Steven and Sarah Hall invested their entire life savings to launch mod scenes and they build Church Stage Design products that you will love. they know they’re obedience would result in serving the church well and creates amazing atmospheres. Many other great companies started as Adventure in the garage. It was the same for Steven and sarah. with the help of Sarah see you in trouble across the country set up at a man-made trade show booth. In between working as full-time jobs Sarah, Steven Anderson Dorian spent evenings counting and bagging bolts and Wingnuts to ship out to clients. The company Grew From the diligent work. The hall family was stuck there. they along with some great friends were able to keep continuing to improve through the systems with mods scenes.

Within 18 months of forming the company, mod scenes had grown the family into a garage. They have incredible Church Stage Design products that are available to you. They actually moved into a small shop in Norman Oklahoma shortly after that. Around the same time, Stephen got the opportunity to pitch a new line of scenic to one of the largest suppliers. it was a successful pitch, and mod scenes moved into new locations again. Within two months of moving into the new space they shipped over 10,000 Parts across the country. as part of the large sink launch for this multi-million dollar Scenic provider the company group. mud seems to bring initial capabilities to meet our clients needs. During this growth, the teams at mine seeds continued to put people first. our goal is to serve you well

We have the best Church Stage Design and we are a small business that has just continued to serve at a high level. Our team is led by the founder of Stephen Hall who has worked as a lighting designer for churches. He does special events in concerts as well because he’s done this for over 11 years. Steven developed an incredible talent for sage design and now he’s able to serve churches and do many other types of designs. seems to start his career in 2006. he moved from a small town in Southern Illinois to Orlando Florida where he attended school. he married his wife Sarah there and while attending school Steven started working towards his dream career. he worked tirelessly as a stage and make connections that she let him to a position at the House of Blues in Orlando and that’s where everything started to come together. he spent countless hours from other lighting directors and it eventually led into working as a position as the lighting designer. he left his time running lighting there and he got the Opera design lighting for some of his favorite bands.

If you’d like to know more about us, you can visit for the full story. You can also give us a call if you have any questions or you would like to schedule a free trial today. you can reach us at 530-723-6421. We look forward to seeing you.

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Steven found a profound sense of purpose in building Church Stage Design. He built a team of volunteers and a refined system for lighting. He started in the youth department. He asked about an incredible knack for designing scenes on a budget. His personal design blog at church lights shows some of the amazing Creations he’s done. She was able to birth out of a lack of friends. He had a lot of creativity and hard work doing this. Steven focused more on his time and work at the church eventually moving into a full-time job at northland. he continued to develop volunteers and create amazing designs.

His lighting skills brought him to realize that the best dining designs for Church Stage Design use not only like come but also reflections. textures and surfaces help to create moving atmospheres and Steven continued to hunt the skills with lighting. He experimented with set design, and shared the things he was learning and creating through his blog and social media page. Through his pursuit of design Excellence Steven was able to create some of the most viewed stage designs. In the fall of 2012 Sarah Steven and their young son Dorian moved to norman. Steven accepted the job at Journey church. He was the lighting and signature.

His development and passion for Church Stage Design continue to grow. He developed systems for lighting, scenery and even volunteering. Under his leadership and lighting, his team thrived and created some awesome inspiring designs. He was actually moved into the world production director where he oversaw all aspects of tech. Coincidentally he is hired to design Scenic for a large corporation in dallas. Steven continued to gain more skill in lighting but also leadership development. started Branch out in corporate lighting design. he loved the ability to be so thorough in his designs and he excelled in the Serena and begin to think about doing his own company. he spend his time for about a year between House of Blues and his freelance corporate design lighting. he moved fully into the corporate design world and thrived in that environment. he got a new clients on a regular basis through his attention to detail and he started working for Northland church. This is where Stephen’s passion for lighting environments started to get realized. She found a profound purpose and being able to create an atmosphere that people felt welcome in. He built up a team of volunteers.

If you would like to know more of the story then you can go to our website and visit you can reach out to us to schedule your free trial today at 530-723-6421. We are looking forward to serving you at a high level and helping you with your Lighting in church display. We are very excited to create a welcoming atmosphere that draws people in. We can help you with design and an incredible team. We are ready to serve you!

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