Welcome to episode 1 35 of the Mod Scenes podcast. I’m thrilled to chat with you today about stage backdrops. So my goal today is to talk to you about stage backdrops as fast as humanly possible. So I’m going to say word after word, after word, about stage backdrops. And the reason for talking so quickly about the stage backdrops is to communicate

Intensity. So intensity is something that we kind of, uh, push within our, uh, within our team because we want to be intense in the way we serve people. Uh, and specifically why we want to do that is because if we have a good intensity, we’re going to be able to make a better product. We’re going to put more intention into what we’re doing. We’re going to pay more attention and things are going to be, um, these are going to be correct more often than not obviously. Uh, so we have intensity in what we do. Um, and so doing this podcast, I want to have intensity about stage backdrops about creating a great stage backdrop for your church. So we do things differently. Um, a lot of people don’t realize, but we spend a ton of time going through the system and figuring out exactly what’s best for, uh, for churches, um, on multiple levels.

Uh, so we chose to use a material called Coroplast. Uh, we haven’t fire-rated so the great thing about Coroplast is it’s super lightweight, so you can hang it from pretty much anything. Um, it’s light to ship. So shipping is relatively cheap. Um, it is also very strong for its weight. Uh, so you can build it as backdrops or you can build a self-standing towers. Um, it is a very resilient material and it’s easy to cut site if you ever need to make any changes. So, uh, that’s one of the reason, I mean, that’s the reason we chose that actual material for our, uh, panels. We looked at a lot of different materials, solid PVCs, um, expanded PVCs, uh, polystyrene, uh, acrylics, um, composites, uh, we even looked at Lum like wood, uh, wood composites, um, even cardboard, um, but really core was the best of all the different options, uh, based on costs, weight, uh, flexibility of views, uh, manipulation, uh, ability to manipulate onsite if needed.

Um, and recyclability, a lot of people don’t realize, uh, lots of other products are not plastic products are not recyclable, but, uh, Coroplast is a number five plastic and is pretty, relatively recyclable in most markets. Um, so that’s another reason why we chose to use that. So, um, what else can I tell you about intensity within, uh, within, um, our team? So our team, uh, we, uh, we actually have competitions within our team. Uh, does he, you can make the most connectors, uh, within a given period of time period. A lot of times, uh, whoever wins we’ll, uh, uh, we’ll get free lunch or we’ll, uh, we’ll get a bonus for the day. Um, so yeah, and, you know, but here’s the key with that intensity. Um, although we’re going fast, we have to make sure we’re doing it right. Uh, so right. Is the expectation, uh, speed is the, uh, uh, cherry on top, I guess. Uh, um, so if we do miss something, even though we’re the fastest, then, uh, we’re automatically disqualified, so we make sure it’s right. Every single time. Um, so yeah, so, uh,

I hope that is, uh, I know it’s a kind of short podcast, but, uh, hopefully this a little

Snip-it about a snippet about, um,

Intensity is, uh, something that you can take back to, uh, take back to your work and how you serve the church. So, uh, being intense and actually being intentional with your time to make sure that you can make the most of it. Um, so yeah, so reach out to us at any point, uh, we’d love to serve you. Uh, again, our website is modscenes.com. Uh, we’d love to serve you with a new church stage backdrops or a stage backdrops for your room. Um, don’t hesitate to reach out to us looking forward to serving you.