Welcome to the MARTEC podcast, episode 75 with your host Steven Hall. Thrilled to talk to you today. Today we’re chatting about, uh, one of my favorite websites of all time church stage design ideas.com. So if you haven’t been, this is a website that talks about creating a wonderful stage backdrops for churches. Uh, there’s a lot of great examples of different materials, different techniques, different lightings and different styles for church states designs. Uh, there’s a lot of lighting information on a lot of the posts of mine I’ve done. I’ve been a designer for about 11 years and probably of those 11 years, at least seven of them I’ve been posting stuff on there. Um, in addition to obviously maybe not, obviously a lot of you may not know this. Uh, I’m also, uh, a writer at a on for wfx network, which is a, there’s a wfx magazine or facilities magazine.

I’ve also wrote for technologies for worship magazine. And I have another article coming out for, um, I’m sorry, house of Worship Supply magazine. So I’m, yeah, pretty awesome stuff. Um, so, uh, anyhow, what I want to tell you, what we want to talk to you about is this website because it’s a great resource for church stage design. As many of you know, our focus is church stage design. We create really easy to use products for church stage design, a modular stage backdrop pieces, a tmx hoists. Um, we’ve created some, a lot of really cool custom products, a lot of rush rush products. And then obviously our stock products that we carry, Samurai panel, crescent moon, uh, lots of different options as far as our song fields. Uh, all of them are made out of fire rated coroplast there a fire, you know, fire rated, stage, stage backdrop.

And then, so this website, church stages on ideas.com is a great resource if you’re looking for something that is a, do it yourself type of a product. If you’re looking to make a stage backdrop, uh, what we do at Monsey and says we take the guesswork out of it. Uh, you know exactly what you’re going to spend on your stage backdrop whenever you order it from us. It comes with everything you need to hang the hanging from your existing trust or a pipe or a ceiling and it’s really easy to use. Um, so yeah. Um, even on that website, even on church stage design ideas.com, we’ve got a bunch of different sets that had been posted about a bunch of different articles that have been posted about our monsoon sets on there, about our modular seat, accepts that we’ve done for different churches. We’d done for different events.

Uh, shows are red cubes and breeding towers and a couple of them, uh, shows our state’s backdrops obviously. Um, so yeah. And uh, uh, one of the guy that runs the, he runs the website, Jonathan mom is a really awesome guy. Uh, we’ve got to know him over the last few years. Uh, does he, he fever actually works for making, helping churches, um, just in general helping churches, uh, whether it be through social media. Um, he really great and a company that he runs called Sunday social.tv, creating really cool, um, cool products for them. And another company called new supply, which does, uh, the, the building blocks for making really cool social stuff within like an editor, like say it’s illustrator, um, and then uh, uh, also church stage design ideas, uh, you know, he really facilitates a great conversation within the church community about, um, you know, what a church stage design is, what it should be, what it shouldn’t be, a why it makes sense and what ways it, it doesn’t make sense in what ways it’s a naturally be a detrimental thing to your church and what ways can be good thing for your church. Um, and it’s great. We have a real, me and him have a really great relationship because we’re, we’re so both very focused on serving the church and on creating solutions that are useful and practical for the church.

For most churches, it’s not practical to build a huge led wall across their entire canvas, all their campuses. It is however practical to do a really well designed, a really well designed and set a modular scenic that can be a. It can be easily changed out and transformed by just some simple adjustments to either the layout or even the orientation is so, um, so yeah, super great. Uh, and then on there, the other great thing is we learn a lot from her. Um, we’re, we, uh, we are really, really good at what we do. We’ve gone for quite a while and we were, we would be considered experts in our field. But, um, the thing about experts, experts are always constantly learning. So even through that website we spent time learning from one of, have done a, one really good example of this is a Jeff Abbott.
He just put this incredible setup. It’s called woven. It’s made of a non fiery blast, uh, that’s bent into these shapes that are held by a one by two frames. I think it might’ve been screwed in a. So obviously it’s a lot more work to physically build, um, but the dimensionality to it is incredible. It gives great shadowing and, um, honestly, uh, me and Jennifer, me and Jeff and friends, we’ve worked together a couple times. We’ve served at his church before. Um, uh, and we’ve, we’ve talked quite a bit and realistically at some point I want to figure out how we can do what they’ve done because it’s a really great thing for our church stage design. Really great stage backdrop, a two dimensional stage backdrop of three d stage backdrop. So it has lots of, lots of shadows, lots of contrasts. Anytime you do a three dimensional or a dimensional stage backdrop, that dimensional stage backdrop that is going to give you that really, really great shadowing on your up and down lights on your scenic it really great option.

And of course we have other three dimensional products, other dimensional set pieces on our website. You can look at it Montse. Um, so yeah, uh, another reason I really love a church stage design ideas.com is because they have this great community within the website. Uh, people post their different ideas and they’re free for anyone to use and use and reuse and learn from and take parts and really created and make it your own, which I think is beautiful. I think it’s one of the great things about, um, one of the great things about churches, they, they share their, uh, their essence really to be able to serve the church, the greater church as a whole, which is part of what we wanted. So yeah, that’s a really, really great. And because of that there’s a really great conversation and really great tone and even a.

I said, there’s only been a few times I’ve ever seen a conflict within the, you know, the, the different comments and in context of the different stage designs, but even within those, uh, there, there’s an overwhelming response of I’m really loving and caring atmosphere from pretty much everyone that’s involved. So it’s a really, really cool community on top of being a really great resource for a great church stage designs, great. Three dimensional sage designs, a great backdrop designs, and really great, great options for, um, for stage designs. You saw a really, really cool, um, cool place to check out if you have a moment, again at church stages on ideas outcome. Uh, I know you can, you can upload stuff. Do you want to upload stuff? You can do a church state of load your own design, so even a monsoon spine or your own custom designed to church stage design ideas.com backslash.

Submit a. that’s a, uh, that’s a great. Again, a great place to share your ideas, to help build further and build the church and create great stage backdrops. Uh, so I hope this has been a, a, a interesting and informative a podcast. I would love to love to know if there’s any other way we can serve you. A has always, uh, our, our phones are open, our ears are open to hearing how we get, serve you best and how we can partner with you to serve well. You can contact us at [inaudible] dot com slash contact us. All of our information’s there, has our website as our emails has our phone number. We would just really love to help you out. So if you’re looking for your next church stage design, uh, give us a call as soon as email reaching out and we would be thrilled to serve you. Thanks again for tuning in and we’ll catch you soon.