Welcome to the Mod scenes podcast. This is episode 180 4, where we talk about church stage backdrops and creating the perfect church stage backdrop for your church. So our team in Montes is super focused on having great customer service and creating church stage backdrops that look incredible and don’t break the bank. Our products are fire-rated and they’re super simple to use and easy to put together. In particular, we are creative geniuses. We are awesome at really thinking through options for your room. We work with lots of challenging rooms to make the best stage backdrop, uh, possible within your budget. Uh, one of the coolest designs that we’ve done recently is a giant stained glass wall. So this wall was back lit with led, uh, led pars and had multiple colors, multiple colored films that were made into a large panel. It was, uh, eight foot wide by 14 feet high.

So it made this huge, uh, huge backdrop of colored light. So think very traditional thing, glass, uh, that was for our friends up at Northwest church of in Peoria, Illinois. Uh, it looked incredible. This church stage backdrops had all the things you would want. It had dimension, it had color. Uh, it had contrast in addition to the backdrop we created, uh, which hung from their pre-existing stage electrics. Uh, we also made chandelier’s the chandelier’s where a, uh, hexagon all in shape. Uh, so they had six separate sides and each side at a four foot tall segment of colored stained glass. So the same glass was small, uh, triangles that looked like they’re broken up into smaller pieces and built together, uh, worked out really great. Uh, everything shipped flat on a pallet and assembled onsite. Uh, this church shades backdrop was probably one of our favorites that we’ve done this Easter season, uh, this Easter being Easter of 2021.

Uh, and it’s really awesome to see all the churches reopening and being able to serve their congregations. Uh, this, uh, this stage backdrops, one of the goals with it was to make a really, really beautiful backdrop within a very tight budget. So to do that, we used, uh, we used multiple different types of material. One of the materials we use was a black fire rated Coroplast. This Coroplast is a core glasses, a, uh, it’s a corrugated twin wall sheet. So it’s got a thin wall, a thin layer of polypropylene plastic with ribs that go down the middle that are about four millimeters tall, that’s three and a half millimeters hall. And then a second sheet of flat polypropylene plastic. All of this is extruded all at the same time, making it, uh, making it very lightweight, but also quite strong. Uh, so the entire stage set weighed about a hundred and once the ounce, uh, but fill that an area of approximately a 30 foot by 20 foot, uh, Manhattan, they had, uh, 16 chandelier as were spread throughout throughout their space.

Um, so this probably appropriately plastic was precision cut on our CNC machines. So our CNC machines are crazy accurate. They can cut within one 64th of an inch. Uh, so it’s very accurate. What we put in the program is exactly what comes out on the machine. Uh, those pieces then volt together to form, for example, the chandelier, which is a hexagon shape. Uh, it forms those two. We have two pieces that cut that form together, that hexagon shape it bolted together with black nylon bolts. So these are super lightweight plastic volts, um, and they blended perfectly to the natural color of the plastic that we have. And we also, uh, have white nylon bolts, which, um, matched the color of our wine by rate of plastic. That way, uh, your bolts are not a visible part of the design that they kind of, uh, they kind of just blend in and give you the, the, the clarity of just the design without any, any bulk pumps.

Uh, so back to the same backdrop. So we have precision cut panels. We have multiple different styles of panels to make a really cool curved arch look where the top of the stained glass, this, uh, curve and arch look, uh, kind of beckons back to older state blast designs, you would see in Seadrill. Uh, and then we use a, the pattern we used was a Grocon on pattern. So it looked like lots of triangles and polygons that were kind of spread throughout, uh, throughout the space of the backdrop. So in between all of those, there’s a thin strip of land for a class that was a precision cut. And on the backside, we attached colored, uh, things, very similar to, uh, lighting gel, the type of film we use. Um, so it has a very good saturation. We used red, uh, red, yellow, Amber blue magenta.

So like a pinkish color, uh, uh, green, I believe that’s a five-year so Radek orange, I’m sorry, red Amber Green and blue, uh, magenta. Um, and those five colors work really, really well and no piece was the same, the way they were manufacturing. Each of the colors was put in an unique way, so that every time you rearrange the backdrop panels, you would get a different look, which was incredible. Um, the other thing we did with the sentence, we got it out in record time. So Mazzi, our shipping is second to none. Most of our products ship out within the same business day, animal 95% of our stock products ship out within 24 hours. Uh, our team is incredibly focused on getting your product out quickly. This particular project was a custom project, uh, and it went out in about five days, which is quite incredible.

Considering the large scale of the design, there were 16 individual lanterns, uh, made up, uh, uh, made up of Jesus currently answered. So you could see there was quite a few different segments and pieces that had to be created order to make those lanterns. Uh, and then there was another 30 panels of backdrop. Uh, so as you can see very quickly the count of pieces added up quite well. So, uh, so with that, we were able to get the product, all, all created, everything shipped. Uh, our system includes a double-check. So every system, every project that we do has two sets of eyes check it. So once the apple panels were made in our production facility, it was moved into our shipping and receiving area. Uh, and then one of our, one of our staff would go through and count and make sure that everything including instructions was included in the box.

So they count every single account, every single panel make sure the panel types, since there are different types of panels match up with our pack list and make sure there’s all the hardware, holograms, nuts, bolts, zip ties, extras, spares, um, and then everything was in good condition that it was ready to go and look incredible. Then one of our second employees would come through and double check everything, doing the same thing, making sure that everything is exactly as planned so that whenever the project shows up at your church, you check it, uh, they can be checked and that, uh, which has up at your church, that you can use it, uh, with no bumps, with no hiccups, simply put up and make your life quick, simple and easy. So as you can see, we have a great process for making sure to serve you well, when greeting your church stage background, we want to make the process, the easiest transaction you will ever have.

Our team is solely focused on you and making your experience in front of them. I would love to talk with you more about your specific needs at your church and help me find a great method for serving your church. Uh, you can reach out through our website, which is modscenes.com. You can also reach me via phone at (530) 723-6421. Again, that’s 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. You can also just be email sales@moscenes.com. We’d be happy to set up our free trial at Mod Scenes. We do this incredible program where you can try your stage backdrops design for free for 15 days. Uh, just by reaching out to us, we’ll find the best option for you. We’ll send it out to you quickly. You can set it up in your room and if you love it, you can keep it. And if you don’t, you only have to pay for returnship. Uh, so to try or try before you got buy, go to moscenes.com, please fill out the form there, and we’ll be happy to get back with you quickly. Again. Thank you for joining us on the Mod Scenes podcast. We are so thrilled to be able to serve you with your church stage backdrops needs. If there’s any way we can help, please reach out again. Our number is 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1.