Church Stage Designs | Flexibility Matters

Welcome back to another exciting edition to the [inaudible] podcast. I’m your host Steven Hall. I’m the owner and founder of a company called MoD scenes. As you probably know from funding this podcast, we do stage backdrop. So you create a church stage designs, a designs for staging for corporate events. We do pretty much anything that is a visual element on, near or within 800 feet of a stage, we’d probably, we’d probably touched some sort of a, some sort of thing in that realm. So, uh, today I want to chat a little bit about one of our particular panels today. Uh, the crescent moon bail. So this panel is, uh, one of our best selling panels. It’s super versatile and it’s one of our first designs that we created. So I’m, the simplicity of the design is a pretty unmatched. I mean, it’s very, very simple, but the flexibility is incredible too.

So, uh, the crescent moon is essentially, if you were to put two circles, uh, touching. So I decide you cut off the right half the left half of one and put them together and kind of melt them together. That’s essentially what it looks like. Um, so that stage backdrop is, Church Stage Designs, is one that we’ve done on probably 100 different stages. Um, and so the beauty of the crescent moon panel is how it can be used in multiple waves. So whenever you assemble it side by side, it creates a circle, a circular pattern. So this circular pattern is consistent across the board, like the way that the design works out that the edges are squared out and the curvature of the actual panel. It makes it look like it’s a solid circle even though you’re only using half a panel, touching another half a panel. Um, uh, so whenever you wrote, we built church states designs with it that have, that are done with our rotated, with rotated every other one rotated.

So you keep your first one in the vertical rotation, then the one underneath it, you put it in a horizontal rotation and the ones with the right side, you put in a horizontal rotation in one caddy corner. You put back in the vertel core rotation. So this is, so essentially you checkerboard your pieces, uh, every other, every odd checkerboard. Anything, there’ll be a black on a checkerboard pattern, would be turned 90 degrees, everything else would be vertical at zero degrees. Church Stage Designs, and this creates a really cool seashell type pattern. This pattern super elegant. It’s one of my favorites personally. Um, so it’s really, it’s really nice to work with, uh, in addition to that, once you’ve created these cool patterns, you can also experiment with adding in some. I’m adding in some, uh, some levels by not duplicating a overlapping panels. So if you overlap panels and an opposing direction gives you this really cool swirly key life thing, it’s like a double helix of awesome in his.

That’s the best way to describe it. Looks at Boston is a no, but really it does make a really cool stage, a stage backdrop. We use this specific design in our kids’ room at journey church DOT TV for the church stage Designs we did there. Um, in addition, we’ve used it in some other backdrops for clients where they have, say they have like 100 crescent moons and they want something new, but they don’t necessarily have the money to do a full stage set. Uh, so in this place, that’s where we suggest doing either, um, either introducing another panel type, like into a existing panel array a or doing overlapping because when you overlap then you get, you know, you only have to use, say 10, 20 more panels, but if you get a whole different look, especially if you do it randomly, it looks really good.

Another use that we’ve used these panels for is to create a towers. So, Church Stage Designs, the crescent moon for is actually our least structurally capable pattern. So you can only build it up to six feet tall. I’m using tower brackets, which is a bummer because it looks really good in a tower, but thing is structurally, there’s so much material cut away, there’s a really hard to utilize it as a towel. So, um, along those lines, um, we, we created some actually 18 foot towers with them this last, uh, or 24 hours with him these last week, uh, for a, uh, of a false that changeover at journey church on TV. Uh, and while doing this, we, uh, instead of actually ground supporting them because as I said, the only support up to six foot ground sport a, we built us, built a tower and then hung the tower from the ceiling.

Um, so this worked out pretty well at the very top. Uh, the stress has got pretty high on the panel since is so much weight from the additional tower brackets and we use metal screws, metal bolts and nuts. We knots which added more weight. So we probably, we put a little bit too much weight on it. We probably should have limited until like 16 feet. Uh, so we got a little bowing at the top, but honestly it looks pretty good. So we, uh, we stayed with it. Um, so one of the reasons that this design is so, uh, uh, what’s the word I’m everywhere. It’s so prominent within church stage designs is because, uh, it’s just, it’s really simple. It’s a really effective church stage Designs and it, you can use it in multiple ways so, and you can use it in multiple places. So for example, do you use it in your, uh, end up using your main room for Christmas and you’re like, oh, this is great, it’s beautiful.

And then it comes to eastern. Okay, we want something else, you know, it comes down obviously, and then you move it, your bedroom and it looks great and your kid’s room and then you’re like, you know, we want something different. Okay, we’re going to overlap. And now we have a whole nother, another design. Uh, so he can get a lot of designs out of the, one of the most simple path panels. There is a, another cool thing we’ve done is we’ve gone through and we’ve done some custom panels where you, uh, take one half of that circle and solidify it. So, uh, it’s accustomed cut, but what we do is half of the half of the circle is filled out. So, um, and then you duplicate those two next to each other to make solid. So, uh, and so we’ve done that with some branding before.

So to have solid circles next to each other to create a really nice, full solid circle a. and then you intersperse those throughout the CNN can you get, you throw in some custom printing and have just an amazing visual, uh, that especially if you’re doing anything that ties off a circular theming, like if it’s a graphics for your event or maybe you have another element on your stage design a or maybe you know, maybe you’re in a room where a stage backdrop with circles works really well, like a, a curved room or a room with a, some sort of curvature to the stage. Um, so yeah, so, uh, I hope that’s been a, this has been a helpful, a helpful discussion on the awesomeness of a crescent moon panel. Um, I would love to be able to serve you and serve your church or your corporate event with your next stage design.

As you know, we create great states backdrops and I’d love to get one for you. I’d love to put one together for you. Uh, we, uh, we’d be happy to make a stage backdrop that fits your budget if it’s your needs and the stage backdrop that fits into small boxes when you tear it down. Really, there’s a lot of great, great reasons why you should consider a mod scenes for your next stage backdrop or church stage Designs . Um, if you would email me, let me know your thoughts, your ideas, let me know how I can help you best. You can email me at Stephen, at Montse and [inaudible] dot com. And from there we can figure out the best solution for your church stage Designs . We can get you the, uh, one of the best stage of active. Actually, let me rephrase that. The, the highest rated stage backdrop product in the country, um, and we can get it to you. And a less than three days, less than four days. So I’m looking forward to chatting with you again, reach out to us at [inaudible] dot com slash con. Contact us and we’re looking forward to create a great stage backdrop with you.