Welcome back to another exciting episode of the podcast. We’re really thrilled to be able to serve you and teach you about how we serve churches, corporate events, and special events, uh, by creating great stage designs. Uh, today I want to talk specifically about church stage design. So at Monsignor, uh, you know, services one of our biggest keys, we are a huge proponent of making sure that we are providing excellent customer service and everything we do, uh, so, uh, whether we’re making a stage backdrop for a special event or we’re making a church stage design, we’re always trying to do our best to serve our clients through, excuse me, uh, through a phenomenal customer service, following up in a quick timeline, uh, having products made and shipped in a quick time. Um, so that, uh, it makes your life a incredibly easy further than that part of our services, our design, our, uh, our products are all designed to be super simple to use. So they don’t require any tools. And so they don’t require a skilled labor. It’s, you literally just follow the very simple step by step directions. Uh, most of our products take under 10 steps to set up a including all super simple, obviously repeat the steps multiple times. Uh, but yeah, so, um, in addition to that, we also saw with every order we pack it in a heavy duty box, it can be used for storage after you’re done with it.

Also, within those church stage design boxes, you’ve got all your panels. We send spares, which is something most other companies don’t do. So that way if, uh, if you find one that, you know, if you find, you know, hey, I need two more, I need one more panel. Or um, say for example, somebody accidentally breaks one, you’d have enough to still complete your set. In addition to that, we always send to spare hardware and spare bolts and nuts. Uh, so those are, those are precision counted to make sure that you’ve got more than you need. Um, yeah. So, uh, in addition to that, we also provide lots and lots of resources for, uh, how you can best build your stage. Set A, you can see on our website, [inaudible] dot com, a bunch of pictures, especially under our creations page of different ways. Our products can be built, uh, to maximize your investment so that whenever you spend money to buy this set a, you have it for years to come, uh, to be able to come back to and use in different configurations and different ways to maximize the money that you’re spending.

Um, also we, uh, um, we provide drawings of anything that’s custom. So if we have like a custom product, for example, we’ll have detailed drawings with detail build instructions. Um, we also include a eval with our normal channels will include build instructions that show the different parts, how they put a, how they put together with a color pictures to show you just exactly how everything should work. Um, and that, that, and we have after hours, um, you know, after hours, availability, if something happens, if you need something last minute, uh, you can call and leave us a church stage design voicemail and then we’re happy to take care of you and serve you. So I hope that, uh, I hope that you’ll see through our, uh, our actions on your first work, your repeat stage design purchase that we are, we’re the best rated, we’re the highest rated, that’s a fact based on our over 130 Google reviews, which is quite crazy for such a niche, such a niche product.

Um, we have over 130 Google reviews showing how, uh, how we have been able to serve clients well and beyond well, exceptionally well. So I would love to help you with the best church stage design ideas in the country and be able to serve you in your church. So reach out to us, send us an email, give us a call. You can reach us at our number, which is five, three, zero seven, two, three, six, four, two, one or via email to steven at [inaudible] dot com or sales at [inaudible] dot com. Either we’ll come to come to our team and we’d love to chat with you. We’d love to serve you and figure out the best way that we can create a great church stage backdrop for your church. Uh, and serve you well. So give us a call, let us know how we can serve you and we are looking forward to serving you exceptionally well. Thank you.

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