Church Stage Designs | DMX Pixel Hoists

Thank you for checking out the mod scenes podcast. I’m so thrilled to talk to you today about dmx voice. So we’re very known for our stage back products over here at mod scenes. Um, our stage back stage backdrop products in my apologies are stage backdrop products are used all over the country and even internationally, uh, they’re super simple to use, super easy to use, uh, and they look incredible. Um, but in addition to our stage backdrop products that are known all over the world and are, you know, a great solution for a lot of people, we also have, um, some higher tech products, particularly our dmx voice. So these have been used at a bunch of different churches. Church Stage Designs They’ve been used for corporate events across the country.

These dmx voice are controllable via standard. A lighting can control dmx, so our dms voice will take, uh, they take either three or five pin dmx in, they have power con and then through. So you can jump multiple units in a chain which makes it super easy to wire. They’re relatively lightweight for their functionality. Church Stage Designs, the unit itself is about 12 pounds. Uh, the voice unit, and then once you throw in clamp and luminary, you’re looking at about 20 pounds total. Um, so, you know, less than the weight of a movie lion standard moving light. Um, so the big thing that is really hard to describe the, uh, the uh, uh, the, uh, words is the movement that these, the Dmx boys are able to create. So as opposed to a, say a moving line, moving light, you have an x and a y movement, you know, you can move the been here or there, but the light itself does not physically move.

However, our dmx hoists are different. They actually physically move whenever you’re using them. So you program their dimension from on the a z access, how, you know, how he close to the ceiling or far from the ceiling they are. Um, and then in addition to that, they have a dimmer functionality, obviously, and rgb. So you can have 65, 16 point 1 million colors in addition to your dimming your movement. Um, and when you couple this with multiple units, you’re able to create these huge, beautiful waves and waves of light moving up and down and side to side. Um, you can create false ceilings with them. You can create a lot of different cool effects with these fixtures. Church Stage Designs They’re really resilient, um, great fixtures. So in addition to that, um, that, you know, they, they look cool, they’re easy to set up. Um, they’re super awesome to program if you’ve ever had a chance to program moving light, you know, it’s a lot of fun.

These are like 10 times more. Uh, they’re just awesome. So, um, so the biggest reason we actually wanted to have this podcast today though, is to tell you a little bit about our newest, uh, our newest dmx hoist, which is our, um, our pixel version of our dmx to poised. So, uh, this, a dmx to poised with pixels is incredible. So you’ve got a 24 individually controllable pixels that are rgb so you can pixel map throughout your entire luminaire. Um, so when you pixel map with this luminaire, you’re able to, um, excuse me, uh, you’re able to create these really cool movements of up and down with a light in each individual light. So instead of having, Church Stage Designs, instead of having a singular tube of red light, for example, you can have a tube that has a red light that fades into an amber, or it can be a multicolor red, green, blue, red, green, blue, red and blue, all the way across the whole spectrum.

Uh, let’s give you a lot of functionality. Um, and since you can control each of those, each of those fixtures into each of those diodes individually, you can make for some really cool chases where it looks like the, uh, the light explodes from the center of the tube up and down, uh, or it can go from out to in. And you can actually map low res video across an entire array of these. So you can really quickly see how you can create some amazing looks, Church Stage Designs, some looks that are not even possible with any other products on the market. Um, so as you can probably imagine, we’re super excited about it, so thrilled about it. Um, I can’t tell you where our first, our first show with them is going to be, but I can tell you it’s going to be crazy incredible. Uh, I’m really excited.

We’re actually even, we’re creating a custom luminaire for that event. Church Stage Designs, and it’s going to be a huge event with over 60 of the units, a pixel mapping and the whole bit it’s gonna be so awesome. Um, but along with that, um, along with that, we’re, uh, we’re really excited to get them in your hands to be able to have you used them and see how you can create a really cool, really dynamic atmosphere, uh, with these units. I’m using these units to create a visual that’s just next level. So, um, the other really incredible, amazing thing. The thing that’s probably gonna blow most people’s minds is it’s the same price as our standard voice. We worked really, really hard to get everything to a, an efficiency where it costs us the same as I honestly, it costs us a little bit more to make these, um, but we’re able to, um, we’re able to negotiate our, uh, with our suppliers on our parts and stuff to get this to the point where we can actually manage to rent these for the same price, sell these for the same price, which is crazy.

I mean, just if you look at a, you know, any standard led fixture going from a single rgb channel to multiple pixels is a huge cost increase. So the fact that we’re able to do this for a, for the same price is quite incredible. So really, really excited about that. Really thrilled about that and how it’s going to serve, serve our clients and serve you. Um, so I would love along those lines. I would love to talk to you about your next event. Whether it be Easter, Christmas, a special event, a conference may be A. I’d love to figure out how we can best, um, you know, best serve you, creating a really dynamic design with these hoists and get them to you in a way that you can use them and just absolutely, Church Stage Designs, absolutely enjoy creating a visual with them. Uh, I’m really thrilled that, uh, that I get to chat with you today about this particular item and I’m thrilled to talk to you on our next podcast about monsoons and how we can serve you well. I’m looking forward to chatting with you. Do you have any questions? As always, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our phone number is uh, five three zero, seven two, three, six, four to one, or you can reach us via email sales at [inaudible] dot com. Or You can learn a ton about our products on our website at [inaudible] dot com. We have a lot of information about our DMX hoists on there. We don’t quite have the dmx pixel stuff up there as it hasn’t, it hasn’t, it hasn’t launched yet. Official launch will be early 2019. Um, but everything else should have tons of information on there. If you don’t see something, again, don’t hesitate to let us know. Church Stage Designs, my name is Steven and I’d love to serve you and take care of you again. Our number is five, three, zero, seven, two, three, six, four, two, one. Thanks again for tuning into the monsoons podcast. I’m looking forward to serving you on your, with your next dmx toys, your next stage, backdrop or stage backdrops. Um, the next rental you have for your next event. I’m looking forward to serving you. Thanks again for tuning in.