Welcome back to the martins podcast his custom, backdrops or custom custom stage elements, so I’m really nice touch of uniqueness to a design, and it’s really fun to pray that stuff. So accustomed drops of custom custom stage backdrops today, actually working on a custom backdrop for a client where we’ve worked in their logo to a larger backdrop. That has a really beautiful pattern of it spread across it. But in addition to that, we’ve also taken and we’ve taken that pattern and overlaid alike, a square like a base, color a logo and then cut all that together and it makes it look incredible, really really finish. The work we’re going to do some backing with with a white acrylic so that it’s a little bit more diffuses light comes out of the out of the letters. So it’s all made a fire rated we’ve also done custom custom. Would we going to have some really cool custom wood products for the arc conference, yost logos that went on the front of their kiosk for their for their conferencewe done, custom, lettering and custom signs for a couple of different clients and done some really cool unique things with those I would love to be able to help you with anything that we have that you have that you would like to do custom. We have a lot of capabilities. We done. Custom molded plastics.

So if you’re looking for a three dimensional piece, we can do that see what else we can custom acrylic acrylic is a very hard. It’s it’s it’s like a plexiglass. We use a polycarbonate that is fire rated again very hard and very hard at the heavy material, but it’s it’s crazy strong. So we use that for the use of a lot of our connectors. We also use that in some custom stage backdrops, signage and creating some custom pieces today, actually yesterday for some custom ice cubes for an event coming up in december, so those ice cubes would be with a piece of glass in between and a shattering the glass on, the inside of the the the polycarbonate to make a really cool, broken, eyes time to heal and a bunch of those ice cubes spread throughout a really nice winter kahala. We done acrylic backdrop drops we’re working on a really cool pattern for a client did say it’s a little bit simpler, but it’s 8 the panel sweat out on an angle and in the right bottom corner, so the right edge of the corner. There is a series of circles, kind of like like a rail in that corner and it looks amazing how you can rotate and create some really cool visuals from that. So that’s one! That’s been in the works so yeah we really love pretty cool stuff, crazy, new stuff, and we even even some of the cool stuff that we cried. We create stage backdrops for ourselves do to always be learning you really highly value within a company is due to be continuing learning to be grieving new things. Just yesterday we actually created a couple of a couple of signs of one of my favorite tv shows is futurama, which is probably a very horrible tv show, and you probably shouldn’t watch it. It’s pretty funny, because it’s so very opposite of me. I’m I’m, I’m, a hard worker and i. Take a i. Take a big huge amount of pride in what I do, and one of my favorite characters on there is bender, who, absolutely hates the world and wants to destroy all human life. So it’s kind of funny kind of funny stage backdrops comparison.

The shipping company within that show, and a wee-wee one of our one of our are coupon code. So, if you’re listening write this down, coupon code for free shipping is planet express coupon codes playing express. We use for anybody who we’ve worked out free shipping with the letter b on a delayed answer or what not, if you want free shipping, feel free to use that code for stage backdrop we have to ship it to you for free anyhow, I was some fire rated pvc, some scrap material, that was that was cut for a specific purpose and no longer can fill that purpose. So we got some 18 inch squares that had an inset logo and we get some really detailed cuts with a small batch. Trying to figure out how we can mix with pampers and make some really good with the how we can essentially kratos super finished. Tight, tight corners is really what we are working on, learning even more on, because there’s not really a whole lot of very, very few, as you probably know so so all that to say we made a really cool things. I’ll post on my facebook at some point, I feel free to check it out. Facebook.Com steven, hall av as my personal facebook, be awesome and then also got some stuff. We’ve done some really cool custom wood products.

We done a giant, a giant crown for the king of prussia town in oklahoma, city orlando orlando, we’ve done some custom wood products in univar shop. We can create some really cool custom custom stage backdrops shelving. We created some great custom custom lettering for a couple clients in a custom backdrop for affordable portable backdrop, so yeah I would love to help. You make something new shoot me an e-mail. Let me know how I can best help you do that my email is steven. Com and we’re thrilled to be able to serve you well great great things and to to to work with you and serve you up. So give me an e-mail again. It’s stephen I’m on teens.Com, and we look forward to serving you thanks

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