Welcome to another thrilling riveting, amazing superbly. Excellent and incredible Mod Scenes  podcast. Sorry that, that, that, that pause is for the, uh, for the dramatic effect in case you missed it. Uh, so speaking of dramatic effect, I would love to talk to you about some of the dramatic mod scenes designs and stage backdrops that we have available for you. Um, our designs are beautiful. They are easy to light they’re fire rated, they’re safe, we’re super quick and easy to set up, um, and more than, uh, more important than any of that. They are amazingly beautiful and create a really great visual for your next stage design. So, uh, some of these stage backdrops products include our samurai design. So the samurai design is a design featuring multiple curves, uh, with a cut into our normal square, uh, outline those, uh, those circle circular cuts, uh, create a flowing design that is quite captivating, uh, and also very, uh, very poignant.

So that, that captivating design is really, uh, it’s really, uh, it’s really sharp. It looks really finished and clean. Uh, the circles give it a, a, uh, like a, a really nice edge to it, the intersecting circles. Um, it’s a really great, a really great a place for a really great way to communicate energy in your stages. That’s the samurai, uh, stage design. Uh, so you, you can either use those in a stage backdrop or in a tower either way. They’re going to give you a really riveting, uh, visual for your next stage design or, uh, next stage backdrops. Uh, in addition to that, we have the Egon panels. So the egg on panel is a half hexagon, half octagon panel. It’s a really cool panel that you can build into alternating, hexagons and octagon, or you can make this incredible geometric breakup. This geometric breakup, uh, is unlike any other, it’s got sharp lines and it communicates energy within it.

Uh, hopefully less time communicating energy in this podcast. Uh, part of, part of the big thing that we do at Mod Scenes is communicate energy. We want to communicate energy in a way to connect with people. People want to be, uh, want to be connected with, and they want to be in an atmosphere where there’s high energy, high energy, uh, is something that people can connect with. People want to be positive. They want to have high energy and they want to be engaged. Uh, so it’s something we do. Um, so as you can tell, you know, we’re passionate about those high energy designs. Another one of those high energy designs is the bender. So this panel is a panel that folds flat, um, but, uh, that starts flat, but it folds into a really incredible, uh, dimensional panel. So these dimensional panels, the edges pop out, um, they, uh, the edges pop out and you have these little flaps that you can lie that look incredible, um, really, really great way of creating a dimensional scenic, uh, but saving on the money and to have to ship it. Um, so that’s a really great option if you’re looking

To create, uh, the next edgy on, on point, um, stage design,

Another way you can great really beautiful edgy stage

Designs is by, uh, various the amount of panel in your design.

For example, you can, uh, instead of doing just a flat wall of designs, you can take out every fifth panel randomly and get a really cool look that way, or replace those, uh, holes of panels with solid panels. And that’ll give you some additional texture which will make your design look, uh, even more, uh, even more energetic. Uh, another thing you can do is you can do projection onto your backdrop onto your stage backdrops. Uh, that’s another great way of, uh, creating additional beautiful visuals. Um, so yeah, I hope this is a helpful, helpful way to look at, um, high energy scenic. Uh, another thing you can use for high energy scenic is our mods scenes, GMX voice. These are really incredible fixtures that move up and down their led fixtures. Um, so you have the actual ability to move your lights, uh, in a 3d space.

So I would love to love to chat with you. Love to have you see some of those products and stage backdrops. You can check those out on mod scenes.com. Uh, there’s a, and under the products tab, there’s also a tab for our Mod Scenes products and also our, um, DMX voice products, both of which are great, useful high energy products that will help you to create your high energy goals for your church or your next corporate event. We’d love to help you with your next stage design, reach out to us today. You can reach us by going to our website@modscenes.com or by calling us at 5 3 0 7 2 3 6 4 2 1. I’m looking forward to serving you and creating a wonderful stage backdrops  or design for you and your next event, your next, uh, stage backdrop for your church, your next corporate event, uh, or your next need. I’m looking forward to serving.

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