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Okay, I’m the episode 82 of the [inaudible] podcast, thrilled today to talk to you about a church stage designs and specifically about creating great church stage backdrop. So at [inaudible] we create church shaped backdrops for hundreds of churches across the country. Uh, some of the biggest churches in a well in the United States and even in the world life church, for example, is one of our largest clients. So we’ve created a, we’ve created a church stage backdrops for them, uh, the consist of a projection stage, backdrops, a projection, custom projection screens. Uh, those custom projection screens are a 16 nine format, which makes it super easy for them to project onto a and they’re beautiful, they look awesome on once you know what the projected onto a, in addition to serving them, we also serve the second largest church in the country, a church of the highlands.

We just finished up a project for Gateway Church down in Dallas, which is one of the top 10 churches in the country. We’ve served a fellowship church, uh, with Cnet. We’ve served the C3 conference, the arc conference, uh, the salt conference. Uh, all of those are Christian conferences that put a pretty large emphasis on creativity. Um, and we, we provide stage backdrop for them. Um, you know, there’s also, there’s also a lot of a midsize churches. We help her and then the large church would’ve helped as a, another large shirts that we’ve helped is up in Chicago. It’s Willow Creek, Willow Creek community church. We created a custom stage backdrop or whether, well for a couple of their campuses we’ve done automated dmx voice and so a dmx controlled winches for them. In addition to that, we’ve done a lot of other, other large churches and different areas.

We did a done quite a few sets for northland church down in Orlando, Florida and one of the largest churches in Orlando, uh, for real life, which is also in the central Florida area and Orlando. But the area around there, we’ve done some stuff for Brentwood baptist, Nashville, a bunch a bunch of churches in Dallas, Orchard Church out in Colorado. So we’ve created a lot of custom, a lot of customers in a lot of stock stage backdrop designs for a lot of different churches. Church Stage Designs So that’s our specialty is creating stage backdrops for churches. We’ve been doing it for about three years and we are, we’re highly rated on Google. You can search for reviews to hear about how awesome our stage backdrops are, about how great we do a serving clients. But the church states backdrops, there’s almost, I believe there’s 120 reviews on there now.

They’re actually maybe even more now that, uh, when this podcast goes live. Um, so there’s a lot of people who really love our product. Uh, and we have a five star rating, which is pretty much unheard of in any business that has such a, so many reviews. Having a five star rating is unheard of. Look up your local, uh, even chick filet and you’re gonna like they’ll have 500 reviews and probably had like a four star or somewhere around there, four point five to have a, have over 100 with 100 reviews, with all, almost all five stars. It’s pretty incredible. So, um, so yeah, and those are all verify. Those are all people who have purchased our products. So it’s pretty awesome. Or purchased or rented or use, or I should say, uh, some of those churches, some of those churches have rentals for like Christmas or Easter or something like that as well. Uh, so what else can I, Church Stage Designs, what else can I tell ya? Um, so along the lines of a church stage backdrop design, uh, we also do a custom custom printing and cutting. So we’ve done quite a few custom cut.

Uh, we did one for student life, which was another large client of ours, or is another large client of ours, I should say. Uh, so we did a custom stage backdrop that they toured across the country with a, is made a four foot by four foot panels with crowns cut into them. Uh, and then there was a section of our heart through the center that made the head, the crown a kind of stick out on a three d, a three d piece. It was, it was cool. So, uh, let’s see what else? Um, so yeah, uh, whenever we do our custom designs a lot, whenever we do our stage church stage designs, what we’ll do is we’ll go through and we’ll talk through with the church about the specific needs they have a, if they’re trying to like go for something that might be like a projection product or something that’s going to be more of a product that you would use lighting with a. Once we’ve established that we figured out their space, figure out kind of the feel of their church is it’s super energetic because it a little bit more laid back whether what patterns would work best with their, with their church. So it’s not overwhelming, but you got, it’s energetic, it’s, you know, it’s the right thing to match their energy. Then we make suggestions on the product a and work from there to see to make sure that we can end the budget if the budget,

um, and then get the, get the set shipped out to them quickly to try and uh, and we’ll go from there. So, um, so yeah, and then we also help with, uh, we helped quite a bit with talking to different churches about lighting for their stage backdrop, helping. There’s a lot of churches that they need help with lighting, specifically lighting there, their stage backdrop or lighting your stage and creating a really good visual when they’re stage with lighting, with led lighting. It makes things a lot easier, but there’s still a lot of intricacies in the process of doing lighting. You want to make sure that you have, you know, really good backwash, really good scene in fighting really good frontline. Uh, that stuff really makes a huge difference in the visual and the atmosphere in the, uh, in your church. So whenever we’re doing a church stage designs where a church backdrop there, most of the time where we were helping with that as well, unless it’s maybe like a church, like say wife, Georgia has a pretty large staff that already does that. So, um, yeah, so that’s a, that’s a little bit about what we do, a little bit about the church saints backdrops. Great. Uh, as I mentioned, sound from some of the largest churches in the country for life church, for Church of highlands, for Willow Creek, a northland church, real life, a gateway, a kate, I’m sorry. It’s not called Gateway Gateway.

What’s a gateway church, I guess is the proper name. I’m sorry. Uh, uh, we’ve done suffering C3 conference, salt conference, uh, for Fellowship Church in Dallas. Um, I think probably my favorites and it probably didn’t. The life church sets the lighters projection sets, those projection screens have been really cool to do. And we did a really awesome thing with a live church with our dmx voice. We also did a really cool install at willow creek community church with our GMS voice.

That was a pretty, pretty awesome one. Uh, so yeah, so we really love creating cool things for, Church Stage Designs, for visuals within the church. And I would really love to help you and your church to create a really good via visual, uh, something that serves you well, uh, fits your, your, your needs, fits your budget and fits your, uh, your style and your, uh, your congregation. And I’d love to just start, start that conversation and chapter that, so I’d love if you shoot me an email, my email is Stephen Dot com and I’d love to go through that a little bit and Kinda talk through the specifics of how we can best serve you and figure out, figure out what, what’s next, how we can, what we can to make a, a great stage backdrop for your church and how we can serve you best. So again, my email is stephen and Montse and stop and uh, I want to thank you for tuning into the podcast for learning about stage backdrops, split specifically church states backdrops and learning about our company. Um, we’re a small say, small or relatively small company.

We’re based in Norman, Oklahoma. We are a family ran, ran company. Me and my wife run the, um, we’ve got some really great employees that work for us that have a heart to serve the church and have a heart to create really great things. Um, they have varied, uh, varied, um, backgrounds including a including machining, mechanics, oilfield work, uh, obviously tons of scenic and lighting design work. So there’s a, we have a plethora of knowledge to be able to really create great products and that’s, I mean, that’s how we’ve succeeded in really, um, we’ve, I mean honestly we’ve changed how church stage designs have been done by serving the way we do. So we’re super thrilled to help you. A super thrilled to help create something custom for you or, or, uh, provide a, a stock product for you. Again, shoot me an email. My email is Stephen Monsignor [inaudible] dot com. I’d love to chat with you, love to serve you and love to create a wonderful stage backdrop for your church. Uh, thanks again for tuning into teens podcast and I’m, I’ll be thrilled to chat with you on the next one, which will be apes episode 83. Should be coming out tomorrow. Thanks again. And we will talk to you soon.

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