Welcome to the podcast, this is Stephen your host, and I’m really thrilled today to talk about, talk with you about something quite different today. I want to talk with you about, um, about, uh, events specifically about creating stage backdrops for churches, um, and for special events and in very particular today about creating a wonderful stage backdrop for your next wedding or special church stage design events. So weddings are a, a, a pretty interesting deal. Obviously there are a lot of weddings, a, you know, a good portion of the population gets married at some point a and they only have the opportunity to do at once. So it’s got to be right. Uh, so we’ve got a few solutions for weddings I think are really great, uh, and even more importantly than that is our service. So our service is set up to ensure quality and ensure, uh, on, on time and early delivery and to ensure that the product is exactly what’s needed for the wedding, uh, serve the wedding well, to, uh, to really make the bride and groom ecstatic about the visual of their special day.

So it’s a huge deal. We know that and we’re really thrilled to be able to, uh, to be able to serve in that way. So let’s jump into a few of a few of them. Really great products. We have that work really well in weddings. So one of the, uh, one of the panel design, so we have multiple panel designs that work really well in a wedding setting, uh, so creating a nice feel and an environment that may not be perfect for wedding. So say a country club that you just a little bit lacking on decor or say a really a really minimalistic clean room that doesn’t have a whole lot of stuff going on in it and it needs a little bit of visual interest. These are really recalled products for that. Uh, so I’m gonna start with one that I think is really, really beautiful and elegant church stage design and it’s our vines panel.

So the vines panel is a can either be made at the r proceeds materials are heavy duty, fire rated PBC or are montse? It’s material. So our, our lighter weight fire rated poor blast. Uh, so it’s a, it’s a square panel. Approximately 23 inches square, um, and then that panel can be built into towers, so self standing towers, which continued as like crawling vine, look all the way up the tower, uh, or they can be built into a backdrop which gives you kind of like a, a finding wall kind of field. So really elegant works really well if you added a little bit of colored led uplights you add in, um, within your backdrop, you add in some, you had some, you know, foliage around it particularly because it, it really ties really well into that visual. So we have something as a ton of foliage already.

This is a great, a great church stage design option to kind of tie the two together. Um, yeah. And um, and so this, uh, in this bind panel, you can also, uh, we can also do like a custom, a custom monogram inside of that that bind. So, so you have like three vines coming up so it comes up to like a top. And then at that top we can put, continue the vines design into something that looks like it’s growing into, you know, into, uh, uh, initial say like j and h or, or whatnot up at the top, which is, uh, you know, obviously a custom piece, but look really great for a, you know, a really kind of over the top visual, visual for your wedding. Uh, in addition to that, we also have a, a diffused backers you can put on the back so it gives it a little bit more muted feel.

Um, and then we can also do, uh, we can also do a, you know, cubes out of those which actually looked pretty cool. So let’s move on to another panel design. So this is another great panel design for weddings and special events, uh, creating really great stage backdrops for you, not for your next wedding, photo backdrops, stuff like that. Um, so the next one is our hearts pink, our hearts panels. Cool. It’s also a peak. It’s also available at pvc and are fire rated coroplast. It’s a, again, about 23 inches square. Most of our church stage design deals fall within that same design realm, um, and it’s, uh, it’s a combination of four hearts to larger on one, one directional angle and then two smaller when the other direction and then they bolted the corners together. Uh, and you can turn that into a full backdrop. You can intermix custom printed pieces that say congratulations, Mr and Mrs.

You can even get even get to the point where it’s, you know, very specific names like a monogram for example, a thing you can intermix, intermix snack hearts pale and with a canvas canvas panels like a solid panel l two really, really good. Gives it a nice kind of contrast there. Obviously being hearts it looks great. Uplit thread or with like a Magenta backlight and how it works really well to works really well too. Um, so yeah, the mail it council we built into it either a three or four sided tower hearts panels really are one of those really cool ones that can also be hung just, you know, in mid air like say from a timeline or a, you know, a clear a mon like heavy duty monofilament. So you can have just parts hanging out your space, um, so really, really great visual on that one beyond kind of flexible with, you know, it’s one of the things you can use multiple times on multiple weddings if you’re looking at, if you’re a rental house and you’re welcome to do stage backdrops on an ongoing basis, that might be a really good option for you.

Um, in addition to that panel, we also have a, we also have our Shanda leaders. So we did, we have our, uh, we have some three different types of chandelier. So our first one, which is my favorite, is the elegance chandelier. Uh, it’s a, uh, teardrop.

Teardrop is the right, uh, the right descriptive word. It’s a, it kind of goes, uh, so it’s then at the top, but it winds out at the base and commission flares back up. Uh, it really beautiful, elegant looking chandelier, Gusman name, elegance. And those can be built either four or six, uh, six segment, a fourth segment, Chandelier’s. So they shipped flat and then onsite you put a, a, a, a threaded rod through the center and put on the top. And the bottom put either a four, six week connector to give them their dimension and then you can hang it again from a heavy duty monofilament or timeline or we’ve used before to those work really well. Um, and just make it really beautiful, elegant feel. Um, so that’s an elegant chandelier. We have a couple of others that are really good too. One of those is the, uh, one of those is the Casa Blanca.

So that’s a little bit more ornate. It’s okay. Either bigger a chandelier, it’s got a lot of a curvature in it, so like it’s got like multiple curve that kind of curve into themselves and kind of make curly cute type visuals. Um, and then it’s got a kind of traditional candle at the pinnacle of those curves. Um, and now that one looks really great. That’s a little bit larger one. It’s great, especially if you have like a Moroccan theme or, or something like that for your, uh, unit for your wedding or something that even has an earthy tone and feel it works really well with that. Whereas the, uh, the elegance chandelier a works a lot better with like a whimsical, thin, like clean, pristine kind of feel.

And then we have one other and that’s our colonial chandelier. Uh, so the colonial is a, a little bit of a mix of the two. Uh, it’s, uh, it’s not, it’s, it’s, uh, it has less curvature, has less curvature sellers, a little bit more straight lines. And um, within those straight lines though, there is some, some really nice detail and there are still some gentle curves. It’s just a much more gentle curve than the, uh, than the elegance or the uh, or the Casa Blanca and those, those should be on the website and you can look at our website [inaudible] dot calm. That will be under other products if you look on there. Um, so you can see those and see if they would be a good fit for your, uh, your next wedding event. A, your next, you know, and like I said, with uh, also with that, you know, there’s a lot of other, uh, other than just the, um, you know, the chandelier is, we have those couple of panel types I mentioned, but we’ve got a lot of other things that would work really well.
Um, our crescent moon piano works really great and a wedding setting. Um, some of our are thinner, more flowing church stage design work really great whenever you’re working on whatever you’re working on a, a, you know, a scenic design for a wedding or like a special event like that. Um, so yeah, so I hope this is helpful. I’d love to chat with you about your, your next wedding event, how we can partner with you to, to create a really great visual. Um, yeah, I’m really thrilled to serve you and I’m thankful that I get to, uh, do you have any questions? Shoot me an email. My email is Stephen [inaudible] dot com and until then I will keep doing podcasts, a teaching Dj more about our products, more about stage design, more about modular backdrops. Uh, more about a custom chandelier’s, a custom wedding scenic, uh, in pretty much anything that a, they can make your visuals a better and better every time. So, uh, thanks again for tuning in and I’ll catch on next.