash them. You don’t have to worry about, uh, worry about them. Uh, in addition to the ability, uh, that we do discounts for larger workers, but we have a large staff are looking to provide to, or provide, uh, other personal protective equipment to, we’re happy to help you with that since we know that fruitful and no need for, um, you know, a lot of how surgeons operate is now, uh, things are going to be coming back, accommodate CLT.

So, um, but yeah, with the face mask, they’ll have a second version. The second version is a little bit different instead of a stretch fabric using a soft top fabric, uh, of the interior of the soft top fabric is a filtration media, uh, that will bring the, uh, uh, we’ll, uh, we’ll filter out 95% at particulates under 0.3 microns. That means they will go 95% of everything, uh, non here. Uh, so like, uh, one of the many concerns about spreading COVID-19 through, uh, and typically spread through respiratory, uh, effective. So through, uh, contact with, uh, infected, uh, like an infected individual live up or here, uh, particular, uh, bleeding. Ridiculous. So, um, yeah, so the filter will for all that out, which makes this whole state user work, the, uh, the person is not using it, um, because they’ll bring anything here then, uh, there sure that you’re not reading any of them. Um, okay. Along those lines, um, the you to connect with the master really are mean to me, uh, two sides. So you can let them, uh, the way that are cultural materials we use.

Uh, so you can put that in there. So on one side exempt, one design on the other side, have a different client. And again, both of those can be, uh, both of those can be customized if you’re looking for things like her, clothes, hours, things like that, that, um, you know, the greatest thing is routine wash. So you can watch those without having to worry about tearing them up, uh, with, um, having, having to replace them all the time. A lot of these disposable masks, uh, are you’re looking at B 95, um, and your, we didn’t have to play everything. So, uh, obviously that’s not ideal. So, uh, this is a much better use of money is a lot more of a more fruitful ways of, uh stage backdrops.

So, um, yeah, I hope that that’s helpful, but go letting me know what we’re doing. Uh, as I mentioned, our goals are, so if there’s a way we can serve you regardless of your size 11, now I’d be happy to help you. You need to have them for your Stafford thousands of years now. Um, we’re here to help, uh, you know, take a bunch of, you’re trying to get, let us know, do our best, uh, our biggest goal in our business to help grow the gospel. Um, and typically we do that through design, and right now we’re doing math and, uh, we’re honoring glad to be able to help you. So don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s a way we can serve you. You can reach us for our modscenes.com, specifically looking at the PC products. You can look at monster.com/or still also call our office at five three zero seven three six four two one and a lot there, uh, by calling that number, you’ll talk to, uh, one of our staff. Uh, so thank you again, you are so excited to be able to serve you, and we look forward to serving you.