Welcome to the podcast, this is your host, Stephen, thrilled to talk to you today about special event lighting is special event decor. So in Montes, we love to create really cool stuff and we’re always creating something new. Um, our latest creation is really incredible and I think, uh, I think you’ll really love it once you get to see it. And that’s our custom shame, the leaders, uh, so we have three different types so that it’ll be on the website as soon as this podcast is released, which will be rather soon. Um, and those three different types are elegance chandelier’s, our colonial chandelier’s and our Casa Blanca Chandelier’s. So these three chandelier’s shipped flat, these three church stage design chandelier ship flat, but they, uh, they build into a really cool three dimensional pieces that you can use a hanging for your next wedding, your next special event. They’re really, really gorgeous.

Obviously since the three dimensional, you can light them from two sides and get a two tone, two tone coloration on them, which looks incredible and they’re customizable. So if you buy a, you can do either for vertical four verticals or six verticals, a giving you a variation of either if you do four, you know, it’s a less expensive and there’s less pieces. If you do six, it comes with the parts to do for. So you can always switch to for at any point if people like a. So it’s a, it’s a great little thing. We actually design them a for some of our friends down in Chattanooga, our friends over at, over at sound force. They do some incredible work down the Chattanooga, um, northern, northern Georgia, um, and that side of a Tennessee really, really great church stage design people. Uh, so if you’re ever looking for some over hire some help with anything in that area, definitely check them out.

Uh, I believe their website is [inaudible] dot net and fill up and lay shareable. Really awesome. They’re really incredible. So check them out again. Sound hoarse.net. Anyhow, we built these. A chandelier is for one of their events they had coming up. They had a, a large gala type event that they had a. So we’ve created these that they’re made out of fire rated. If I rate a PVC, they are about a quarter inch thick panels. They ship in a shipping box for either four or six panels to a box with all the hardware. I’m really, really great product. So if you’re ever looking for something for your next church stage design, for the next wedding, next reception, that’s a special event where you’re looking for a really classy look. A these work really well, uh, especially really well if you’re using like a sheer drapery or a white drape or even even just standard like black pipe and drape, you add these to it and you get this huge wow effect.

They’re relatively light weight so they can be hung from ceiling and hung from a really minimal minimal support structure. Um, and obviously from if you have trust or if you have like a full, you know, full church stage design, a theatrical rigging type apparatus available, uh, they can certainly be hung from that. So, uh, these, uh, chandelier’s come in, white and black. So if, uh, if you want, you can happen in black. So they’re more of a, a statement piece as opposed to the white, which is, you know, can be colored and kind of, uh, kind of made to shine a little bit more. Um, so yeah, so really great product, really new product and I’d love to love to get you some information on those. If you have any questions, shoot me an email. My email is stephen and Monsignor [inaudible] dot com. I’d be thrilled to chat through with you.

Um, so I’m going to go ahead and end this church stage design podcast here. It’s a little bit shorter than our normal ones that talk about, you know, stage backdrops and stage design. Uh, but I’m just really excited about this particular product. I think that even though it’s not a stage backdrop, that it’s a really, the chandelier is a really cool visual, a really something that make your next event stand out and feel a feeling incredibly fancy. So again, I’d love to help you with that. If you have any needs, if there’s any way I can help you shoot me an email or if I can help you with your next stage backdrop for your next, your next event backdrop, let me know. Shoot me an email, steven at [inaudible] dot com or visit our website at [inaudible] dot com and I’m looking forward to serving you soon. Thanks so much.