Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is episode 1 93 in this episode. Um, I would love to tell you a little bit about our company. Um, my name is Steven and I am the lead designer and the owner of Mod Scenes i. Uh, we are a stage design company who focuses on serving churches, uh, special events, uh, corporate events and the like we create modular stage backdrops that are incredibly awesome. So during today’s Mod Scenes podcast, uh, I’d like to talk a little bit about what makes the best backdrops and what makes the best people to make the best backdrops. And many of those things are in common. So let’s start with the best backdrops. So the best backdrops are made and precisely. So they fit together easily. They are easy to assemble, um, and they are the pieces that create the hole are very precisely named our team in Mod Scenes, precisely cuts with our CNCS up to one, 100th of an inch accuracy on every single panel.

We cut our panels, have a strenuous, uh, quality control process. And if we see any issues that are there and reject the panels that do not meet those issues, do not meet our criteria. Um, our panels are made precisely. So the reason we make those panels precisely is because if you don’t make, if you don’t make any modular stage backdrop, precisely, then you start to get, uh, imperfections in the connectors. And then the, as simple as you have those imperfections in the assembly, a 50th dimension is not that big of a deal between two panels and stage backdrops, but whenever you put 20 panels together, or 10 panels together, a 16th of an inch now becomes one or two inches. So by the time you get to the end of your backdrop, you have a very weighty backdrop. It has, it’s not flat, it’s got imperfections in it.

So the panels might be pushing into each other, might be very hard to put together the connectors. Um, you’ll see the panels and the material. If they’re cutting correctly will not lay flat, they’ll be bolshy and they will not look correct. So that’s why our team is so laser focused on precision. So we expect that of our team members, our team members deliver that day in and day out, very precise pods, very precise, quality control to make sure every panel, every connector and every bit of hardware that goes out of our shop is exactly correct. Um, that attention to detail is one of the things we look for in our employees in our interview process, attention to detail is of the highest priority. We want to make sure that they are correct on the first time. And that every experience you have is incredible with our team.

One of the other things that is phenomenal, backdrop thing, I found a phenomenal stage backdrops quality is to have something, have something that will rise on time of backdrops. No good. If it doesn’t arrive in time for your event. So our team works tirelessly to make sure that your product gets to you on time. Uh, because of that, that’s also one of our core competencies within our team. We’ve made sure our team are time sensitive, uh, time, uh, time critical of their word. Uh, they are punctual. So our team, uh, our team has a mantra if you’re on time, you’re late. So we make sure to be early to anything we can, if we can ship your product early, we do. Um, matter of fact, most products ship within 24 hours, which is unheard of in the stage design industry. Um, we also, um, we also work very, very hard to make sure that, uh, make sure our products are exactly what you’re looking for.

I said, if we send the stage backdrops and it doesn’t fit your needs, that it doesn’t make sense for you to purchase it. So we listened carefully. That’s one of the things that we do within our team to make sure that the products we’re providing are exactly what you need and if they’re not to make it right, our team is focused on big things, right. To serve you. Well. Um, another thing that our team is very focused on is creating really beautiful state backdrops. So backdrops that can be used in multiple different ways to create a stunning backdrop and a stunning atmosphere for your church, your stage design, your corporate design, your event design. We want to make sure whatever design you’re trying to create. We’re making it look beautiful.

Another core thing within our team is honesty. We are always striving to do a better job every single time, but when we make a mistake, we will be honest about it. That’s one of the things that puts our business, uh, leaps and bounds above our competition. We are focused on being honest and making sure that we take care of part of serving others, as well as being honest, even when it’s not fun, our team will always be honest with you. That is our, that is our priority, honest to serve you. Well, in addition to that, um, we also value, uh, creating things that are really cool. As I mentioned earlier, our stage design products look really incredible. They take wide amazingly, um, and they’re, repurposable into multiple different types of designs. Um, that’s one of the things that we read through, and then we, when we’re creating a stage design, we’re making sure that that stage design is going to be re-purposable so that it is so that it is affordable for you so that you can justify the investment over multiple uses.

Not just once we want our products to be able to be used by you multiple times, um, so that you are being a good steward of the money. You’ve been a trusted now, your church or at your organization. Um, our team is focused on getting things out the door quickly, as I mentioned, but not only quickly, but also correctly. Uh, every stage backdrop design he create comes with all of the panels needed. All of the connectors needed, including any specialty connectors. Those specialty connectors can include backdrop connectors, dimensional connectors, which give your backdrop a beautiful dimension with some angled pieces, um, a tower connectors so that you can make, uh, so you can make all towers, um, or short towers, honestly, any type of tower that’s beneficial for you. Um, the, they also contain, uh, they also contain all of the bolts and not to me, uh, to be able to connect those connectors to the, uh, provided panels.

They’ll also include any type of hardware, whether that be type in Drake hangers or zip ties based on your purchase. Um, and they’ll also include easy to read instructions, which show you exactly how to build your next stage design and stage backdrops. We want to make it as simple as possible for you. We, uh, we tried to within our, within our team, uh, simplified things so that, um, so our process can be as streamlined as possible to serve you as quickly and easily as possible. Um, our focus is serving you. You’ve heard that a lot in this podcast, but it’s true. We want to be the best service company that you work with, especially in the audio visual in my role. Um, in addition to the ways we serve you with that, we also have resources available on our website. We’ve got multiple different examples of how other people have used our stage design products to make their stage design look incredible.

We also have testimonies so that you know exactly the type of service and product you’re getting from us, check out our website, maude.com. And on there, you can see those testimonials, uh, there’s videos, there’s quotes, there’s texts, there’s thinking guards, uh, all kinds of information on how we serve others before. In addition to that, there’s also the resources of the different products we can use on there. There’s also instructions on the website. There’s also a frequently asked questions, so something you don’t see it there. Warren, do you have another question that may not be answered on the website? We would love to be able to serve you and answer that question about you can call us at any time. Our phone number is (530) 723-6421. You can also go to our website, [inaudible] dot com, fill out the information there and ask whatever questions you have any time of day.

We’re happy to answer, and we’re happy to help you. Our expert team of designers and design gurus would love to assist you with your next church stage backdrops or your next church stage design idea or your next custom product. Please reach out to us at Nazi and Sotloff. We would love to serve you. We would love to show you why we’re the highest rated and most reviewed stage design company in the entire country. Our products and our service are by far better than anybody else in the stage design industry. And we’d love to show you that today. Please reach out, set up your free trial today@modscenes.com. Try your set for 15 days, no risk. And if you don’t like it, send it back and you’ll be charged nothing. It’s an incredible opportunity to be able to try your stage design and make sure it’s a good fit for you. We would love to help you please reach out us today.

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