Welcome to the Mod Scenes  podcast. I’m thrilled to talk to you today about stage backdrops and creating a beautiful stage backdrop for your church stage. I’d love to help you, um, learn a little bit about stage backdrops and specifically backdrop design, uh, with our, uh, with our monsoons products. So our Mod Scenes products are a lightweight fire rated, um, plastic. So it’s a lightweight firefighter plastic. It’s a Coroplast. So it’s a core plaster stage. Uh, it’s an easy, easy project you can do yourself. Uh, so it’s a DIY project project. You don’t have to hire anybody come in and build it. Uh, your team, your volunteers can build it so you can engage your volunteer team, uh, and they can have ownership and building a stage design that looks amazing

For your space. Um,

Our stage backdrops products are really easy to use. Uh, they require no tools. Uh, they hang from most, any most anything in the ceiling. They are, uh, under, uh, under a half a pound per panel, which is crazy light.

Um, the panels have multiple

Different designs in each of the different designs you can make into

Multiple different stage backdrops. Uh, so that way, when you’re creating your stage backdrop, you have lots of different options, uh, to make a really beautiful, a unique stage backdrops without having to buy multiple sets. Uh, you can use your set multiple different ways. Um, with the S with the addition of simple hardware, you can add our dimensional hardware, which will give the, uh, give the backdrop kind of a wave, and you can add our, uh,

Excuse me, um, our tower hardware, so that you can turn

Your stage backdrop into tower. So self-supporting towers. Uh, you can also, um, you can also, there’s lots of different ways you can hang the panels themselves. So the panels themselves are designed to be hung. So you hang your first panel, uh, by zip tying up a connector at the very top. And then from that connector, uh, you tighten on a, your next panel. So a bolt goes through the front side of the, um, the mod scene’s backdrop panel. Uh, so the, the first like two foot by two foot panel. So you slide your, uh, your carriage bolt through that, your nylon carriage bolt through the front of that, and then you tighten on a wing nut and, uh, and then you continue the process. Uh, and as you build, you can scale it obviously. So if you move from building to building, you can use the same products, uh, and just either use less or buy more, to use more depending on what you need.

Um, and since the product is so easy to build, it’s a really good opportunity to engage, uh, engage your volunteers. Uh, so during my time as a technical director at journey church on TV, uh, we use Matini’s a ton, uh, because it was simple and easy to use. We would, uh, are the couple of people leading our, including, including myself would, uh, we would start the, uh, we would start the, the first row, get it nice and level. And then after that, our entire team, uh, including a lot of high school volunteers would jump in, uh, we’d build the band, we build it row by row taking up the motors, or a lot of times we’d use chain falls. So these are, uh, uh, like a manual chain motor so that you can lift up your, your pipe. Uh, we’d use those to lift up our pipes.

So we build two rows, lifted up four feet, built, two rows, lifted up four feet. So it made the process really quick. Uh, you know, we’d only spend a couple minutes on each row and we’re doing over a 40 foot wide backdrop. Uh, so it was a super easy, uh, easy way to build a great stage backdrop in our church. Um, you probably, you may have even seen that specific stage backdrop on church stages, design ideas.com, uh, on that website on church stage design ideas.com. We have a bunch of our different, uh, stage sets that have been featured, uh, uh, we’d have a set, uh, set using our, the samurai panels using actually multiple sites using the Crescent moon panels, the Aegon panels, the benders, uh, canvas, canvas diamond, uh, Keystone.

So on there, you can see a lot of our different, um, designs, uh, see them in full use, uh,

Along with the specific challenges we helped those churches, uh, whether it be journey church or life church, or, uh, or, you know, hundreds of other churches, uh, we’ve helped them overcome, uh, some of them, it was, they had to get it up quickly, others. It was, uh, they didn’t have a lot of skilled labor, uh, and other still, they just needed something unique. Uh, so we were able to help a lot of churches in that way, and we still do every year, um, every week, every day. So, um, so yeah, so, uh, another thing with our, uh, lightweight backdrop products is they are a recyclable plastic, so they are a fire rated plastic, um, but they are also a number three recyclable plastic. Uh, it’s in the, like a, uh, in a, uh, LDPE family of plastics. So essentially, uh, just like a, you can recycle your Coke bottle or, uh, any other plastic two-liter bottle.

Uh, you can use the same recycling center that you would use for that bottle, for this plastic, which is really cool. Uh, so when you’re done with it, if it’s broken and set, throw it away, you can recycle it. Uh, and it’s one less thing to landfill. So, um, and at some point it may even have a second life as a Montse to be, which is awesome. Um, let’s see, what else. Um, so, uh, with these lightweight backdrop products, um, they all ship in, uh, and the 24 inch by 24 inch boxes. The panels themselves are approximately 24 inches by 24 inches. Uh, these lightweight panels, um, are obviously easier to assemble as I mentioned. Um, but when you, but they, they’re also pretty easy to ship since they fit within 24 inch by 24 inch space, uh, space there, uh, uh, FedEx doesn’t charge any overhead charges on, on sizing.

Uh, and they’re just about at the dimensional weight. So, uh, it’s pretty much the cheapest. You can ship a box of that size. Um, so it’s, we’ve really thought out the specifics of not only the stage backdrops, but how it gets to you, how affordable it is to get to you how, uh, how easy it is to unpack and build every, every stage that we send comes with instructions in the box. So, you know exactly what you need to do to be able to have your stage that help it going quickly. Uh, they’re very detailed instructions. Uh, and pretty soon we’ll also have a video on our, um, on our website that shows specifically the steps to build your next church stage design, uh, or church stage backdrops. Um, so yeah, so I hope this, uh, uh, this has been a pretty awesome, uh, podcast that you have been thrilled to listen to it.

Uh, oh, one other thing I want to, um, briefly mention, I haven’t mentioned yet is our heavy duty products, our pro proteins products. So, uh, we’ve talked a lot about our lightweight, uh, monsoons product. So our lighter weight mozzies products, those are used in church stages on ideas, uh, uh, used for church stage backtrack. I’m sorry, I’m all over the place used for church stage backdrops, uh, talking too fast as my issue. Um, um, we use them a lot in church stage backdrops and in, uh, events that need an economical solution. Uh, but if you’re looking for something a little bit solid, more solid, something you can reuse over and over and over again, something that’s more of a touring rate product. Uh, you can check out our pro line of products. Uh, those are used, uh, in a lot of different places, including at church of the Highlands.

Uh, well, I think, I believe it was second largest church in the country. Uh, then again, life church uses our products and they’re the largest church in the country, and those are pro uh, mozzies products. So, uh, the proceeds though are really cool, really heavy duty, uh, great products. Um, so in addition to, uh, you know, Churchill Highlands using it, we have lots of other, uh, clientele that use those heavy duty products. Um, we we’ve had, it’s been used for, uh, Martin events, uh, in LA, uh, LDI has used our products, um, a lot of different, a lot of different companies. Uh, quest events has used our products. Uh, we’ve done a bunch of different, um, a bunch of different companies, a couple in Cincinnati access productions, uh, C uh, CNH and Louisville, um, uh, uh, sound force in Chattanooga. Uh, we’ve got a bunch over on the east coast, too, a couple in California, a couple in LA, uh, specifically.

Uh, so yeah, so our products are, uh, super durable, super easy to use, um, in the pro scenes line. And, uh, they build a lot quicker too. So, um, our monsoons products are quick. They’re about a minute per panel, but our proteins, uh, stage backdrop products, uh, build about 20 seconds per panel, which is crazy quick if you’re building the stage backdrop. So, um, so yeah, so that’s a little bit about our products and how we think that they, uh, they’re, uh, pretty amazing products to use. And, uh, yeah, so I would love to, uh, serve you

At the best that I can. So if there’s any way I can serve you, don’t hesitate to reach out to

Me. You can find my contact info on mods, scenes.com. Uh, also there, you can find a bunch of info on, um, our products, our services, uh, how we’ve served other people testimonials to tell you exactly what it’s like working with Mod Scenes.

Um, yeah, so, but

Feel free also to contact us via phone at, um, (530) 724-6421,


Uh, through email Mazzi Steven at modscenes.com. And until then, thank you again for tuning into the Mod Scenes, uh, the mod scenes podcast about church stages, design ideas, backdrops, uh, really cool scenic stuff, and, uh, the occasional bad button. And thanks again for tuning in.