Church Stage Designs | Random thoughts on stage design

Welcome to episode 74 of the [inaudible] podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to talk to you about stage backdrops, uh, about creating a wonderful, beautiful stage backdrop for your church, your next corporate event or your next, a special event. So we grade lots and lots of different really great backdrop products, a modular backdrops backdrops. I can hang on. A curtain backdrops, can hang on pipe and drape a stage backdrops of all shapes and sizes. Church Stage Designs We can create a backdrop for your bar Mitzvah, a backdrop for your wedding backdrop for your photo booth, a backdrop for your stage of backdrop for your church. Um, we’ve done custom backdrops for special events, for product launches, for medical conferences, for pharmaceutical launches. We’ve done a backdrop for most everything under the sun, and I would love to help you create a backdrop that works great for you.

So one of the easiest ways to do that is if we can talk to you and figure out how to best serve your needs. Uh, there’s lots of ways that you can get in contact with us about our backdrop products. I’m one of the best ways is by calling us a, you can call our number, which is on our contact us page on [inaudible] dot com. You can also see it on our site [inaudible] dot com. See our email and email and phone number. Uh, there’s also a place where you can do, are try before you buy. If you’re looking specifically for a projection screen, you can order one on there. You can look at the different information for the keystone screen, that canvas diamond screen, the triangle screen, the mini triangle screen, circular projection screens, the circular projection screens, or one of the coolest things. Uh, so if you’re looking for a circular projection screen, check out [inaudible] dot com.

It’s a great source for circular projection screen. Um, so yeah, we’d really love to help you. We’ve been doing modular stage design for three years, formally as a company before that I have lots of experience in modular stage design and stage design in general. I have about 11 years of experience in stage design. Um, so I’d love for you to, uh, to contact us to, uh, get a hold of us and see how we can serve you better. Um, because we would love to be your partner in creating a really beautiful stage backdrop, a really beautiful church stage designs. You can see a lot of our products on church stage design So if you’re searching church states design, search for mod scenes on there, uh, at the church stage designs On the right hand tab, the right hand corner of the website, there’s a place where you can search and it’ll search the entirety of church stage design

You’ll find probably 15 different designs that have been featured on, on their website of our products. Again, that’s church stage design Uh, so that’s, that’s a great resource looking if you’re looking to see some of our products in action and see some very, uh, a very great use of our product that are outside of our website. Give you proof of, uh, of what we say that we are, what we say we are A. Yeah. In addition to that, I’d love for you to look at our google reviews. We have tons and tons of google reviews. Uh, we are five star rated. We are the highest rated stage design company in the United States, the most rated stage design company in the United States. Again, highest rated. That’s like super awesome. Uh, we celebrated the other day within our team are the next closest a company that, uh, that has a rating, would be atomic design in our rating is 2100 percent higher than theirs or I’m sorry, 20.

We’ve been rated 2100 times more than our, our largest competitor, which they’re great. And all atomic design is a phenomenal company. But if you’re looking for a modular scenic, I would love if you would give us a chance to serve you well. I’m sure that atomic design would serve you amazingly. Uh, but I would love to serve you just as well, if not better. Uh, we are laser focused on serving a great on creating a product that works really well for you, customizing it to fit your needs, uh, if need be, and a shipping out crazy amount of time. We try to rival Amazon with our fulfillment. A most orders within the u s are received within three days of their order, which is almost unheard. It’s not almost, it is unheard of in the stage design a stage design realm. So please check us out.

Again, it’s [inaudible] dot com. We are your source for a church stage designs for stage backdrops for creating really phenomenal products that serve you really well. A CNC modular stage backdrop set a table for a long time. They’re heavy duty, they’re touring grade, they’re really incredible. So I would love, love, love to see you. Check out our products and if you have any questions I’d love to answer those. You can shoot me an email it steven and Monte and Satcom again that Steven and Montse and [inaudible] dot com. There you’ll see a lot of things. Uh, you’ll see a lot of different designs featuring lots of lighting. Lighting is obviously a key to a stage backdrops. Church Stage Designs, so I want to, I would love to help you. We’ve, uh, we’ve helped with a lot of our clients specified projection or lighting, lighting units, so led lights, the projectors, uh, for their projection surfaces.

Uh, we really help our client from start to end and make sure and ensure that their stage backdrop is the best. Church Stage Designs, the best you can get. It’s a, it serves the purpose well. Our focus is serving churches well, although we’re not a do it yourself. I’m a do it yourself type of a backdrop. You can build it yourself, but everything comes so easily prepared for you that you can, uh, it’s a Gi. Why a dream? That’s the best word. Diy Dream. I’m super simple. You pull everything out of the box. Do you tie in your connectors, Bolier, CNC cut panels together, uh, to make your pattern if you want so you can rearrange it into multiple different patterns. Um, so it’s super flexible, super useful. Uh, and just a beautiful stage backdrop product. I love to love to get you a set with our try.

Before you buy a set up a again, email me at Stephen and matsue [inaudible] dot com and we’ll be thrilled to take care of you. We’ll take care of you incredibly. And if not, I will give you my personal guarantee that I will take care of you. I will read, I will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied with the entirety of your purchase or your rental. I’m, I’m that. I am that focused and that, uh, I believe that much in the people that we employ and the people that we, uh, that we work with inside of our company to serve you. So we all have a desire to serve you incredibly and I can’t wait to do so. Again, if you’re looking for a great stage backdrop, a great church stage designs. If you’re looking for a church states design idea, uh, anything that would be a, that would bring your visual to the next level, I would love to help you a projection design, a projection screen rental. However, I can serve you best and I am thrilled to do so. So contact me again. My email is stephen at [inaudible] dot com in that Steven and Montse and stopped pump. Get Ahold of us so that we can serve you well. We can create the best we can. Create the best product for your needs. Uh, we are so very much looking forward to serving you. A thanks again for tuning into our podcast and I will catch you on the next one.