Welcome to episode 1 0 2 of the Mod scenes podcast. I’m thrilled to talk to you about something that I’m really passionate about today. Staged designs that don’t suck. That is my goal today is to teach you about stage designs that don’t suck. Um, we’ve all seen it. We’ve all seen that stage backdrops or that a stage set that looks like it was pulled out of a 1970s. Um, toaster, like it looks just horrible. Like it it’s, it’s got Paisley everywhere, but it’s overlaid with like this fabric that was gotten from a Goodwill and then it’s lit with a fluorescent lighting. I want to help you stay away from that. I want to help you create a stage backdrops and design that looks incredible for your congregation, uh, incredible for your next event and draws people in. So I’m really thrilled to tell you a couple of ideas that I have for your next, um, for your next stage set and a couple of do nots for, um, how to create a stage backdrops that does not suck.

So first off, let’s talk about, um, let’s talk about what to not do. So some of these, some of these lessons I’ve learned the hard way myself, uh, the first one I’m gonna tell you about is mirrored surfaces. So, uh, mirrored surfaces can be super beneficial if you’re looking to redirect light. Uh, if you’re looking to make a very, very one, look, one feel kind of stage backdrops design, however, using mirrored surfaces. So not, not necessarily like a reflective surface, but a mirrored surface. So a surface that’s going to refract the white off, like reflect it in, like in a swim one direction, for example, uh, that stuff you’re going to want to stay away from. And the reason being whenever you hit it with light, your light’s going to go in places you’re not intending, uh, which can easily blind people. It can create distractions. Uh, it doesn’t actually make the scenic light up.

It just redirects the light away from the stage backdrops scene. Obviously, if you’re building a scenic site, you’re going to want to light it. Uh, so that it’s a something you can use and something that you can, uh, communicate your visual with. So, um, stay away from that, uh, continuing on, um, other things you want to stay away from live plants, live plants look great until they don’t. Then they look really, really bad. Um, my suggestion is going with full plants, uh, or never using plants. Again, either of those suggestions are great valid suggestions, uh, plants, uh, as unfortunate as it is, unless you’re communicating a very specific, say a tropical environment or a very specific environment with plants. Give us a call today for your stage backdrops!