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Welcome back to another episode of the podcast, the podcast where we discuss a stage designs creating great stage backdrops, creating wonderful designs for a church stage designs and creating solutions for corporate stage. I’m really thrilled to talk to you today about a specific product of ours to the [inaudible] panel. So a little bit of Trivia. The acrobatic nail is based off of one of our, one of our childhood, a TV shows. It’s based off the Agora crack, which is a, a mystical, awesome, a mystical awesome mountain in a, uh, on nickelodeon global guts. I believe it was. Um, so although it’s not a stage backdrop, uh, I think it’s pretty funny. So that’s why we ended up, uh, so a lot of backstory. You didn’t want it. So moving into the actual stage design, the aggro crag. So, um, we’ve used the agro crack to create a projection backdrops to create a stage backdrops to create like visual elements, kind of like a centerpieces within a stage design.

We’ve used it in a different churches have used it for their church stage designs, a Manheim. Manheim church out in Pennsylvania. I used it for their church design, a willow creek, one of their campuses up in Chicago, used, uh, used the aggro crag for a really cool stage design. Um, that Church Stage Designs was featured on church stage design, which is pretty awesome. Um, and then we’ve used, we’ve used the aggro crag, uh, our local church during church a little bit. We’ve used it for the salt conference. Um, we did a huge projection mapping thing with them. Um, it’s been used for events with Intel. Um, it’s been, it’s been all over the place, so really cool panel design, really cool stage backdrop design. Uh, and um, I really, I really enjoyed it. So one of the things that puts the aggro crag out, I’m kind of in its own league is it’s a dimensional panel, so pretty soon you will be seeing a lot more dimensional stuff for, from us.
But right now the majority of our stuff is a, a two dimensional panel. So it’s a flat piece which is still very versatile depending on how you use it. Um, but this, uh, the aggro crag with this reading forums, so it’s a flat piece that folds up into a, uh, into a Isla, a pyramid, essentially a, a isometric pyramid isometric because that the right word, uh, I believe it has. So each side, equal, lateral, not isometric, equal lateral triangle is 43 inches each side with a rise of 11 inches total. So, um, each of these, each of these panels a bolts together to the others, we have a couple of cool things that you can do with them. You can build them as a backdrop, as I, as you would probably assume on a church stage stage backdrop, a blog you would think that you could build into a church backdrop, right?

Um, but also you can, uh, you can use them in a small spread out version. We have a specialty connector that spreads them out evenly. So you just put the connector in, bolted together and boom, you’re done. You don’t have to do a lot of guessing or use a lot of pipes or, uh, other apparatuses like, Church Stage Designs, some people have done in the past to create cool visuals with it. Um, let’s see what else? Um, there’s also the, uh, uh, there’s also the cool thing if you put an m, if you hang them backwards, I know that sounds kind of crazy. You see a really cool visual because not only do you get the dimension, you also get an overlay. So the, uh, the structure pieces, so the braces on the back overlay on top of the interior dimension that it kind of jets in, which makes for a really cool kind of space that you can light up a.

and so it’s Kinda hard to light the interior of it, but once it’s led it’s like, so cool. Um, so yeah, that’s another interesting way to make a, uh, a church stage designs with the, uh, with the Agora crack. If you can inlay led tape inside or even all pixels, if you can enlighten pixel tape within the interior of that, that lit the structural lip that’s on the backside. And then hang it backwards, uh, you’d be like number one set designer ever. So there’s, there’s the pretense of the day. Um, so, um, a couple of things about the agro crack, so they’re made of our fire rated coroplast. Um, so it’s a big flat sheet that’s cut on, cut on angles that allows it to fold. So those angles are not only cut on an angle but like on the, like at an angle, but on the, so the angles or caudal angle.

So it’s on angles, on angles. Uh, that’s how you make a good stage. Design is angled handles. I’m so sorry, as you can tell, it’s been, uh, it’s been, uh, it’s been an awesome yet long day, so I’m a little bit loopy so my apologies. Um, no. So the, the, the, the pieces are cut on angles. So once you receive them you can fold them up flat, uh, put a single or a bolt through the, one of the face edges, uh, use a nylon bolts so it disappears once you bolted together and that gives it the main part of it structure. So that’s what makes it look like just that single bolt holds the thing, uh, to looking like a triangle in, in the back. There’s a ledge that folds up, Church Stage Designs, and you attach those ledges together with zip ties. Uh, there’s the zip tied. Every corner. I’m sorry. Uh, is there too. There’s two zip tie, no tie at every corner. I’m right. I know what I’m talking about. A zip tie at every corner. So you’d tighten those zip ties. And what that does is that allows the panel to be symmetrical. Uh, and by being symmetrical, you can create amazing stage backdrop.

The human eye is drawn to some metric. This isn’t probably worried about gonna. Say It symmetricality. So things that are symmetrical, the human eye enjoys in the human mind, looks for symmetrical things. Um, it is one of the things that we value as a, uh, as a society as cemetery. I’m not sure why, but I like it, so I’m just gonna run with it. Um, so you want to make sure to zip tie those good and tighten. That’ll give you your nice cemetery. Church Stage Designs, once you’ve, uh, once you fold it up the panel, put the bolt in, Zip tied the corners, you’re going to your next step of your stage backdrop, you’re going to put a, you’re going to connect a panel, the panel. So the way you’ll do that as I’m sorry, you’ll connect your two things, who cannot handle the panel, but you also connect your, a racist.

So on the back there’s three core plan strips that actors braces. So, um, when you fold up this giant piece of Coroplast, uh, has, it has a tendency to want to unfold a just because of the nature of how it’s physically built. A core classes, not like steel or aluminum or it’s not a super rigid structure, has a lot of flexibility built in, which is a really great thing. It’s also super lightweight, but whenever you’re going to build three d structures with it, it takes a little bit more, uh, for nay going to get it to, to feel really good. So, uh, so you’ll, you’ll put a, a one inch bolt through the back of your brace plate on a brace. The brace lip on the edge of the Agora panel, you’ll put that bolt up through their, uh, put a put so that bolt will go in the center of one of your long sides of your triangle.

Then you’ll put on to a two backdrop straps. So the structural straps, you’ll put those on. Then after that you’ll put on the two way connector. So it’s a little white pvc connector that goes on the top. And then on top of all of that, you’ll tighten on a wing and that’ll keep it all together. So your pizza is on all three sides. So at the end you’ll have a trunk and goal that opposes your, uh, that opposes the shape of your aggro crack panel, a made up the braces a. and this is what gives it the structural stability because the panel gives a structural stability one direction. This, uh, the backdrop racing gives it a structural stability for your stage. Backdrop the other direction. Church Stage Designs So I’m in, once you’ve done this with one panel, you’re gonna utilize the two way connectors that you just attached, going to the side, uh, to attach other kinds of, other panels to it.

So as you build it gets easier because you’re having to build less, uh, less connected. There’s already been entered and straps in place. So, um, so yeah, moving on. So the aggro crag is a pretty awesome, pretty awesome stage design a product, a great for church stage designs for a stage backdrops and all around really cool visual product. Um, it’s dimensionality gives us a lot of really cool ability to do reflections or even projection mapping. If you haven’t had a chance, go to our youtube site. You can see, get to our youtube, there’s a link in the top right hand corner of our website with little youtube icon. Click on that and you can see a sum of the projection mapping from, uh, from the salt conference we did a couple of years ago with our friends. The salt conference. Yeah. Um, they did the projection mapping and we managed to create this unit.

Um, and that’s what, that’s what this panel came out of. So, uh, hopefully this has been a, a eyeopening, incredible life changing a podcast or at least somewhat amusing. I’ll, I’ll, I’ll start off with someone and using a. anyways, thanks again for joining us on our podcast. Let me know if there’s any way I can serve you a shoot me an email at Stephen at [inaudible] dot com. Looking forward to creating a great church stage design, great corporate design or great stage backdrop with you and helping you, uh, to, to get finished our goals creatively and make some really cool stuff. So thanks again for joining, uh, joining us and we’ll see on the next one.

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