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Welcome back to another episode of the podcast. This is your host, Steven. I’m thrilled to be talking with you today about stage designs, specifically creating a church stage design for your local church or even a corporate design for your next event. So at mod scenes we’re experts in, in stage design, whether it be for a church stage sign or as I mentioned, corporate events, special events, gallows, uh, that type of thing. Um, so yeah, let’s jump in. So today I wanna talk a little bit about customization and not even customization as, uh, as far as, you know, US pre-cutting pieces, but more onsite customization. So, Church Stage Designs, I’m going to to kind of share a little bit of a case study. Uh, so it’s, uh, it’s a stage design that we did for, uh, for the WEF next conference. We created a module or backdrop using the crescent moon deals.

So just stop crescent moon panels, uh, and then with those, with those and with a little bit of fabric created a really cool looking, led, a led screen, a circular led screen. So let’s jump right in. So, um, with the arc, all of our core products, Cynthia, at lighter weight plastic, Church Stage Designs, they are credible so you can cut them into, you can cut them, cut them down a little bit, uh, which gives you the ability to cut around things when you’re installing them. So for example, say you have a sprinkler pipe or something that comes down a little bit lower than everything else and it’s just in one location, but it pretty much makes it miserable to do anything. A huge pull out a razor knife, cut that little piece of plastic out there, just enough of a cutout that you can work around it and go from there.

Uh, you can also use a tool called the coral club. So coral clause pretty awesome because it fits directly into the fluid. So the fire rated coroplast or fire? Yeah, the final report last. So it’s a, um, it’s a, it’s a knife with two guides and it’s, it’s one of the most brilliant inventions ever made. Church Stage Designs. Okay. And along those lines. So, so with that, say you want to make your backdrop not quite as wide or you wanna make it a little shorter so you’re getting those don’t quite fit. You have a 17 foot gap instead of a 16 foot gap, something like that. And you want to go ahead make it a fill it as cleanly as possible. You can go through and go through and cut the, cut the bottom off for example. So you would take that call and you would slide it.

I’m obviously making sure that the, uh, the flutes are heading the direction you want to cut. You just get that in the nearest flute to where you want to cut. You pull kind of a, you end up with a nice, a nice straight line for your stage backdrop. It makes it really super simple and gives you a really finished good product here. Stage backdrop. Uh, so, uh, one of the, uh, stage of backdrops, we use this on a specifically was the, uh, the wfx conference. So, uh, this was in 2016. It was in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a. So that specific conference, we were one of the sponsors for the, uh, the main, the main room, the keynote room. Um, so we provided all the scenic routes within the room and another couple other companies worked in the room, mega like provided the lighting in some of the led wall and uh, it wasn’t the, did a global, did the audio and audio and video crewing for the, Church Stage Designs for the game.

So what we did is we wanted to create a, we have two outer screens which are squares. So we created a, a, we created a little side drop downs on either side, so senior gadgets on either edge. We covered everything was self supporting, cell supporting trust. So we covered all the trusts and black fabric to make it disappear. Church Stage Designs, there’s pipe and drape behind everything to make it nice and black back there. Uh, and once the trust was covered, we uh, we created a, a edging on either side of the larger rectangle screens. Then we did a small balance, which was a single row above that rectangular suicide screening side than the finish out the stage design or in weld the edges of the stage design. We filled in the gap below the rectangular led wall in the address. Uh, and then the center of the stage backdrop, that was where we really, really jumped into it.

So what we did is we took a, we took and we built monsoons panels. Uh, uh, there’s a, there was a square led wall there. We built monsoons panels across most of it. Uh, so, uh, we had, and then we had the video guys throw mask up, a circular mask on the video wall. So it’s essentially just a big white circle. Um, and what we did is we went through and we cut lines within our scenic panels to create a, to create a circle. So we, uh, took a, took a razor blade and just, Church Stage Designs, uh, stood out what I actually did most of the cutting. I stood out on the front edge of the stage. I walked out to where the out to where the, you know, like the front end of the stage. I looked at it visually aware, like, okay, so for example, we’re for fluids from the poor fluids from the, uh, the left side of the circle.

So I’d cut from there and I’d cut it on a, on a curvature, try to make the curvature look very similar to what the, the, uh, the led mask we already had up was, um, once that was done I’d move onto the next piece. And I did that over and over again until I had a pretty good rough outline. Once a rough outline was in, I went through and tweaked it just a tiny bit. But what it did is since the core, so easy to cut, you know, I wasted probably 10 panels afterwards. They’re trash. But, um, but with that I was able to create a really cool visual because it looked like there was a giant led screens sitting in the middle of our scenic. It was pretty incredible. Church Stage Designs, so, and then as I mentioned, you know, so like a surrogate of the screen is not the only place that you can do this, so you have a vaulted ceiling and you want to kind of match it up to that you can cut with a razor blade, figuring out your angle and cut your angle onto your panels so that you have a nice solid texture all the way up.

You can also cut around and Jeannie legs. And so like for example, like a genie lift, a lot of times you’ll have seen it that’s hung from a trust and that trust us on from a genie lift. So it’s ground supported. Um, but the legs themselves have to be there because they’re a support structure, but a lot of times they get in the way in the scene so he can cut off an edge. We’ve done that. We did that. The, uh, Illinois Baptist Association, one of the events, we helped them do a, we were contracted to seen it for that. Um, and whatever we’re making there, the stage backdrop there, we had to cut four panels up to, to get around the legs efficiently. So, Church Stage Designs, so in addition to that, you can also, um, you can also cut, um, say you need to, you need to have like a triangle or panel, like you’re trying to make something a little bit different.

You can cut like the edge off of a canvas panels and make your triangular panel. That’s another option. Um, so yeah, so, uh, I hope this is helpful, a little insight into a couple of things you can do with a, I’ll use of a razor knife or a core to kind of customize your stage backdrop a little bit. Um, customize it to a specific, this specific you’re trying to, trying to create, um, yeah. So, um, as always, we’d love to love to help you. Any way we can, Church Stage Designs, you can contact us via our website. It’s [inaudible] dot com slash contact us and you can on the site there, you can see that we’re a, is he all the different ways we can help you? Um, so yeah, I’m really thrilled to be able to serve you and I’m looking forward to. I’m looking forward to creating a great stage backdrop for you and your team for your church stage design or for your corporate design. Uh, you know, we’re happy to help. However we can. Stage backdrops are a thing and we’re, we’re thrilled to serve you. So thanks again for tuning in the monsoons podcast. If you have any questions, shoot us an email. My email is stephen at [inaudible] dot com and I’m looking forward to serving you. Thanks so much.

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