Church Stage Designs | Flying High

Welcome to another episode of the podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to be chatting with you from my van as I head to the airport. Uh, today. Um, we’re going to be, it has always talking about stage backdrops in creating an awesome church stage design. But today I want to specifically talk to you about what we do. Uh, what would you to get in front of people to serve people? Well, particularly today, I, uh, started my day at about 3:15 AM. I am a driving over to the, actually just stopped at the Oklahoma City Airport. Uh, I will be flying out here to Los Angeles, um, and then going specifically over to the arch west conference. So there will be talking about a church stage designs and helping helping churches within the arc organization, churches that are planning and churches that are established, helping create great stage backdrops for them.

Uh, we, we do this, we do a lot of traveling, especially during the, during the fall and spring, going to different trade shows and conferences. Um, because we found that’s the best way to get in front of people that wouldn’t otherwise know us. Obviously we get in front of a ton of people with our word of mouth since we have a such a glowing, I’m such a glowing resume and a such a glowing resume and a, and a reputation within, uh, within the church world, but there’s obviously still a, there’s still always people who don’t know about us, so we want to be able to reach out to them and serve them well. Uh, so today I’m, uh, I’m uh, taking, taking a couple of Pelicans and, and, Church Stage Designs, we’ve already shipped to a trade show booth out a couple Pelicans of lighting and lighting and promotional stuff out to La to, uh, to share with our friends out there.

So why I told you that is because I want to tell you it’s so, it’s 3:15 in the morning whenever I started. Uh, I will be up until midnight or one in the morning, uh, getting everything, getting, getting to La, getting everything ready, everything prepped and into a good setup. So for the actual conference, um, the reason I tell you this, I know we’re talking about stage backdrops and stage design firm. The reason I tell you this is because I want to show you a less through what I’m saying and more through my actions that, you know, we really care for you and your church. We really care for the design that’s going to go into your church. Church Stage Designs, we are, we are a resilient at trying to create something that is incredibly good for you. I want to be able to be somebody you call when you need, when you need your stage design, when you need your projection backdrop, when you need your, you know, whatever your specific need is for and the stage design realm.

I want to be the person who helps you with that. Um, and we diligently work to do that. So, um, so I want you to, I want you to see through our actions, uh, how we do that and why we do that. We know how important your stage design is a and we want to help with, uh, we want to help with it. Help create something that’s great for you, help create a, a church stage design that works well for you and help to, um, diligently serve you, diligently, take care of you and make your, make the process of making a church stage design super simple and super easy for ya. Um, so today as I fly, Church Stage Designs, as I fly to La, not only will I be, I’m flying there also be working on creating a couple of new states backdrops for some new clients, uh, creating some full renderings to send to them.

Uh, one of them is a, Church Stage Designs, actually I’ve got I st I think eight, eight, like a stage backdrops. So, so backdrops with a textured pattern, a or like a, a particularly, I think we’re doing pendant fluid. Uh, those are both new designs that you should see on the site soon, if you haven’t already seen him. Um, uh, Aegon Crescent Moon and Samurai, I believe are there. There’s one more, I believe the other is pinnacle. Uh, and then in addition to that, uh, we all, I’m also working on a couple of stage backdrops, a production drops. So I’ve got to production drops, will be working on and after that I will, uh, move on to preparing for our next show. I hope this is a hope. This is helpful short podcasts to show you a show you what we do in order to serve you well. So I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.

If you have any questions, if there’s any way I can serve you anyway, I can help you to create a wonderful church stage design. I’d love to do it. Please send me an email. My email is stephen at Monsey and stock come, uh, or um, and in addition to sending me an email and chatting with me, I would love if you to, I would love if you to check out our website, it’s [inaudible] dot com. Have a look around there and see if there’s anything that sparks your interest. I’d love to have a conversation about how we can best serve you with that. Um, so yeah, I’m a really looking forward to chatting with you again. Shoot me, shoot me an email, steven and [inaudible] dot com. Church Stage Designs until then, until then, we’ll chat soon. Thanks again for tuning in the [inaudible] podcast and catch us again here soon.