Welcome to the Mod Scenes podcast. This is your host Steven, and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you today about stage backdrops, creating a great stage backdrop for your next event or your next church, a church stage design idea, stage design. Um, we are a Monsignor is a company that specializes in stage backdrop. We’re based out of Norman, Oklahoma, uh, and we’re a, uh, we’re a company that focuses on serving you incredibly well. Uh, our, our stage backdrop products are the best in the country. They are the highest rated on Google. You can also see our testimonials all over the internet. Uh, people absolutely love our products, uh, and part of the reason they love our products is our support. Uh, every product is shipped with, uh, shipped with clear,

Detailed instructions that show easily how to use the product, uh, we’re available by phone or by email to help you and assist you with, uh, building the products. Um,

And have you ever had parts missing or anything like that? Uh, we easily, um, easily and quickly ship your replacement parts. Uh, no questions asked. So, uh, so today I want to chat a little bit about a particular thing that we’ve been doing a lot of recently and that’s

DMX hoists. Uh, so we’ve, we’ve done those. We’ve been

A leader in the DMX, right. Voice and kinetic lighting

World for quite a while now, uh, for a couple of years now, uh, we’re, we’ve been on page one of Google for kinetic lights or, and also for DMX voice or DMX orbs or DMX tubes. Uh, all of those keywords we’ve been ranking up on the top page for, uh, mostly because, uh, there are very few, there are very few companies in the country that do it, uh, and we are the most experienced of the companies, um, that is willing to really talk to people and publish our, our numbers. Uh, you know, most people know that we’ve started in the church world. Uh, that’s where, uh, it’s really, our passion is serving the church. Uh, but we serve a lot of special events and a lot of, uh, concerts and stuff like that as well. Um, and those, you know, and, uh, from us coming from the church background from the, uh, you know, creating stage backdrops and church stage designs, uh, from us coming from that world, uh, you know, our focus has always been to serve people really well and to be accessible. Uh, most of the other kinetic light companies in the country are non-accessible, they’re, uh, they’re not really, uh, able to service clients

The way that we do because, you know, we’re, we answer the phones, we help people. Uh, we, we actually give you pricing before you even come to us on our website, our, our pricing is published, which no other, uh, DMX voice manufacturer or a rental facility, uh, has those posted. Uh, and part of the reasons we want to be a hundred percent transparent. We want people to know, you know, this is our prices, this is what this is. Uh, you know, what we charge. Uh, obviously we have a little bit of room for wiggle whenever we get into larger numbers of, uh, fixtures. But, um, just in general, we, we’re not trying to hide anything from people, uh, which is, I think something a lot of companies do because they think it gives more value to their company, but most people, especially people in the church world, I found, uh, just see it as kind of, uh, kind of deceptive and then not, not intentionally deceptive course, uh, but it just it’s if people know where you’re coming from, uh, you know, know what you’re looking, you know, know what the prices are, know what, how to be, you know, they know at least an idea of what they’re getting into. Call today for your stage backdrops!

Uh, they feel a lot more, uh, a lot more engaged whenever you can say, Hey, I, you know, this is our prices normally. Uh, but what we can do is we can give you, you know, an additional 10% off or ship it for free, uh, to help you hit your, your budget. Um, people, people love that. Um, because you know, our goal again, is not to serve, you know, not to, not to make a million dollars it’s to serve people. Our goal is to serve people, whether it be making a stage backdrop or doing kinetic lighting or, uh, you know, stage back, uh, Mod Scenes spectra of the obviously stage backdrops. But, uh, or if it’s, you know, DMX voice, you know, our, our goal is to serve people. And that’s why we continue to innovate and continue to serve and continue to, uh, you know, strive to have excellent customer service, every interaction, regardless if you’re a customer, a fan, or, uh, you know, a future customer or just somebody looking to learn.

Um, so yeah. Um, so with that, with those, you know, those DMX voice products, uh, we have a pretty big, uh, we have, uh, like for upcoming events that are going to be, uh, incredible. Uh, you’ll see a bunch of stuff on our social media as those happen throughout, uh, really January through all the way into March. Um, there’s actually a few, uh, there’s four that are confirmed and I’ve got a couple more that are in the works. And, uh, so yeah, our, our hoists will be all over the country doing all kinds of cool stuff. Um, so yeah, so, uh, in addition to, uh, serving in those ways, uh, obviously we serve, uh, with lots and lots of custom products. Uh, I actually talked to a gentleman yesterday about creating a custom led fixture for, uh, their stages, our needs. So we’ll be doing that, um, a little bit later this month, or I’m sorry, early next month, uh, because it’s coming to the end of December.

Um, so now that we’ve, uh, we’ve got past the, uh, you know, all the Christmas stage backdrops and designs, getting all those out and starting to get some of the new year’s stage designs out, uh, we’re really about to get into, uh, in January, we were doing a bunch of conferences, a bunch of, uh, event stage backdrops, uh, you know, still a lot of church stage backdrop, new campuses, new, uh, church launches, uh, and just new visuals for churches that need them themselves. Um, so yeah, I, so I hope this podcast has been a helpful way, a whole helpful insight into seeing, you know, a little bit of why we, uh, ranked so high on Google with our church stage backdrop and, uh, uh, our kinetic lighting and our, you know, DMX voice, uh, how those fixtures, uh, those fixtures and those products really serve our clientele well, uh, serve our friends in the church world and our friends in the event world. Well, um, so we are thrilled to serve you on your next date. Uh, whether it be a stage backdrop, uh, custom lighting, fixture, cust, uh, DMX voice, uh, rental or purchase, um, the way we would love to help you. So,

Uh, shoot us an email, let us know how we can serve you best. You can shoot me an email@stephenatmodscenes.com or you can call our office at (530) 723-6421. Uh, or you can check out a bunch of information we have on our site at [inaudible] dot com. I’m looking forward to helping you with your next stage backdrops and serving you well,