To the Montana podcast today, I’m joined with two of the coolest people I’ve ever met my entire life, my son’s Dorian and declan, declan. And during. Can you say hi, we’re going to record a podcast today about stage designs and church stage design ideas about creating really cool backdrops. So we’re doing all that crazy stuff. So yeah, we’ve been having a crazy day so far. Huh? So today is the day we’ve been running out. We just dropped off the stage backdrop that airlines to, to shift in Detroit. So we’re shipping out a custom stage design. It was a, she did on a last minute to shipping. So the total turnaround time on that stage backdrop is actually a 22 and a half hours. So from when the client ordered it to when they’ll have it in their possession in 22 and a half hours, which is pretty incredible. Um, I’d be very surprised to find another company that can do a stage backdrop in 22 and a half hours. We pride ourselves on making that super quick and super easy and super awesome looking. Dorian talking about church stays, backdrops, what kind of church stage backdrop you think we should create next?

Back Up. A picture of a family on it. Okay. So you’re suggesting that we would create a, a photo backdrop, uh, where a family to take a family picture on the photo backdrop. Uh, and that there will be a, there’ll be a family like a family silhouette cut into the, into the photo backdrop. Is that right? That’d be great. Cool. Yeah. You’re also thinking was. Okay. So in an underwater stage backdrop here. Okay. Just to make sure I say it right. So you would have an underwater stage backdrop. So an underwater one with vicious cut into it and make it moral reasons. Pool, stuff like that. Right. And the shark and the shark. So. And then that stage backdrop shark. Okay, perfect. Got It. How about a bull? Shark is circle cool or great white shark salts aren’t perfect. Um, so we would have that false are cut into the somewhat assaults are cut into the church stage design backdrop.

Oh, a sauce are not assault shark. I got done. So we would have that backdrop. Then what else would we have? A waterproof  church stage design, so you can put an underwater, right? We, you know, that you can actually put a field under underwater and they’ll stay underwater because the fluid fill up with water. They won’t put the hardware. Well, they’ll see once you put the hardware on into the hardware is heavy enough to hold it down all you need because it’s very poignant because yeah, you like if I great days or the wall of the pool or something like underwater, you could nudge to a giant rocky. Right. That would be a good idea.
Yeah. That’s okay. Yeah. So a step land are brought. Dorian brother is here with us. He a podcast deadline? No, not yet. Uh, so declan, declan is just a little bit over three months old. He is our new as a new, as little dude on podcasts. And you can see a picture of myself, even my beautiful wife, Sarah and my awesome boy, Dorian and deck on Monty’s dot com on the, about us tab. Tell you a little bit about our family and just kind of what we do, what we believe and how he worked. Surveilled. Um, okay. Yeah. Um, so yeah, so, uh, we can do any type of custom church stage design in the shape of the car, the size of the car. You’re right. We have done one for Nissan. It kind of correlated, right?

In addition to that, all of our stuff is, all of our products are fire rated. Like a dinosaur one. Okay. Let’s talk about a dinosaur stage backdrop. What will be the coolest size for a stage backdrop? You can think of what dinosaurs would be on the stage backdrop. So we are in the car on the way to the Monte shot. We are on the road ways to onto you, which is the gas station where we’re getting a snack that is very important to not forget that stuff. So we’re getting a snack and once we got a snack then we’re driving, we’re going to shop and we’ll make this.

Oh, I should, I should make it. So they can see them often. Trump. Yeah, that’d be a good idea. Maybe we could take some pictures and put it on the on the block so they could see the interior of my shop and how CNC control panels and how we create backdrops and interface design idea. Then all of our different products. That’d be pretty cool. Wouldn’t it do a video or a picture? Video? Videos are better, Huh? Yeah. So what. What else is. What else can you tell us about logic historian? Dinosaur Montes combined to where? The crowd about that. How can I forgot about that? Okay. What would be the best dinosaur Monte design you can the confide into the background and so these stage backdrop panels out of Lego’s. Okay. So technical pieces. Okay.

Never at the door. And I are Lego purists. We really liked legos that are, that are the regular building block. Not necessarily the pooling. All our preferences. The normal Lego’s. Oh you think so? We need to buy Lego’s. That can light up. So that would be super sweet. So what’s the last thing we got to rebuild this some other time? Yeah. One of the great things about both of their super. They’re super creative so you can make lots of different things with them. They’re like a building block. You can build them together and you can be really creative with them. I’m like, you’re cool.

You can make a wet toilet outta that would be in London for a toilet. We do not suggest using the toilets. Uh, although my six year old, uh, moving on. Okay. I know. You’re so funny. Okay. So what else buddy? Um, so the cool, one of the other cool things about church stage design, they are creative building block style. Um, so you can use, you can reenter mix different types of panels, degrade your backdrop, just different colors or sizes. Yeah, if you have a semi trailer you can put Monte going into my color in where we can do a custom color on Tuesday. All right.

Or we can make up a lighting up. Do you remember the planet press down? Daddy made. Yeah. So we made a, a, a deep cut down, which has essentially an inlay of a custom logo and once you put it up like behind it and was like, it’s actually lighting up. So that’s a really cool thing that we’ve done that we’re going to start doing a lot more of a. You can see that on our new site, under the condom, customize your logo a little circle there. Pretty sweet. So during the six year old yet he is starting his own business. Can you tell everybody on the podcast what your business is? So when you telling you is that at the moment we’re going to have to take a break from this podcast. Tell you about my like, okay guys, we’re going to say by on three, two, one.