Church Stage Designs | Creating Over Copying

Welcome to episode 78 of the [inaudible] podcast. Today we’re gonna be talking about modular scenic, about creating a great stage design, uh, and particularly about creating great church stage designs. Uh, so this morning I wrote an article particularly about how you would create a designs in general, but specifically speaking about lighting design and church stage designs, like a church stage backdrop. I’m particularly, I was talking about how to go from a go from copying to creating. So it’s something that I’m super passionate about. I like to use multiple different elements together to make a new hole. Um, so I think the best design comes from the application of multiple, multiple techniques and principles, multiple other designs. Uh, so for example, let’s say like a crescent moon set for example. Uh, so a lot of people will build it in as a giant solid wall, which is great and looks beautiful.

Uh, however you can get some really great looks if you go, if you make like columns, so say like two to three panels. Why of crescent moon at the full height of your ceiling. And then between those you intersperse some, like a light colored fabric that you can apply it as well, like a Polish here is a good one, like a white or an ivory poly sheer cappuccinos and other good color for that. You can apply those and those look really, really good together. Church Stage Designs, so with that you can make something really original. Um, and, and really that’s, that’s the key to making something that you have ownership and then that you’re really happy about. Uh, so that’s one of the things that I’m passionate about is creating really beautiful things that are, um, that had unique. Um, even though we do offer a pretty simple, uh, easy to use out of the box product, it can be used in multiple ways.

Uh, another way is to actually take, instead of going through and hanging the panels on a flat plane, so like a backdrop is hanging out, like for example, put to crescent moons together so it makes a circle and hang those at different heights on a horizontal level. Church Stage Designs then it kind of like lit like circular cloud looking things which are pretty cool. Um, and, you know, really that took. No, it takes, actually, it takes less, uh, less senior panels that takes less cost but in maybe a little bit more time, but it’s going to look really cool. So, um, so one of the things I talked about in that article was specifically about when you’re creating a stage backdrop or church stage design, uh, that you want to do everything you can to not copy but to create. So most of your starting point is going to be a company.

You’re gonna, you know, you’re going to use something that already exists. Everybody already uses led lights. Everybody already uses curtain or modular scenic or something, you know, somebody has already used the products are going to be using. It’s just you, them in a different way than anybody else’s. That’s where you get the real ingenuity. That’s where you get the really, really solid designs. Uh, so I talked about a, a custom site I did before I owned a mod scenes, a church called Northland Church distributed down in Orlando, Florida. I’m for that, that stage backdrop, we created, um, strips of, um, we’ve blocked. So we block as like a black material that you put under plants and keeps playing like weeds from growing up under like your petunias or whatever else. Um, uh, so we use that. Um, and we, we as our jumping off point, we started with a, Church Stage Designs, with a design that was done by a really cool guy, cameron, where he’s a really great, a really great designer based on Texas.

Um, he had done the design where he took like a six foot wide piece of a weed block and then he took white paint and a floor brush like a broom and Bruton broomed on the paint all over the thing. And it looked really cool, really nice. A lightweight paint across it, like great. But we decided we wanted something different. So we did a four foot wide panel, so the thinner panel and we use both red and white paint and instead of using like a peak brush, we end up using rags dipped in paint. Um, and that gave us a little bit of extra ability because like he gave us a, a, Church Stage Designs texture. You wouldn’t see what a paint brush because our hands aren’t perfect there, you know, you’ve got fingerprints and you got a in the rads like crumpled up. And so as you kind of swipe it across, you get a whole nother, a whole nother.

Yeah. Level of texture, which is great. Um, and then in addition to that, we also live it differently. Instead of doing an appliance, we did lights on like an angle which created another cool look. So, um, so yeah, that’s a, that’s a little bit of how, how we, Church Stage Designs, we created that. And the reason I tell you that is because we didn’t really use anything any different. The biggest thing, and you know, our, our fabric was a little bit less wide, but realistically we use paint. We used our hands, like we really didn’t use that much different, but the end product was a lot different because we use some creativity to put together. Um, so next time you’re putting together a stage design, I would love for you to love to see how we can help you come up with a creative solution. We’re happy to help in that process because we know it will make the best product for your church.

A that’ll fit your vision of your church, fit the specifics of your church as far as like your, um, uh, say like your, uh, your building, the limitations of, say your budget, you’re building your lighting. I’m one of the big things in design is working around limitation. So, Church Stage Designs, we’d be happy to work with you to out those limitations and help you overcome them with something that’s really creative and works really well for, um, for your church stage design or four years backdrop design. Um, so yeah, uh, so I would love to love to hear from you. Love to know how we can continue, continue to serve you well. Uh, you can, um, see some of the stuff that we’ve created as far as like our different creative things at [inaudible] dot com slash creations. Uh, you can also see a bunch of stuff on the site at the, on the regular, just the mod scenes shot page.

So [inaudible] dot com slash shop. Um, and then also our social media is a great place to follow us. So that’s scenes, uh, or on instagram it’s at mod scenes or twitter at mod scenes, um, or the other way is you can start your hashtag. It’s Hashtag mod scenes again on there. There’s a lot of really great stuff, stuff that’s not even on our website that, you know, it’s like a one off that, uh, that we’ve done that, that is really useful, really good creative stuff. And then also there’s a, you know, custom products that we’ve used or products that people have built in shared pictures with us on a. So that’s a really good resource for you’re looking for something creative and again, looking for that jumping off point that we can help you to build a creative solution from. So I would love to chat with you a, if you would reach out to us, Church Stage Designs, you can reach us by phone, uh, on our website, which is [inaudible] dot com slash contact us or you can reach me via email at Stephen, at [inaudible] dot com.

Um, and like I said, I’d love to chat with you and help you with your next church stage design or your neck back backdrop. Sorry, you’re next backdrop design. Um, our goal is to serve you well, to take care of you well. And um, my hope is that we can do that very soon. Um, in one other thing you’ll see on our site, it’s rather new thing is our try before you buy. So our try before you buy is where you can, we will send you a free stage, set, a free stage backdrop. I’m sorry, free to try for 30 days. If you like it, then you can purchase it. If not, you simply send it back, no harm, no foul. Uh, so that’s a really good option if you’re looking to, to try something but you’re not quite sure if it’s going to work exactly how you want it to.
It’s a really good option to try our product and have no risk, a very simple, very easy process. Church Stage Designs, and we’re happy to, to try to give it to you, to, to let you use it for a month because we know once you’ve used it, you’re going to love it. It’s going to be something that helps your church a, helps you visually to create a really great atmosphere. A great is a really great stage backdrop. So, um, yeah, we’re looking forward to helping you. Again, reach out to me. My name is Steven. Uh, you can reach me at Stephen, at Matson stock. Come in. Until then, I will look forward to chatting with you on the next podcast. Thanks again for joining us.