Welcome to the mod scenes podcast. Thanks again for joining us. I’m your host Steven Hall. I’m really excited to talk to you today about stage design and specifically about stage backdrops, uh, with our Mod Scenes products in comparison to stage design with spandex. So spandex is one of the staples stage design since probably the early nineties. Uh, it’s a spandex is a stretch fabric that can, uh, you put tension across it. It takes white really well. Uh, most of it is most, most, uh, spandex is nowadays are inherently fire rated. So that’s a plus, uh, very similar to our mod scenes products, which are also fire rated. Um, well there are some limitations with spandex, so Spanish. This is great. If you’re looking to do a huge wide surface, uh, with, uh, either edges that are framed. So say you have an aluminum frame around the back, uh, or if you like that curvature.

So whenever you stretch spandex, you’re going to get, uh, imperfections around the edges where it stretches instead of a flat edge, you’ll get a curved edge where the fabric, uh, the tension, uh, distributes through the panel of fabric on the stage backdrops. Uh, so, uh, one thing with spandex that you have to keep in mind, uh, since there’s that, that tensioning of the fabric, um, do you ever have a point fail that is going to fly across the room? It’s really funny. You can actually, you know, put, uh, and some of our, some of our days doing custom stuff, we’ve, uh, uh, launched things across the room. 

So whisper, as I said, it’s tension. You can like watch stuff with it. Maybe not the best use of it. Uh, but spandex is actually a really good, uh, uh, a really good product for if you’re looking on a budget or if you’re looking for something that’s just really large to cover a vast area. Uh, nowadays there’s a couple of companies making some really cool products that are, uh, CNC cut, uh, stretch fabrics, which you can get a little bit of patterning in. Uh, but unfortunately again, because of the way that the tensile strength works across the fabric is you’re going to be limited to the types of visuals you’re going to be able to get with that. Uh, one of the pluses though is spandex is super lightweight. Uh, it can fold up, it can, you know, shove into a duffel bag and

When you’re done pull it right. Another thing that you can note

With a spandex material, is it as more of a matte material? So although a lot of people in the past have use it for projection, uh, until K for projection, uh, it is not as reflective as say, uh, one of our Mazzi and screens or a core plus panel. So it’s not going to take light quite as well. Uh, it is much better than a lot of different materials. Uh, and obviously, like I said, you get some, um, some benefit in being able to put, you know, to pack it up in a really small, you know, even like a suitcase, something that could be, um, you know, thrown on a plane or whatnot. Um, but, uh, it’s another thing to keep in mind. Uh, if you’re looking for something like stage backdrops going to have a, a higher gain, look a little bit more, uh, finished on the projection end.

Uh, you may be interested in one of our mod scenes projection screen and stage backdrops, uh, which is obviously one of our, uh, mud scenes stage backdrop panels or panel setups, I should say. Um, they have spacers in between so that you can projection map onto them. It looks really great. Um, it’s been used in a lot of the largest churches in the country, live church church of the Highlands, um, uh, Willow Creek. Um, I’m sorry that one has not been in Willow Creek, but there, uh, that has been in a bunch of other churches. Uh, so, uh, let’s see, what else? Um, so in addition to spandex, um, uh, there’s also some, uh, some similar products. Uh, so I believe it’s called the T endo cloth. It’s very S very similar Hispanics like material, uh, slightly different how the material is actually made. Uh, but so if you ever see anybody saying like stretch shapes, uh, those types of materials that they’re all going to actually be in that kind of spandex family.

Um, so it’s all, you’re all going to have. They’re all going to have similar characteristics. Uh, like I said, typically, they’re going to be fire rated. They’re going to stretch. So with the stretching, you’re going to get some different, and you’re going to have to have something solid to tie to, which was my other point. So with a spandex set, you’re not able to hang it from pipe and drape because the tension you have to put on the pandemics from pipe and drape, uh, is not, uh, it doesn’t work. It’ll pull the pipe and rave over, uh, because of the amount of tension you have to put on, whereas like a mod scenes, projection screen, uh, or a, uh, Matson set design, you can hang directly on a pipe and drape with our pipe and drape hangers, um, and just really easily hang that, set it up and not have to worry about the amount of tension that would pull down drape.

Um, our products are really lightweight, so they’re really easy to hang on your drape line. Um, so yeah, uh, so I hope this has been a, uh, a good and beneficial, uh, dive into stage backdrops products and especially the spandex products and a kind of a comparison of how, uh, how they compare to our fire rated Mod Scenes products. Um, if you haven’t checked out our website, I’d love for you to check it out. It’s, Mazzi anz.com on there. You’ll find lots of different stage backdrops, uh, products that are easy to use, easy to assemble, uh, relatively affordable, and you can quickly make something, um, something that can be reused multiple multiple times. Uh, one of the things I forgot to mention is that, uh, with a, uh, with like a span deck set, you’re always tied down to that specific look. Whereas with the Mo modular Matson’s products, you can get multiple different looks because with a simple rotation of a panel, uh, you can make the patterns look different.

So instead of having circles, you can have a S uh, shell type shape, uh, by rotating our Crescent moon panels. And you can obviously see lots of visuals of this on our website, which is modscenes.com. And on there, you can also see testimonials from some of our customers. You can, um, read about how our hardware is put together, read about how everything, uh, all of our products work and how we serve you well. Um, so, uh, feel free to reach out to me anytime. I’d love to answer your questions. I’d love to do a podcast on the things that are the burning stage design questions in your mind. Uh, if you have any questions about stage backdrops or our products, please let me know. You can shoot me an email@smodscenes.com. Uh, and until then, I’m looking forward to serving you. Thanks again for tuning into the Mod scenes cast.