Welcome to the MOD scenes podcast. This is your host, Stephen, and I’m thrilled to be talking to you today about stage design, specifically church stage designs, and creating a great backdrop for your church, your church. Really, really, today’s episode is very focused on specifically the church and making, uh, making good budget, a budget minded decisions on how to create a wonderful set, uh, that’s visually appealing, easy to build, and a hit, most importantly hits your budget. So as Christians and as leaders within the church, we should be, we should be very cognizant of the money we’re spending, uh, to ensure that we’re being good stewards of the money that we’ve been in trusted. Um, so obviously with that, um, depending on, uh, well I would like to say, depending on the size of church, but realistically in altarpieces churches, both large and small churches have a specific budget that they did.

They set aside four stages on it, uh, and typically, um, that’s, that is somewhat based as a percentage of an overall production budget, which was based on an overall budget. And it’s again, another small percentage of that. So we’re, we’re aware of that and our pricing and how we do things. So we have a lot of clients who will reach out to us and say, hey, we want to set, this is our space. It’s, Hey, I’ll give you an example. A 20 foot by 10 foot, so we want to make a stage of design is 20 foot by 10 foot, but they don’t have. So for example, a church stage design backdrop that’s about 20 foot by 10 foot. You’re looking at probably somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,500 ish, once a 15, 1600, somewhere in there, once you include all the shipping, uh, once you shipping and then the product, however, a church may call us and say, Hey, we have $700 to work with.

Uh, that’s, you know, that’s about half of what I’m half of what’s needed to actually purchase the set. So what we do and a lot of those circumstances is we find a good solution a along with helping to discount, to make, uh, to make that solution work. Uh, so for our church that we’ve been working with out of Texas today, we had a, a specific, uh, it was a very similar, similar setup. They had a 22 foot wide stage with a 10 foot height. Uh, they really love our product. They love the look of it and they really wanted to use it, but they were limited by their budget. So their church stage design budget was, uh, is, um, is typically $500 per stage set, uh, but they’re also very aware with our product, you can use it multiple times. So they were able to save some from their last stage set.

Uh, so they wanted to keep it within a thousand dollars total. So we helped them find a solution for $950. So what we did is we, uh, we help them by looking at their space. So originally they thought their space was a little bit larger so we were able to save like 30 pounds from, from just that, from having accurate measurements of their space and basing the quote off of accurate measurements. Uh, in addition to that, we also had, um, they also have a screen, so I have a dropdown screen that stays in place during all services, so that covers about a third of the state, so right there we were able to save us third, another third of their purchase price by being able to eliminate the panels behind that. Um, uh, and then obviously they simply needed to add a couple of dollars in hardware to hang, like probably $40 for a pc unistrut and some rope to drop down a pc unistrut behind their screen that they can tie off to as they continue to build their church stage design  set.

Uh, and so that saved them quite substantially. Uh, another, another client I’ve been working with, uh, has, has a budget cap up $2,000, but they have a huge space so their total, their total stage with his 60 feet wide and 20 foot high. So it’s a really big stage. A stage like that would typically be about $4,000 to do a. They also have a screen in the center of that. Um, but it’s typical space. Like that would be about $40,000 to do a full stage set, including shipping, um, including shipping for that set. So, um, we help them to come up with a solution and even some visual renderings so they could actually look at it and say, Hey, this actually works, we want to do this. Um, so what we did is we eliminated every third row. So we laid out a full backdrop, eliminated every third row.
And what that did is it made some, uh, to, to panel wide, uh, we, they use the aegon panel for their stage backdrop, a two panel wide, a layouts using the aegon panel for their church stage design. And it made these really cool tower looking pieces. Um, they worked that look great and they church stage design look amazing and it saved them, you know, uh, another 30 percent on their budget. And then we ended up throwing in free shipping to get to their, to their desired a budget. Um, so, um, as you can see, we can help help you create a church stage design that meets your budget.

So we can, with those custom backdrops, with the stage backdrop that we create, um, we know with the custom, uh, helping you figure out a custom design that maximizes your visual effort while minimizing your cost. That’s how we’ve helped a lot of churches and I’d really love to help you with that. Um, I encourage you to reach out, let us know, even if you haven’t really fixed budget, they’re more than likely we can help you find a solution that works really well to create a great visual for your stage and stays within your, a fiscal restraints. So, um, thank you again for tuning into Ramazzini podcast. Again, a contact me at [inaudible] dot com slash contact us on there. There’s our phone number for our office and also my personal email, which is steven at Matson and [inaudible] dot com. I’m looking forward to serving you in taking great care of you and finding a solution that serves your churchwell and falls within your budget for your church stage design, for your stays with church stage design backdrop, or even for your corporate stage backdrop if you’re looking to do something like that. So thank you again for tuning in. A, I’ll, I look forward to chatting with you on the next podcast. Uh, talking about the best in stage backdrops and church stays, designs and corporate lightened designs. Uh, thanks again for joining us.