Welcome to the mod scenes podcast podcast, where we explore stage design, modular stage backdrops, and creating beautiful backdrops for your next event, your next church service, a, your next church states design and anything in between. So, uh, this is episode 88 of our podcast and in this podcast we do a lot of talking about state backdrops and particularly creating good stage backdrops. Um, you know, serve you well. So today I want to chat a little bit about one of our new panels. It’s called the, uh, it’s called the lattice panel. So, uh, the lattice panel is a, is a direct, I want to say it’s a directional panel. Uh, it’s a, uh, along one axis. So, so from the bottom, bottom left to the top right corner, there’s a thick wine, uh, so that’s the base of the panel. And then across the opposite direction, they’re variations, a thinner lines.

Uh, I think there’s three of those across a. and so as you rotate that panel and put it into your estate set, you can go through and build multiple different, uh, multiple different iterations. You can make a, make it look like the sun is coming from a CEO point, uh, as if it’s a making, say a diamonds within the set or that it’s a, you know, bouncing back and forth, kind of like a Lego, zigzag, Kinda, kinda thing. Um, and it’s, it’s a really cool, it’s a really cool pattern. You can see it on our website, uh, that the, uh, the lattice panel. Um, so we just sent out a good chunk of those who are friends at. Oh, design. Uh, they did. They just did a stage set with a 60 of those and some dimensional panels. Um, the really the really awesome thing I like about that specific design about the, uh, the lattice panel is that by rotating it changed the direction.

So with one set you can make it like a v, like a v shape out of your stage backdrop, uh, or if you flip the other direction, it’s like a, like a mountain, like a, like a upside down we, um, but by varying, you know, you can marry every other one and you can get more of a, like a crosshatch kind of thing. Uh, so it gives you a lot of flexibility and it, it’s one of those panels that look super simple, but the more you put together, the more complex it can be or look at least still easy to build like any of our other panels. So it just takes a few seconds to build a stage backdrop with a one of these, you know, like I’m less than a minute per panel. Um, so yeah, I think it’s a really great option if you’re looking at something new with them for something that is a really flexible to use.

Um, so yeah, the lightest family. Uh, and another one I’ll tell you about is, um, is our, uh, our deco panel, which we talked briefly about this in another podcast. But I want to go a little bit more in depth in it. So in one point or the deco panel, we have a square cut out, a square cut out. We have a thin, thin strips that white down as they go away from the square a. and then there’s a red square overall cut on the edges to hide like connectors and light the light. So it looks kind of like a ray of sunshine coming from that square a they’d come and grows and builds from that square. So the really cool thing about this is you can lay these out and as you lay these out and you spend them and rotate them, again, you get multiple different looks. Uh, you can get like a starburst looking effect where you can get it, like raise all coming from the center.

There’s a lot of different things you can, you can make it look like a, like through this. Um, but, um, but along with that, I’m a lot different than being able to like with this. But along with that, when you’re creating your schurch stage design and you’re rotating those panels, like it’s, it makes it look almost three dimension, the way that the panels kind of lay out and it kind of diverts your eye or kin director I either to or away from a certain area depending on how you build it, which is really cool. It’s a really cool, like trick of the mind to I kinda deal direct with your senior where you want your audience to be looking, uh, for the LDI conference, which is coming up pretty soon. We’ll be using a bunch of these panels, about 100 of them for an award ceremony at the foundry, at the SSL sls hotel. We should be pretty incredible. Uh, we’ll definitely have a lot of great pictures from that, uh, that we’ll throw on our website and it’ll show you a. So yeah, it’s gonna be awesome.

And that. So both of these panels, both the Deco, uh, which is the one I just described is square with the like expanding raise and the ladders, which is the, uh, of cross hatch looking looking piece of. Both of those are available in both our proceeds line, which is our heavy duty towing gray plastic, a very thick. It’s a thick yet lightweight plastic, a good for, you know, good for use over and over again. It’s a, it’s a really great durable product. In addition, they’re also available on our line, which is our fire rated for plastic, so it’s a lighter duty version and perfect for churches or church stage design. A perfect for creating a stage backdrop in a church. I’m really a really, really great panels for those two. And with both of them, you can have either the standard hardware which is going to be your bolts and nuts, uh, and connector plates or the um, or the, uh, the captive hardware which is going to cut your build time by 75 percent.
So a huge deal if you’re doing this a lot, you take them down and sending them off la. Um, so with adaptive hardware you’re looking at, um, you know, a huge time savings for a, for about 15 percent more cost on the product. So really great option if you’re looking for a fast, quick, easy way to do scenic, uh, to do scenic within it within a space and to, um, to have your church stage design. So it’s super easy, quick for anybody to learn, easier to store because it’s, you know, everything is, goes in a, you know, easy to store it. You don’t have multiple different bowl types, you just have your connector, you know, you’re different connectors and then cabinets and everything works together with the cabinets. So we send a ton of those spares. Uh, yeah. So, uh, I hope this is a good, uh, a good helpful, a helpful little podcast about some of the stage backdrop products we create, the, uh, you know, some of the new panels that are coming out or actually have already come out that you can see on our website.

We’re really thrilled to be able to, to keep making new stuff on a monthly basis to send you to, to have you try out a. If you haven’t used our product, I would really love a love for you to reach out to us. Uh, I’d love to get some in your hands and see if you see your thoughts on it and see how we can serve you best. You can reach me by email at Steven and [inaudible] dot com. Uh, and I, you know, I’m happy to answer any questions, build you a quote and helping any way I can. Um, our goal in Montse is it’s just a certain, well, whether that be for creating a church stage design or creating a backdrop for an event, whatever it is, we’re happy to help and serve you in the best way possible. So I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon.

Uh, and creating something really great for you. Again, don’t hesitate to let us know how we get out of me and my team. Would love to help you love to help create a great stage backdrop for you and your space, uh, and even even further than, than using, you know, a lot of the great designs that we have already on our, uh, on our website. We’re already in our design catalog. We also do a lot of custom church stage design work. I had a client actually, or a client yesterday refer me to one of their friends in California who is looking for some custom CNC work specifically for a large stage sign a, which is one of the things we do all the time, but a lot of people don’t realize it. We do a full custom CNC cutting. Uh, we do full color printing. We do three d molding, a three d vacuum forming.

Um, we do a custom fabrication, a custom hardware and custom design. So if it’s like, Hey, I’ll give you an idea like, hey, we want to make, we liked this panel where we want to dimensional, uh, you know, we can build custom connectors to make, to make that a reality. Um, it’s one of the great things about, uh, about our company. We’re always innovating and always making new church stage design things. Uh, so you always have a, a, a fresh, a fresh new feel within a, then you’re seeing it with just adding just a little bit of a, a little bit of a say some connectors are a little bit of a, in a new nuance to it. So, um, so yeah, I would love to connect you with, uh, with some of our product and help you out. Again, shoot me an email. My email is stephen and Monsignor [inaudible] dot com and my team, my team is here to help you, even if it’s a last minute request, we get some of those too and I’d be happy to help you with that to today. Actually, we’ll be shipping out 600 channels and about 400 custom connectors. So as you can imagine, that’s quite a, quite a few, but that’s a, a, that’s a normal week for us. So we’re thrilled to be able to, uh, to take care of you and serve you well. Uh, yeah, so lastly, you shoot me, shoot me an email, get ahold of me and let me, uh, let me show you how great we can serve you a thanks again. Uh, and I will chat with you on the next podcast.