Welcome to episode one 14 of the Mod Scenes podcast. This is Stephen, your host. I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today about this is about the service that we provide with our modern approach line. So our products are, uh, as you can probably tell from other podcasts, um, heavy duty fire rated, uh, peanuts products that are available in multiple different designs and stage backdrops and are flexible to build pretty much anything. He’s just, uh,

Breaking apart a product and stage backdrops. There’s lots of great things about our product, but the things in our product is our people. Our team is filled with people who want to serve you, not just, you know, get your product to a big family. Uh, we make, we pride ourselves in getting products to you quickly and, uh, finding and figuring out the, where, uh, your date of delivery and making sure that everything is there exactly when you need it, if not sooner, um, we really pride ourselves in doing whatever it takes to serve our clients. Well, um, I have a little stories that put that case in point. So this one is not necessarily about a feedback problem we did, but it’s actually about stage backdrops.

A, uh, [inaudible]. Uh, so we had, uh, kind of paid staff and one of our, uh, our freight company has mastered that. I just say our freight company actually shifts [inaudible], uh, they shipped some, uh, the wrong page. So instead of them arriving on a spring date, they arrive the day later, uh, which obviously, uh, uh, unwelcome, uh, uh,

So what our team did is we actually showed up at the airport at four in the morning to pick up those points because, uh, one of the things that we, uh, that we put as a priority is serving our clients, uh, even to our feet. Um, so, you know, getting up at four in the morning and driving through LA traffic, even crazy, um, but driving, uh, driving the Las and dealing with, uh, dealing with a freight company who had miscounted shipping, uh, to make sure that

We get the clients on time, and their stage backdrops.

Uh, was just part of the deal. It’s part of us, uh, making sure that what we hold up our end, even though the issue wasn’t one class was actually out of our school. Uh, the shipment, the wind ship shipped up, we weren’t able to receive it. Um, uh, the data was supposed to be received. Um, and we really didn’t have a whole lot of, uh, uh, recourse to be able to make changes once it had happened. Uh, so, um, so we did, we made the best of it got there at four in the morning to pick up a phrase. Um, and we were, um, we were on time for our delivery. Uh, had everything set up in a couple of hours and a half was able to set up, uh, an amazing, uh, DMX boys show for, uh, the fourth client has Chick-Filet actually, um, excuse me. Uh, so we, we did this large, uh, BMX voice, uh, install, particularly, uh, national sales, uh, and when incredible, they loved it, they were, uh, static about the product, about our service all the, while we communicate clearly with your stage backdrops, so that the SAR clients should place. I knew that we were, uh, there was an issue and we were on top of it and we fix it, uh, in a timely manner. So, um, so yeah, so that’s a little bit of what you get with Montes. Uh,

Would it be for the Mac or for state backdrops or when you’re ordering a product for us from us? Um, we are really laser focused on being the best, the best, uh, helping to, uh, serve you and make your life really easy when it comes to, uh, uh, DMX boy, uh, other products that, um, their unique account. Uh, so, uh, I hope that was a helpful, I hope it’s just a little bit about how we prioritize and how we did more than just, uh, say [inaudible], uh, thank you for tuning into the podcast for, um, for learning more about our feedback. We can, I am thrilled to be able to, uh, feel free. I mean, uh, basically my project. Give us a call today if you need stage backdrops!