Church Stage Designs | Finishing Up

Okay, friends, me and Dorian to have another podcast to bring to you today. Dorian wants his podcast about podcast and my business. What’s Your Business Money? It’s called you don’t know whenever you need it, wherever you need it, because we’re like a shipping business in a making business. So help you with making sense. Yes. We shipped them on teams for us sometimes. Sometimes not want us to ship. Well, the problem is from the start, from one to 10 is probably too, since I’ve only heard about a few people would say, no, I’ve hired more people than mine. My business. That’s my brother crying my business business. I would say what is a nine? Church Stage Designs I would say thrive. 15 is a 10. Why would take downs is an eight actually. Yeah. Yours are. Name Your Business from one to 10. Best urinate I would do. Thank you very much. That’s very nice of you. Think your business. Yes. My business is actually, I would say related to Matson. My Dad has a business, I have a business. My mom doesn’t, my brother doesn’t and my brothers and we’re almost to the machine shop where we can feed him almost there where dad can get them out and get him to sleep and we can finish this podcast. We can keep going and he’s okay. He’s okay.

We’re about half a mile away and he’s okay. You two minutes away probably for about two miles away, so it’s probably about five minutes or so. We just did a podcast. We did. Did you a minute podcast on backgrounds? Yes. Onstage background? Yes. Yes we did. And what else did we background? Dad? Yes. I don’t know if this is still recording. Is it still recording here? Let me see. Are we still recording? Let’s see. Is it still? Yeah. We’re recording your podcast. Recording. Church Stage Designs Still recording. Jacqueline says hi. I say hi Jacqueline. All the people in the world who saying hi Jacqueline. Just in case you wondered, should we post your a on the website too? Yes. Yes. Okay. That would be cool. We’ll post it on the teens websites upset anybody searches where they can find it. They find Dorian’s new business with Steve.

Yes. And other stuff. I know buddy. We’re gonna stop. I know. We’re almost sorry about that little delay trying. I haven’t used something. Your brother’s crying. You had to eat something. Yeah, not really. He just wants. He just wants attention. That’s all. He’s been in the car. Once we stopped, Church Stage Designs he’ll get out. Yeah. So okay. Tell them about your business, about your business. What kind of things are you going to chip? So we helped my dad. Shit Monte panel. So we shipped stage, back stage backdrop. What else can you reach it?

I would say it will be at the bottom. They will be at the bottom of the page and all the stuff because this is not grabackland body. Close your brothers that I don’t know. Okay. I kind of lost out there. You could, you could still hear me, but you do. I could actually see the detail of how loud it is and that’s kind of important because I don’t know if we need you. I don’t know if I need to make a louder actually here. Yes, yes, yes. The stage backdrop, it was the size of new business. Not from the beginning, not right, but at some point you might be able to ship an elephant. Ed. Sure.

Uh, a wooden box and keep it real estate, wasn’t it? It won’t break as easy. Awesome. Awesome. You take it away. Take it away. Really? Uh, well I don’t know what it’s talking about your business because I don’t know anything about your business or not much. Uh, so. Hi The podcast. Church Stage Designs You Line up how long and loud I’m talking. That’s right. Yeah. So that’s buddy. Whenever you’re recording a new, a new section of a podcast, it becomes rad. So it shows you that the new section. That’s my brother. We are going to talk about how my business works. It will be a sewing business where you sell products, toys, of course we’re ability to sell wood planks. All you gotta do it Kinda treat on Shaman suite. Life is so much simpler. Yes. There’s monsters.

This podcast in case you didn’t know my business will actually be part of part of the best age to backdrop company in the world. I would say the best dropped down probably dissented in mine. Oh, I’m only the second. Who’s first? Are they a friend? If you don’t remember their name? Well, it’s been a long time since I sold that. It’s been three years. It’s been three years. Okay. Okay, buddy. Let’s end this podcast. Okay, bye. We we’re really do it in one box.