Welcome to the [inaudible] podcast. This is your host, Steven Hall. I’m thrilled to talk to you today about stage design, creating wonderful backdrops for your stage and creating a great church stage designs for your local community, church or a large church, whatever. We’re here to help you. So, uh, today we’re going to start off by talking about materials for church states. Designs. Obviously, as you can probably tell from our website, we do lots and lots of church stage designs. Uh, we’ve done hundreds of them. It’s actually probably closer into the thousands at this point, but nonetheless, we’ve done lots and lots of them and, um, and we really love being able to provide a great service for you. But we also realize that sometimes we’re not all, we’re not always, we’re not always the, uh, the answer to every issue or every, uh, so today I’m going to explore a little bit about a different options for stage design materials and products you can use that will help you with your stage design.

Uh, and hopefully, um, hopefully whenever the time arises you can, uh, use montse and secret, a great, beautiful backdrop for your stage. So let’s, let’s hop in. First off, let’s talk about, uh, I’m going to talk about modsy interest because I’m the most familiar with that actually. I’m familiar with a lot of things, but I, uh, I believe pretty wholeheartedly in what we’ve created scenes. So as you probably know from our website and from our, uh, you know about us videos and stuff, uh, all of our products are fire rated. So our stage backdrop products are made of firing to plastics. They’re CNC cut, so they’re precision cut, so they built together a very easily and they’re very repeatable so you can build it, build your set over and over and over again in a different, different layouts and different ways without having to worry about is this going to work after the first time?

I use it. We have clients have used it for three, four years, um, you know, multiple times and have loved it and it’s worked great. So a monsoons. So it’s, it’s a, it’s a white, white plastic, super simple to use, super simple to build a uses, bolts to push through the panels, connectors on the back, and we nuts to tighten the two components together. Um, okay, what else? So let’s jump into some of the other stuff. Some of the other stuff that isn’t necessarily a product, but it’s also useful in stage design. We’ll start with one of my favorites, uh, aluminum window screening. So aluminum window screening is phenomenal because it’s, it’s so reflective. A lot of people have used it in their church stage design because of its reflectivity. It makes it great stage backdrop because whenever you shine light up at a, that light reflects, even if you have a cheaper led, very similar to the mod scene stage backdrops, um, if you have a cheaper led and you shoot up either teens or even this aluminum bat screening backdrop, it’s gonna reflect a bunch of light.

So it’s a really good, a really good option for creating a great stage backdrop. Uh, so the best way to utilize this material is to go through and, you know, by big roles, big sections of it, and then zip tie the edges to make it a solid backdrop. Um, and once it’s nice and Zip tied, Nice. And uh, you know, Nice. I like, is it pie every price. Four to six inches. So pretty close, uh, once it’s a quote unquote tied together, uh, then we just get everybody and we push it all into a giant bowl and crumple it up and make it as tight, crumpled up and tight as we can. And once that’s done, we pull it all back out, stretch it back out, and then we put a zip tie. We a reinforced the top with gaff tape, so we’ll put two layers of gaff tape on the front and back side of the top of the drape so that it doesn’t, uh, so it doesn’t rip out whenever we go to a kite up.

We’ve also, in the past, it taken like one buys, like a one by one by fours painted black and put them on either side of the drop and screw through the, through the drop. And that’s whole health. They got it pretty well to both of those options. Hold it, hold it together for when you’re creating your stage backdrop, you can tie it up and not have it ripping or tearing apart, too bad. Um, so once you’ve done this and you’ve laid everything out, I think it’s easiest to go and hang everything. So having that backdrop from there and then as you see fit where there’s holes, where there’s gaps, go through and add some additional zip ties. Um, one thing that, uh, another thing you could do is if you don’t want to make a full drop, you can do just singular strips of it, which looks great. Uh, I personally think it looks a lot more finished to do a full drop, uh, or to do larger sections, you know, two or three pieces wide because it looks a lot more intentional. It doesn’t look like it’s a, just material is bought from home depot and crumbled up and it looks like it’s a, a finished product. Uh, so that, that’s
a, uh, that’s a great option. Um, let’s see what else? Okay, let’s go on our next product. The next product would be white spandex. So white index is a pretty, a ubiquitous, I think would be the best word to say out of the stage. Design. A white spandex has been used since the early nineties really probably even before then, but my knowledge of it is the early nineties, there was a lot of, a lot of churches that started using spandex and stretch fabrics in order to, uh, in order to create a, a, a good surface that and bounce off of. It’s relatively cost effective. A sense. It stretches. You can Kinda, you can walk it out at the end of the, you know, if you’re a portable church, can water watered up at the end and kind of throw it in a bag and then pull it right back out and it’ll stretch out pretty, pretty nice and flat, which is a big deal if you’re a, we’re really low on space.

I’m also most most stretch band. That’s not all, but most, especially if you’re going to buy from like, uh, well I would make sure that you specified, but make sure that you buy stretch band x that is inherently flame retardant. A lot of the new spandex, spandex from rose brand or stretch shapes or a lot of the bigger manufacturers, they, they understand the importance for fire rated fabrics. And so they are a really great about that. Another thing I missed on the aluminum screening stage backdrop is that it, uh, it is fire rated as well. So, uh, and obviously the monsignor stage backdrops are fire rated. So if you’re looking for a church stage design idea that is a fire rated so that it’s safe to use all three of these are good, good, uh, good options. Uh, and then let’s go a little bit further into that.

So spandex, although it’s typically, typically it’s used in white, you can also do multiple colors and multiple shapes. So they have like, they’ll have like circle cutouts or star cutouts. In the past I’ve used circle screens, made up stretch fabric of like a inherently flame retardant, a stage fabric, this stretch fabric for a stage backdrop. And that’s worked really good. I used to own a church stage design at Northland Church down in Orlando, Florida a, and we did a circular screen for a battle of the bands concert we did and it worked really, really well. Um, it was mostly words that we used on it, but it was, it was great. Um, let’s see what else? Um, you can also do colors and the spandex. So Spanish you can get in a pretty, pretty wide range of colors and I think they can even die. They can even custom diet now, uh, with obviously a longer lead time, but, uh, so if you’re wanting to get, if you’re in a space that has a lot of ambient light, this might be a good, a good, uh, option, uh, as it’s, uh, it’s gonna save you some, uh, it’s going to save you having to spend some money on some lighting and you’re not gonna have to fight with, uh, with your ambient light.

So yeah, I hope that’s helpful. Um, so that’s a few different, uh, different options you can use for a different options for stage designed specifically within a, specifically within the, uh, the realm of fire rated products. One thing that we’re super, super, I’m aware of is fire rating, uh, products. Um, we want to make sure all of our products that we sell for our stage backdrops are, uh, are safe to use no matter the circumstances, even if there were a fire or something were to happen. So that’s one of the big things that we, uh, we harp on quite a bit. Um, and part of why we make all of our products fiery. So I hope this has been helpful. Uh, I’m looking forward to chatting with you. Please shoot me an email. My email is stephen at [inaudible] dot com. Love to talk to you about your next church stage design. I’d love to help develop a relationship with you and figure out how we can serve you best. That’s what we’re here to do. More than more than make products are more than a critical stages. We’re here to serve you well and I’m really looking forward to that. So shoot me an email. Again, it’s Stephen at [inaudible] and Satcom. I’m looking forward to serving you and your congregation and until then, join us again on our next spot, our monsoons podcast. Thanks so much.